Moral Fiber

Human Survival

Well … are we not, in the ‘now’ of things, in one considerable mess? I go off adventuring in our glorious, mysterious universe for a handful of years and the entire planet begins to come apart.

What can we do? Humans are a fractious lot at best. At worst … I suppose one might say we’re living some of this “worse” right now.

Even though, if one is being completely honest about it, we pretty much brought this on ourselves. The entitled, selfish, greedy and complacent parts of who we are, as humans.

I’m assuming we’ve allowed our souls, or spirits, (or otherness still being explored by philosophers, scientists, spiritualists, theologians, etc) out … on an extended holiday, as it were. Absenteeism of many of our positive values have gone missing.

The influence of our spiritual selves, reminded us (more or less) about individual moral values. You know, politeness, respect, caring, sharing, honesty, trust.

So here we are.

I’m guessing getting back on track, as it relates to moving forward (humanity as a whole) will involve a fair amount of necessary eye opening to the actual worldwide events going on and will require less intrusive input from our artificial world of which/where too many of us spend overly much time. It’s artificial. That means ‘pretend’ as in ‘made up’, not real. Entertaining, certainly, overwhelmingly so, but helpful … only in small doses.

So, step one: Go on an information diet. Restrict you use of digital technology to a small fixed amount of time. I would have added to also verify that which you do consume online (relating to accuracy) but we’ve lost the essence of trust with good cause in this regard. So limiting usage seems the next best thing.

Moral fiber, that internal substance within each of us has been banked down to nothing more than slightly glowing embers by our artificial, too fast moving world. We really weren’t ready for so much change, so quickly. And when coupled with greed and averous by more than a few, there you go.

Step two: Explore your immediate surroundings. Get the lay of the land. Be interactive as you safely can. (pandemic safety is important as is physical safety from those fearfully confused among us.)

Finally: Work on a few basics to rev up your under nourished, moral immune system (moral fiber). Make a positive difference, as you safely can, for those in need. Practice daily gratitude for what you do have.

And last but not least, do make a concerted effort to live more fully in the current day (not yesterday’s memories or tomorrow’s dreams). Today is when your tomorrow’s will take shape and your yesterday’s will remember. Keep thoughts and actions (re yesterday, today and tomorrow) in correct, balanced perspective.

As always, take care of you.

I do wish you well and safe,

Penelope ♥️

14 thoughts on “Moral Fiber

  1. Penny I have missed your words. I’ve been on something of a social media hiatus myself and been throwing myself into even more books when I can. It’s much more interesting than current events.

    • Hi, StJ. Thanks. Rarely here. As you know life has gotten very interesting these last handfuls of years i.e. pandemic, crazy people & politics. Hope you and your family are doing okay.
      Stay safe and well, my friend.

      • We are doing well, still shambling about but keeping a house filled with books as best I can. That’s all one needs for material needs.

        You guys stay safe as well, tell everyone I said hi.

  2. Lovely to see you here. I have reduced the internet presence in the name of Facebook really. I don’t spend time everyday anymore. And then if I look it is only specific things like my favourite music group. I don’t like all the gossip on there really. I do love the blogging and do love spending time reading blogs and maintaining my own. It gives me so much pleasure and I like to give others pleasure. I love reading books and doing my puzzles and keeping my house in order. There is so much more to life than the internet, yet I need the internet though. 🙂 Keep healthy and happy Penny.

    • Hi Ute, sorry this took so long. Real life has intruded a fair amount. I hope you are also doing well. Stay safe, keep enjoying those wonderful joy inducing activities as you can, dear friend. Crazy times out there. ♥️🌷

  3. Hi Penelope : It s a pleasure to read . I have to say “ Last fall was the hardest for me .” I would go for my walk and do what had to be done in the house. But not motive to do any craft. It s only when I went to see my girlfriend to help with her house work as she has a bad back and a syatic nerve she can wash her floor so I go and give her a hand. That brought back my energy and motivation I did the Christmas gifts that I had sewn during the spring and stuff them and gave as gifts. We had a lovely Christmas our youngest son girlfriend mother invited for Christmas dinner. So we brought a homemade orange cranberry [fresh ones] and a amaryllis. She gave a nice plate that had a Christmas picture she then fill it up with 8 dozen of homemade Christmas cookies. You mentioned to help other people in need. For the pass 2 years my husband and I when we do our groceries with put extra in our baskets and during the weekend I drop off food for her and her children. Yesterday I drop off 2 bags of Groceries I happened to buy a 22 lbs of white flour so my extra went for her also when I am getting tight in the freezer from extra bread or other bakery I put them in the bag for her children. She calls me her angel we don t that for getting praise. We both where brought that if you can help someone in need you do your best and if there s children you make sure they have food. Both our parents would say “Children first then us. “ So hope this year will get better. Have a nice rest of the weekend looking forward to more of your e-mail. Sent from Mail for Window

    • Hi, Sue. Thank you. Sounds like you have stayed busy in a positive, wonderful way. Keep on doing so, it does the heart and soul good, for both parties. I hope this year is better also. Be safe and well.

  4. I’ve been thinking about you, Penny, so I’m glad to see a blog post from you! Yes, I’ve forced myself NOT to take social media rants too seriously. I realized long ago the glut of information swirling around in cyber space is too disjointed – and often personally instigated – to be reliable. We bloggers, writers and other artists often offer a calming antidote to the crises of the world. We can bring people together in ways our elected officials and other leaders can only imagine. So, keep writing and keep fighting!

    • Hello, my friend. You have also been in my thoughts and I agree with you, Alejandro. We, although in many ways solitary and self contained, nonetheless encourage, enlighten, spreading hope and inspiration through the pure essence and passion of our creativity. Just excellent to hear from you. Please stay well, safe, and of course creative.

  5. I, too, have restricted my access to certain parts of social media – Twitter/Facebook/Medium, I’m looking at you. I was constantly angry at the stupidity and selfishness of humanity, and I think it was really starting to have an affect on my mental health if not my physical health. I still have nothing but contempt for about 50% of homo sapiens – the ones who seem to lack much in the way of empathy – but it’s now a more…distant contempt and I’m happier for it. The rose-coloured glasses have broken but no permanent damage has been done, at least to me. 🙂
    Stay well!

    • Sigh, big ditto my friend. A whole bunch of Shakespearean type phrases come to mind on a regular basis. On the good days, that is. At other times, like you, I’m overwhelmed/angered/saddened by the horrific stupidity that is taking place. Glad to hear you’ve had no permanent damage, thus far. Please stay as much in your wonderfully creative & healthy mode as you can. I shall do the same, as I can. 😎

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