Being Powerful

Being powerful without honor & moral values isn’t being strong at all. Rather it’s brawn made up of fear & greed masquerading as same & failing miserably. Bravery with honor and valor on the other hand is a most magnificent thing to behold.” ~Plh

Always true, from the smallest every day bravery to the largest.


With much affection, I wish you well.

Penny ~ Plh

10 thoughts on “Being Powerful

  1. I suspect that today’s wise words might be directed at politicians the world over.
    The leaders of our two countries in their ‘very special relationship’ are prime examples, I suggest.
    Love and hugs

  2. HI penny: I agree with you in the sense that if you have no moral you re not being strong you just being an idiot. Have a nice day. Suzanne McE.

    • Hi Suzanne. Yes, youโ€™re correct. One would think that common sense would dictate both the responsibility and need for good morals, but then again that would involve actually using common sense which doesnโ€™t seem so very common in todayโ€™s modern world, sigh.

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