The Wealthy Few

The quality/quantity of physical wealth. Power, dominance, privilege, and the entitlement it engenders. Heady stuff.

“They look through you. People, most of them, at this level of monetary/social privilege. Those who can, have whatever they wish, whenever they wish it, chosing not to care, or simply having no empathy for those who can’t.

They don’t see you. Not really. Sweating out a day’s pay trying to make rent, or the homeless begging for food/money on street corners.

They don’t see those people who provide services they use (as they’re no more than “lesser-thans”) in the world of moneyed, tunnel-visioned, privilege. They don’t know names much less the situations of those who work for them outside their admins or personal assistants and then only the names.

And they want, need, must control at whatever costs to all others.

This bears repeating … “at whatever costs to others”, and whether you’re a society ruled by democracy, religious patriarchy, militarism, communism, conquest/dictator, or some other, at the very substance of who will want, need to be in control, will be the wealthy.

Bless you, and take care of yours. Remember, at the substance of things, we all matter.


In spite of how it feels, a sometimes loneliness of self; reality is “we are one”.

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