Sleep Silent Angel



weeping silent angel

Sleep, Silent angel, dry all your tears.
Rest, be at peace with so many fears.
Please don’t cry for our sorrows,
And our maybe tomorrows

… if we don’t get it right,
With our planet so in plight.

Sleep silent angel, do not cry for our grief
Spoiled sea, air and land, 
fouled by a thief – yet in truth by our hand.

Do not cry for the loss and neglect and abuse,
Even as we do remain so obtuse.

Sleep silent angel, I beg don’t despair
We still are your people and though careless – do care.
Rest up your wings for tomorrow may bring

A renewal of hope with perchance a rebirth,
 of  loving and giving 

on our home  – Planet Earth!

~ Plh

6 thoughts on “Sleep Silent Angel

  1. What a beautiful piece of poetry about hope. There is always hope, and I believe we can come back from where we are now. This is truly lovely, Penny. Thank you for sharing it with us.

  2. Even after all these years I am still astounded by the beauty of your words and the magic of your drawings.
    Your sentiments speak eloquently the words we all seek, but do not have your talent or vision to express.
    Wonderful, just wonderful.

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