Prisms of Fear – Yours and Mine!


Ethereal Beauty

When you look at life through lens darkened with shadowy prisms of fear everything can look wrong/bad, even futile; this includes how you view yourself, others and the nature of things happening to and around you.

Therefore, it becomes of great importance for you to know and understand that your fears have no power unless you give them same. Hatred and insecurities are fueled by fear.

And you … well you have much more internal power than you think you do. Time to be aware of this. Let your spirit loose. Be who you were meant to be. Set things up the way you want them … you know, the way that within your glorious heart of hearts and dreams they are meant to be. First in thoughts and then with your actions.

You belong to you. You are the powerhouse that feeds creative energy to your soul. Energy connected to you through Universal love, an ever flowing spiritual currency without end. Let your energy free, love filled and awash with light. The darkness of fear cannot reside here. At least not for long.

Today’s the day to begin to make it so. Be brave and never forget  … your bravery BECOMES you.

I believe in you and wish you well.


6 thoughts on “Prisms of Fear – Yours and Mine!

    • Hi, Sarah. I understand and relate. It’s doable just not easy (at all). Sometimes taking very small tiny steps in the direction we most fear can be of value. The hardest thing is often confronting that which is inside of us (those personal demons we construct and then reinforce). Yet it is a very good thing for our own well being to try. Sending much love and support dearest friend. ♡

  1. Lovely post, as ever my friend. Once the leap is made to something through the fear, it seems easy in retrospect to have made the leap. It is so tough but in this short life we need to do what we can to make it a good one.

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