The Most Dangerous Loaded Weapon … FEAR!


Fear dilutes common sense often including one’s own personal sense of responsibility … even as it strengthens the emotions of hate, cruelty, disdain and indifference … sadly at the expense/risk of yourself and others.

With so many  troubled souls, so much turmoil and terror currently in our world it seems to me that by encouraging love, understanding and forgiveness; by strengthening friendships and coming up with thoughtful measured solutions, we can confront mutual problems and situations and through unity bring about peaceful resolutions for a more prosperous world for all.

No, not easy by any means, but I truly believe most doable. I also believe in the loving human spirit existing within humanity as a whole, resting deep within the hearts of billions of every day people … just like you and I.

“Don’t allow the emotion of fear to become a weapon against yourself, your neighbors and your fellow humans. We are all in this together, truly!”~ Plh

Thank you kindly, I wish you well!

~ Penelope


~ Plh

8 thoughts on “The Most Dangerous Loaded Weapon … FEAR!

  1. I totally agree with you 100%

    Unity is what can heal from each and every one of us here on earth.

    Unfortunately, negativity in the media inflicts fear in us all and causes the fear itself to bring us to their level of more fear, depression, anxiety, etc.

    If the media we’re to report actual news with positive tone mannerisms then I believe the unity in all our us will be longer be in that state of fear 24/7.

  2. One of the problems we have is that the media loves to incite fear. Maybe if the media did something to spread love instead, things would be a completely different matter.

    Thank you for this Penny. Your wise words are always appreciated.

  3. Was just writing a comment on another post about how cooperation is as much a part of species survival as competition. We do need to cooperate, and we do need to value our empathy, but I’m not sure us ‘Care Bears’ are in control at the moment. :/

    • Just in this moment, too true, dear friend. But life has a way of self correcting. It would be ever so nice however if we (humanity) could gather together to consciously contribute to a cure of what we’re guilty of causing, afterall, sigh.

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