Friendship … A Great Elixir for Happiness!


“The thing about shared friendships is the absolute love that flows from within and without one’s own heart. No exceptions. It just is.” ~ Plh

*Friendship, the ties that bind us ~ one to another ~ cannot be overstated. Every single one of us needs friends. Every single one of us needs to be a friend – to as many as is feasible. At a distance or close up, it makes not a difference. A friend is a friend is a friend.

Being a true friend is caring, encouraging, making a difference – as you can – where it counts. And there is always room in our hearts for another friend, always.

But I have no friends“, you say. Then go help someone in need. Step out of your own, self imposed but lonely, comfort zone. Help several someones, but help because you want to. Set no conditions, no requirements and you’ll discover friendship along the way.

And as friends come along, nurture these relationships. Share, care and be there! Some will become true friendships.

Know there are those who will use your friendship by taking advantage of your good will. Do not be discouraged for they do not really understand.

Help others as you can with good intent. They will be the ones who decide the direction your friendship will take.

Always remember … “a friend in need is a friend indeed” – Be there!

*Also an additional bonus: It greatly increases the potential for giving and receiving caring hugs! And today hugs are needed more than ever!

I had written this post a year ago and decided to share it once again (with a few changes). Thanks for stopping by, hoping your weekend is going well for you.

With affection,
~ Penny

The Face of Facade – Who are you?


“But I do it so well!” She said to no one but herself. More precisely she was speaking to her image in the mirror, who she could always count on agreeing.

“I do!” She reiterated. “No one can tell how I truly feel. My demeanor is faultless. I appear to all as a confident positive person.”

The image in the mirror had nothing to add. It never did … except she was becoming increasingly aware of frown lines appearing in each corner of her image’s mouth, stretching her skin in an unflattering grimace.

She smiled a radiant smile. The one she had practiced for a long time. It had become an art form, she was so skillful at it. Frown lines disappeared.

Yes, she thought. This will do. No one will know how unhappy she really is. No one, that is … except herself.

Happiness is found within ourselves. To pretend otherwise is to greatly lessen who we are, preventing us from being all that we might be.” ~Plh

May you have wonderful days to come and remember … take care of you.

With love and affection,
~ Penny