Weekly Photo Challenge: Curves

Curvy snowcat by Emma, copyright 2013

A very curvy Snow cat ~ shaped by Emma


As you know I don’t normally do photo challenges but this weeks WordPress Photo Challenge of curves sounded like fun. Also I wanted to submit a drawing for ‘Time out for Art’, also I wanted to write a brief post about the summer of things versus the winter of things, also Emma had asked me to showcase some of her creative work. (As if that’s ever a problem, lol).


A cartoon drawing by Emma. Having fun building a snowman in winter.


One of the things we females do extremely well, is multi-task so without further ado. My photo entry for the Weekly Photo Challenge of curves (Emma’s). The drawing, for Lisa’s of Zebra Designs and DestinationsTime out for art (Emma’s). Expressing herself through her art form, drawing multiple drawings per day is the norm. for her.

And I … well I sit here viewing both Emma’s creative molding of a snow cat (she loves cats), a cartoon drawing of a snowman (she makes her own cartoon videos) depicting the fun we can have in winter on even really cold days while out on the patio this morning where it’s a warm and breezy blue skied day outside!

There you go! a Challenge, a time out, some feel good feelings of sharing a young girl’s creativity and a reminder that, yes indeed, summer is just about here and celebrating the difference between the two seasons.

Here’s the Artisan herself: Emma (And yes she designed and colored the hat and shirt)!


I’m going to sip a little more coffee as I publish this, everyone have an excellent weekend!

~ Penny


An EmmaPost

Every now and then there will be a special EmmaPost for you to enjoy. This is at Emma’s request. She wants to share her creativity with you.

If you read my post from June 28th, 2012 – Cuddles, Wuba’s and Unconditional love then you’ve already been introduced to Emma and know that at the age of 10 she has had far more than her fair share of adversity. In addition to the loss of her father and the almost loss of both her mom and her home, Emma was born with lungs not fully developed for  the first year of her life and was in and out of hospitals during that time. At the age of three she took a nasty fall on a trampoline that almost ended her life with a neck injury. She spend six months with a special brace on her neck. Physical she is “all better now”, emotionally she’s doing quite well!

And yet she is gentle, loving, caring and creative, most especially creative. She expresses herself and her feelings through her drawings, her words and her photos. Oh she has also been making original short cartoon videos. So without further ado I present to you for your pleasure and consideration an EmmaPost :

“Hi my name is Emma I am a humungous cheese and kitty lover!”

“My cat loves cheese so I love her even more. Her name is Naynay and she is 15 years old so I have known her my whole life.”

“Here are some pictures of Naynay I took this morning. I hope you like them.”

“In this one she is being crabby.”


“In this one I made her look like an alien.”

“In this one I did the cool shading in the background.”

“And this last one is Naynay looking beautiful”

“Good bye. I hope you like my post.”