To Write is to Breathe

If you’re a writer.

To sing/compose/play a tune is to fly

if you’re a musician.

To create, assemble, craft is to become whole

if you’re an artist.

There is purpose in all things including imagination, dreams and desires of which creativity is primarily composed.

Doubt it not, oh creative ones. The world needs you so very much, as it always has and always will.

Speaking for myself here, I have been absent these last few months from blogging due to periodic travel amongst the stars. Which as I’m sure you comprehend consumes much time (well actually Earth time, not so much Universal time). How do I accomplish this? That would be telling, wouldn’t it, which I am disinclined to share. But it is glorious, I must say.

I wish you equally well in your endeavors. Take care of you, and of those you care.

With much affection (as always),

~ Penelope (yes my actual name and I’ve decided I like it after all)

17 thoughts on “To Write is to Breathe

      • Things are going well, a trip back to England may be on the cards soon. It can be a bit crazy here sometimes but where isn’t it! I hope all is well with you guys, and that you are all as awesome as ever. xx

        • Well crazy is one word for what’s happening there (actually most everywhere, as you say). You guys just be safe, okay? Alls well, Jack’s soon to be taking classes at the community college & Em attends high school with her friends. Christina works a lot of hours, so we see less of her. And yes … of course … we’re all as awesome as ever. Runs in the family, don’tcha know. 😎

          • We will be safe, the news here is insane sometimes, proper scary but no less so than it is in Europe, but for different reasons. I am in two minds about going back but it seems that it is the better of the two options. I’m glad you guys are all doing well, and that things are progressing. You guys are indeed an awesome family!

  1. Lovely to hear from you again and with your usual wisdom! I have just taken up working with stained glass so have woken another creative strand in my being – and I am loving it.
    I’m interested in your now owning and liking your name. I had such an awakening a couple of years ago and now ‘own’ my middle name of Hilda. I wouldn’t tell anyone what H stood for!
    Happy days to you and yours, in the stars or wherever you choose to be……. 🙂

    • Hi, Sally. Thank you very much. So lovely to hear from you. Yes, like you, I greatly disliked my name. I honestly was named after the song Pennies From Heaven but my dad felt Penny was a nickname so Penelope went on the birth certificate. Sigh. I like the name Hilda btw, it has character, like you. Wishing the best for you, have fun with stained glass, a highly creative medium. Wishing you and your family very well! 💕

  2. I’m always happy to see your posts. Whether I get the time to read it on here, or on the email. I have missed them recently, so it was a pleasure to see it in my inbox again.
    And whether it is Penny or Penelope, you are still one of my favourite in the US.

  3. Words of wisdom, as always, from my favourite blogger.
    Who once told me, as I recall, that if I used her given name she would beat me senseless with a soggy haggis.
    With love.

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