The Way Forward

It’s been an interesting time period, I’m thinking. There’s a palpable unease in the air filtering through our emotions, thoughts and actions.

We’re feeling uncomfortable about a wide range of things (most related to what I refer to as “a money thing” but that’s a whole n’other story) and politically speaking it doesn’t matter where you are in the whole conservative/liberal spectrum. It really doesn’t. What matters (at least to me) is that there is too much division between friends, communities, states, countries. This current state of affairs is most unhealthy – rather obviously, one would think … so how best do we move forward.

In my humble opinion I like to think it’s a matter of going back to the root of things. Nourish the base. In our case it’s families first. What can we do to positively improve our families immediate culture. After that it’s community. What can we do to positively impact others that are needing support.

So often it’s small things that make a huge difference. One person, one thing, one day at a time. This is the way forward. Not finger pointing, shaming, or blaming. Just getting out there and making what you do count. In a positive proactive way.

The strongest roots of the healthiest trees are deep and kept fertile. Time to go back to our roots. remember some basics that we each can accomplish. Values in a home environment. Support in a local community. Love and concern and action for those less fortunate. We can each become the nourishment to strengthen our human roots.

So doable. So possible. We can do this. Yes we can.

Think well of yourself. Think well of others. Begin from there,

I wish you most well,



9 thoughts on “The Way Forward

  1. A lovely positive post, full of wisdom, Penny. We can’t save the world all on our own, but we can spread the love in our homes and our local communities, which then has a knock-on effect on the rest of humanity. Love and blessings to you, dear Penny 🙂

  2. It would be nice if some of the higher-ups could read your posts and act upon it. I think the world would be a much nice and happier place if they did so.
    Thank you for your words Penny. They are always very wise.

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  4. I love how you stay so positive in the worst of times, my dearest Penny.
    And you always make so much sense, saying things that seem obvious only after you have said them.
    Thank you.

    • Sincere thanks, C. It is an unsettled time. Honestly it has become, frequently, more difficult for me to write uplifting pieces so I confess to relying on improving my mood each morning by looking for positive things in my immediate vicinity, and in others – out and about (some days it truly is those very small reminders of what I and others are grateful for) and dwelling on those things (instead) to elevate my own mood. Again, thank you for your encouraging words.

  5. Love your words Penny, you always speak sense. Nourish the roots and learn to dismiss all the childish political babble, stick to the facts and the love at home.

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