The Mote in Humanity’s Eye – growing bigger each day!

Orion Nebula

And yes … once again I have returned from another sojourn out among the starry starry sky otherwise known as the Universe. While approaching Earth this time there were those unfortunate melancholy feelings playing upon my emotions.

Sigh. I do tend to associate with the mood of our planet and how the powerful, greedy few have been monopolizing the rest of us. However, be that as it may, rest assured our Universe is doing exceedingly well and shall do whatever is necessary to bring the radical, greedy and self oriented, hate mongering humans back in line.

In the meantime …

How’s your own ‘attitude footprint’ doing?

We all hear about our individual ‘carbon footprint’ and I’m a strong believer that we should be cultivating responsible behavior through the use of precious natural resources. As well as the discontinuation of artificial products that pollute; greatly harming the natural life flow of our planet. The only home we have, I might add.

But just as precious as natural resources are – our human resources. Recently I’ve given a lot of thought to the ever increasing “negative attitude” footprints we’ve been leaving. Certainly social media platforms are currently overrun with the these footprints.

You see, those daily attitudes are being shaped by personal situations aided and abetted by our emotions/thought processes/reactions to current, local and international events conveniently provided for us by the “helpful assist” of social media interactions and news. Consequently we have this vicious circle where one responds and the other acts and so on and so forth, if you follow where this is going.

Fear of change or more specifically the unknown, also fear of things that are different from what we “know” too easily preclude a potential positive outcome which leads to misunderstanding and a true lack of communication.

In turn we go to a safety place which in many cases turns out to not be safe at all because we weren’t open enough to see the entirety of a situation, only our perception of same. Cruelty, rudeness, being mean in thought, word and deed appears to be trending today, considered (by far too many) to be not just okay but acceptable and normal in our everyday of things. Judging others has become prevalent in our society. Honestly, none of us is well equipped to judge others. We each have our weaknesses and shortcomings.

Yet as long as we’ve decided to ignore or be a part of what in our hearts we know to be wrong, our negative “footprint” will continue to grow.

We’re better than this. I know we are. And we can individually improve things by remembering not to judge others or situations arbitrarily, also by being thoughtful and considerate, most especially to those who share different beliefs and opinions than we do. Who knows some of their thoughts and ideas might not be such bad things after all.

May your today be a good one and your tomorrow even better.

I wish you well,


*traveling interstellar guide shaping dreams of tomorrow (or purveyor of pure imagination if you so desire)!


13 thoughts on “The Mote in Humanity’s Eye – growing bigger each day!

  1. Hi! Penny, Long time no talk. How are you? Missed you my friend.
    This is a very powerful message. Especially out planet of where its headed and how mother earth is feeling.
    This post of yours reminded me of this music video by Trent Reznor. Listen to it. It’s sad and gets you thinking.
    Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross – A Minute To Breathe

      • My apologies for not stopping by as much on your blog. I’m more active now and will be stopping by more often. 🙂

        Trust me you will love the song and the video.

        Hopefully, if you get a chance stop by my page and have a look see of the creative poems I’ve been working on. 🙂 They’re very experimental and visuals. 🙂

  2. I am with Al here Penny, you do write brilliantly. I am always looking to be kind to this world, as it needs to last for our children and their children etc. Let’s make good footprints, to be followed in. Love to you Penny!

  3. Good points as always, I think a little more listening and understanding can go a long way, as can self examination and the willingness to change our beliefs when contrary evidence is provided would make the world a better place.

  4. I always enjoy reading your thoughts, whether on here or on Twitter. You have a way with words that not many people can do. Your PSA (Public Service Announcement) posts or poetry posts always give food for thought.
    I have been trying to get my landlord to reduce my own carbon footprint here, as our power setup is almost as old as the house. I say almost because this house was built in the 1830s and electricity in homes didn’t become commonplace until the 1880s.
    Well, I am hoping that someone will be helping us get another property soon which will be newer and have less of a footprint. Or at least I can work on making less of a footprint.
    The BBC had a forecast that global warming would reach an apex in 12 years. They have amended that to 18 months if we don’t change.
    I hope all of our footprints can become light and unseen. Take care Penny, and thank you for posting

    • Thanks, Al. I am guilty of not posting very often. Really should more, I know. Lots on our minds today, very distracting. Still some very nice, super people here on wordpress. It’s cool that right now as I answer you, I can hear Em in the family room, on the xbox gameplaying with you. Us here on the west coast of North America and you in the U.K. Just so really great to be so far removed and yet so close! Take care of you, dear friend.

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