And So It is Today

Today’s not yesterday and it’s also not tomorrow, even though it seems we spend part of each day dwelling on those past and potential future events.

Perhaps it may be wise to live more in the ‘right now’ of things where we can and do effect, potentially many, of the events shaping our everyday lives.

“When all is said and done

what today we have begun

is the single thing

that tomorrow brings

through yesterday’s recall

those memories from us all.”~Plh

“Live long and prosper” ~ Spock, Starship Enterprise

With much affection,


I wish you well.

10 thoughts on “And So It is Today

  1. My problem with this, is that there is a particular day in the week I always look forward to. Well, two days really. A Saturday and a Sunday. When my Sunday night ends, I find myself wishing the following weekend comes quickly.

    They are days that always make me smile. Although I enjoy evenings on the rest of the days, these are the ones that I wish I could skip to all the time.

    They fill my heart such emotion and pride. If Saturdays and Sundays were every day, I would happily live in the today.

  2. ”Live long and prosper,” I like that Penny. You made me think deeply. We are always interposing between yesterday, today and the future (tomorrow) subtly put, may we enjoy our days. Great post my friend. 🙂 🙂

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