ACTS OF KINDNESS encourage people to share special or every day, acts of kindness!

The most unexpected considerations
can bring about the most amazing results.
In almost every case it is usually related to
.. an unselfish act of kindness,
given in the moment … just because …

As kindness
from open hearts,
 flowering gratitude adorns.
Petals of love are bestowed
upon the giver and the receiver.
Such an enriching beautiful thing!
One would wish such a bouquet
might be shared by all
with each
passing day!

Each day many of us (all over our planet) hear about, view, witness or are a part of an act(s) of kindness. Whether it’s personal or public: Community, City, Country or Continent – Anywhere, Any time, Any act of kindness.

There is so much negativity being reported and commented on (in the world today), I want to share the “good stuff” also happening, everywhere, on our planet.

In the comment section below, share an “Act(s) of Kindness you’ve heard about  (personal or public), witnessed, received, or been a part of during this past week.

The purpose of this section is to gather “acts of kindness” that might otherwise go unnoticed and share them with other readers.

Start today, share with me an act of kindness you know about this week (So I can pass it along to others!) Thank you for helping me to grow and acknowledge, the love of all people around the world!

~ Penny

penny l howe

37 thoughts on “ACTS OF KINDNESS

  1. The whole world hungers and thirsts for even the smallest blessings of kindness. I experienced a moment today in the grocery store–with an employee I’ve known for 10 years. Since she works the early shift I rarely see her anymore, but I wasn’t in a hurry, so stopped to chat and catch up with her–it was wonderful. She’d had a horrid experience with a customer the previous day, and needed to talk about it. I was glad to listen and remind her that she’s always been sweet to this customer–and to realize that the issue wasn’t with her, but that the unhappy customer obviously needed a target for her own problems. And the bonus was getting 2 boxes of “Chinese lantern” light strings 50% off! Mutual blessings!

  2. Hi Penny, Thank you for the opportunity to share our stories of kindness!
    Recently when some friends and I were in Mexico, we visited a feeding centre, where children who need to can enjoy a free breakfast. After breakfast we went outside to play with the kids and one girl wanted a piggyback, so I knelt down on the dirt road so she could climb on my back. When I got up, I had some dirt on my knees and another little girl, came over and without saying a word wiped the dirt off my knees!
    Thank you Penny, for understanding the impact of “everyday” acts of kindness.

    • Hi Trina, I’ve been offline for awhile so am just now reading your wonderful story of kindness. I love it. Children do so want to give love don’t they? Many might take a lesson from this one. Thank you for sharing here, much appreciated by me, blessings to you, and a joyous Thanksgiving! Penny, xo

  3. Every week, I buy a paper off of someone. On the paper it says “A hand up, not a hand out”. The idea is that they buy the paper for £1.25 ($2) and sell them for £2.50 ($4) Anyway, that’s not my act of kindness.
    I was heading for the shop with my son, Kester, yesterday, and this guy caught up with us and asks if we want to buy ten cigarettes. I told him that neither of us smoke, and that if he had asked me seven years ago, it would have been a different answer.

    He said that he money in the bank, but he needed to catch the bus and needed a little bit more so he could pay for the ticket. He offered them for £3 ($4.80). I decided that as he was willing to sell something for them, he really did need the money. I stuck the hand in my pocket, and he said “please take the cigarettes for it, I am not into begging”. So I took the cigarettes off of him, he thanked me profusely and ran off to catch his bus.

    I have tried giving these cigarettes away, but nobody seems to want them. Odd isn’t it? You try to give something away for free to random strangers, and they are not interested. They think there is some catch. I will give them to someone though. I hope.

  4. so excited to have stumbled upon your blog — it gives me a lot of inspiration. i’m currently blogging about random acts of happiness, and i try to commit 3-4 acts each week. i will definitely stay tuned for your updates on kindness 🙂

    • Thank you, a pleasure to meet you, what an excellent thing to do (your goals to commit to 3-4 acts of kindness each week)! Thank you for being a caring person! We need lots of them in our world today! 🙂 xx

