You Light Up My Life ~ Shine on!


LIGHT ~ (or the quantum effect of consciousness)

Radiant light of sun
life depends upon.

Yet elemental flame
& technology, the same.

True light can never dim
that shines from you ~ within.

A spirit shining pure
is life’s finest lure.

The Universal Light (is)
You, forever shining bright!

Shine on! ~ Plh 2015

Here’s to Love

This is February. My favorite month of the year. Valentines Day comes to mind. A day of love (In my humble opinion, every day is a day of love) but commercially speaking we have an official day of celebrating love.

Then two of the most famous presidents in the United States have their birthdays in this month. I refer of course to Abraham Lincoln and George Washington. and I’m an Aquarius (for whatever that’s worth, lol). So there you go. I love February. And it’s a good reason to be more poetic.

So here’s to LOVE:

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I Shall …
carry the sun
on a tray just for you.
And if you wish,
bring the moon too.


But should the moon
disappear from above,
Even still I will fetch,
bring to you with my love.
Penny L Howe, 2015


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Hope you enjoyed, thank you for stopping by,

~ Penny

To See Eternity in the Night

I’ve seen eternity in the night
Cosmic night winds fiercely fight
shielding eyes from radiance bright
As all I’ve feared, flings from my sight
While round beneath in days and years
life survives familiar spheres
and I, I am reduced to tears
For now that I celestial be
My universe has set me free
Still part of Earth’s reality
With cosmic time’s duality
I have my immortality
 Penny L Howe, 2014
Happy Weekend everyone, have a great one!
~ Penny


Leave No Regrets!

 © Inn
“Todas las cosas tienen su tiempo.”


There are times when things just happen
in a way that’s meant to be.
There are times
“we” make things happen,
when we are young and free!
There are times of joy and loving
times of despair and loss.
Times that rock the ages,
And times we’d like to toss.
The time that we are given
should not be spent in haste,
because time is just too precious
for us to simply waste.
“all things do have their own time”
So we should not forget,
to live our lives in fullness
with love
… leave no regrets!

~ Penny L Howe, 2014


Have a simply excellent and loving weekend – for those in Bermuda … take care of you and yours, be safe!

~ Penny