Jack’s Post

(If you haven’t read yesterday’s post “a young boys words” please take just a quick minute to do so….Jack just now walked away from the PC after hitting the publish button and I quickly wanted to “share” a couple things. He was so excited he was up quite early ready to publish his first story.

Last evening he had some concerns that the readers might be bored with him just writing about cars and racing. I assured him otherwise. As he wrote his post he was insistent on doing everything himself – except for the photo of him on the couch – These are his own words. His manner of speaking. His layout, his presentation. At the last minute he sat down and shot the picture of himself holding the game case and included that photo. he felt his story needed a little something more. Then he said, “okay that should do it!” and now here’s Jack . . .enjoy! – Penny)

“Hi” my name is Jack. I love cars. I have cars on the shelves that my dad made for me.I have car posters on the wall. I have a matchbox car slot that holds 114 cars at once. My room is loaded with cars and tracks. I love cars and I want to keep collecting them.

I like playing racing games on the PS3 like the one I’m going to show you a game called BURNOUT3 TAKEDOWN.This is my car I drive called ASSASSIN SUPER.

The second photo is about me taking out an opponent.

Just three easy steps  1. find an opponent. 2. slam against the side of the opponent to make him hit the wall on your right. 3. watch the game take a picture of your takedown (signature takedown).

In the third photo you watch the crash. I should explain about the CRASHBREAKER. If a certain amount of cars crash the word crash breaker will show up in the middle of the screen. If you hit R2 button your car will explode.

In the fourth and final photo, what you are looking at is the crash total amount. I use these amounts to unlock hard hitting heavy weights like a Pickup for example. This is the case of the game. You need to be 13 years old or older to play this game. And I’ve been playing this since I was 10.

When I’m older I’ll want to drive one or two cars but I will never stop collecting Hotwheels. My dad was the same way.

Thank you for seeing this, my first post.

(Once again, it’s me – Penny, with a final note. Yesterday he insisted on seeing what I had written about him. I was hesitant – for obvious reasons, but he was really insistent.

So I did. When he started to read …the comments from the viewers he turned to me and said “I’m having trouble reading. My eyes keep watering.” Yes he was very moved by the comments. I thank You for caring! – yes this is his dad!)