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  6. Recently I was at the checkout in Tesco, when a lady next to me exclaimed, ‘ah, help, it’s gonna kill me…’. There was a spider, wandering over the counter amongst the plastic bags. The woman held her arms tight to her chest in fright, and told the cashier to ‘do something, do something!’ I was both curious and nervous. I expected the cashier to kill the spider, so I was kind of half turned away as I didn’t want to see and felt too shy to intervene. All kinds of judgmental thoughts were passing through my mind about the woman who was making such a fuss, and about the cashier whom I thought would kill this small being who wasn’t doing anyone any harm. What happened next filled me with great happiness and a healthy dose of humble pie. The cashier came from out behind her desk, despite the fact there was quite a queue waiting. She took a piece of cardboard and encouraged the spider to climb onto it. Once it was secure she walked over to the nearest window, lying the piece of cardboard down gently and leaving the spider to make its next move, well away from all the fuss and fear. She then returned to her desk and continued to serve with a smile. Not once did she tell the woman to stop complaining. or not to make a fuss etc, she just calmly moved the spider to a safe space. This act really touched me and woke me up to how wrong I can be when I make snap judgements about what I expect someone to do. Not a day goes by without people surprising me, and mostly for the good:-)

    • Thank you for this absolutely excellent uplifting encounter. On the Pacific Northwest coast of America, my day is just starting and you have “made” it for me. A most excellent way to begin the day. I love all of it, for all the reasons you give so clearly. A crystal clear view of how we can think and feel in a moment and the best of outcomes by a lovely lady who, I’m guessing lives her life giving acts of kindness as a way of being (to all things living). You are right, a perfect reminder! Again, most sincere thanks and one for me to share with others. 🙂 xx

    • Hi Celestine, Today would be great, But honestly any day that something special comes to mind or happens and you have the time to share my friend. People are so busy, that just as they can and then once a week (Sunday) I will gather and share with others. Thank you my friend! xx

  7. My recent act of kindness goes like this. I loaned $5,000 to a so called friend of mine because he lost his job and needed it desperately to care for his family. He has since skipped town, left his family, and is involved with the wrong crowd in a far away state. Long story short, I know exactly where he is, but I will not hire a That’s my act of kindness.

    • You know what Chris – his loss in the long view (and his family, for which I am so very sorry about, have had some experience in that arena, as you know) but the thing is – you may be out the money, but Chris you were there because your cared and wanted to help. That is a act of generosity and kindness. His problem not yours. I do get the whole hitman mentality however, big time, actually!!!! most generous of you there! 🙂

  8. This week I experienced an act of kindness from my Home and Community Carer, Carol, who is a lovely woman. She brought me a packet of my favourite biscuits, which we shared with a cup of tea and, of course, a good old natter. She takes such good care of me and is always so kind. I’m very lucky.

    • Hi Tez, Carol sounds like a wonderful person and her lifestyle is that of giving acts of kindness, each day. Give her a big hug from me! She should be much appreciated for her care and love of others! xo

  9. Just today I received an act of kindness. It was girls day out. My daughters, my niece, & me were going to hop on a local trolley ride. The driver couldn’t make change for the bill I had to pay with & I didn’t have enough small change to pay for our rides. As we were walking away – a lady said that she had some change & if it made enough for our fare with the change that I did have that we could have it. With her change & my change – we had enough for the trolley ride (with a few pennies to spare)!
    Small change made for big smiles —> 😀 😀 😀 😀
    xx 🙂 🙂 xx

  10. Thank you, so much for sharing this beautifully tender story, Lesley, and thank you for saving the little bird. Life is so precious. Very sorrowful about the little 7 year old and no there are no coincidences in life, none!

  11. I was nice and kind yesterday. While I enjoy the songs and the sight of birds and even speak to them and whistle to them from a distance, I am a huge chicken and have a bit of a phobia (Thanks Mum 😉 ) always fearing they will end up in my hair which has been described as a nest anyway.
    Yesterday I was washing my car and fiddling in the front garden when I heard my phone ring in the back. It’s not normal for me to put things down to answer a phone call but I did.
    When I reached the back yard I noticed a black thing in the pool. On further investigation I saw it was a small robin. It was trying with all its might to somehow get lift off out of the salty water. I reached for the skimmer on a stick with a net at the end and took my life in my hands (Yes I just said that) to lift the exhausted birdie from the pool. Of course I was ready to drop everything and make a run for safe ground should he attack me and said hair.
    As it turned out the poor thing was so exhausted and traumatized he lay limp with his head down and wings spread. I thought I was too late and that he died.
    Softly and gently I lay down the skimmer pole and backed up. Every half hour I checked on him. Originally I left him in full sunlight so that he may dry. My first visit back saw that his feathers were dry but he had not moved. He was cheeping very quietly and I took this as a good sign. I carefully lifted the pole again and moved him to the shade.
    In all he stayed put for 3 hours. And then he flew. And it felt so great to have saved a life.
    This told as I went back to washing my car, following the rescue a neighbour shared a horrific story of a seven year old drowning this week. A little boy who had no rescuer and sadly perished.
    My heart let me know once again that there are no coincidences.

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