When Writers Write

Spirals Of Life


I’m a writer.

You may have noticed this. The thing is, most of us who read are writers (more or less … sometimes way more and sometimes way less) and therefore …

When writers write (story tellers tell and/or people with opinions opine) the universe expands. No, truly it does! Each to our own uniquely individual way, we add to the collective consciousness existing in an ethereal part of the everything that isn’t understood – at all – but which nonetheless manifests itself somewhere within our imaginations, our thinking processes, our restless souls and/or the mysterious cosmos.

One of the primary reasons I find spirals fascinating is because it isn’t the (coined expression) ‘circle of life’ that brings renewal but the ‘ever occurring’ change brought about by spirals of life; expanding, growing, spiraling ever outward. We writers are a part of this – life’s glorious spiral effect. Fascinatingly so.

It is a wonderful thing, adding/sharing to freedom and universality of thought, word, expression and deed.

At least this particular writer believes so. Therefore, all your thinkers and writers, doers and believers … carry on. Creation is always a very good thing.


21 thoughts on “When Writers Write

  1. I have looked at writing as “daydreaming in words”, I say “have looked” but the thought has only just occurred to me.
    I would love for all those universes to merge together one time.

  2. Yeah, creating is impotent! Thanks for the interesting read!
    Just wanted to pop in and say hello! It’s been awhile since I read your blog or had my own blog,but I am back. Good to be back 🙂

  3. Such good words of wisdom Penny. This morning, my time, I read a blogger questioning the purpose of her blogging. I can understand there is a frustrating side to writing especially if you are trying the attract a certain audience. I have been a writer a long time and never I must say to make money or write novels but because it gives me a sense of satisfaction. When I worked I wrote for my students and enjoyed the process of that form of writing. Now I write for me and respond to challenges, some far more difficult than others and in that way, I keep myself keen to write. So I hope that way of thinking continues for me. So thanks for those encouraging words Penny, hope you are having a good Sunday, its Monday morning here and spring has sprung.

      • Ahhhh … I am now become infamously notorious for nonvisits to other bloggers. There is a guilt factor (fairly substantial) as more than a few are my friends. Have I an adequate excuse (actually I was told long ago that there is no “good” excuse that is adequate) not really, suffice it to say the reclusive private personal nature I had prior to blogging has reemerged. All that being said, happy Springtime in the down under, Michael. I hope all is well with you. xxx

        • Don’t apologise Penny, I’m not that good at visiting either…..all good down here, just finished a kitchen makeover with my eldest son, of my old kitchen which now has a fresh lease on life….

        • The thing about visiting other people’s blogs is that you don’t always have a chance to do so, and you have to pick one or two that you can get to. Most people understand it, I am like that myself, I have so many to visit, and yet I can’t always get there, but I visit others and try to get to more when time permits.
          The people you follow, and your friends (both the same in some cases) accept this and don’t take offense when you visit someone else. Don’t feel bad for not visiting, Penny.

    • Thank you, Michael. You are a very accomplished writer. You always have been. And I think you write for all the right reasons. Self fulfillment, creative advancement and the need to share your words with others. I do know that money increasingly enters the picture in many creative arenas and that’s unfortunate. Due to monetary focus the texture, tone and quality of one’s creative work is hampered if not lessened completely. It is the beginnings of Winter here (as you know). Sadly we’ve been told we will be a part of the country that has some of the coldest weather, so we’re preparing for this as we can. Wishing you a wonderful beginning of a new week, my friend.

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