Cuddling with Franky and Jonny from the cold!


Baby it’s cold outside!

To say the least! Very very cold and so this morning in a fluffy warm robe and with one of my “guys” I cuddle (with Franky) to stay warm!

cuddling 3

Franky’s brother (Jonny) is keeping my feet warm. Between the two of them they average 25 lbs each, so there’s a lot of fur to help me stay warm and in this cold weather I am appeciative!


For all of you dealing with wintry cold weather this week, stay safe and warm, for all of you who are somewhere warm and wonderful (lucky you!) Enjoy.

Everyone have the best ‘rest of the week’ that you can!


ps – the middle photo is new. the top and bottom photo’s with all the snow are older shots of some snowy times with my guys. I know that in many parts of the USA, right now you are dealing with lots of snow so decided to include these photos! Average temperature here has been in the single digit for the past few weeks so definitely brrrrrrrrr!

Inescapable Cuteness

Just no way around it. Kittens are cute. So this post is devoted to the cuteness of kitty-ness!

cute kitties

one of my fav. shots!

In my personal opinion you can never have too much cuteness in your life … well at least a dose a day to help keep the blues away.

My kittens are

Cute, adorable and sweet.

Loving and friskily neat.

Never are spurious

but amazingly curious

Their adventures are always a treat!


Franky and Jonny as kittens (each video clip is only a little over a minute so enjoy as you can the cuteness of kittens, First video The wonder of being a kitten! (and yes I did make the pillow they are sleeping and playing on – just for them!)


Second video : Loving one another! (They were usually on my lap when I created with yarn!)


Third video: Life is an adventure! (They loved playing with the various yarn pots and baskets!)

And Sleeping in “Soft pots”. (This was supposed to have been a short clip about Loopweaving containers but as always Franky and Jonny were never far away.


To this day they will try to crawl into some of my creations but since Jonny weighs in at 30 lbs, and Franky at 25 lbs, it is hilarious to watch!

Kittens no longer but still much loved by me!

Franky and Jonny are kittens no longer but still much loved by me!


I hope you enjoyed the cuteness of kittens today, have a most excellent weekend! Have fun!

~ thank you,



Franky and Jonny

“By extension the animals that share my life enrich my soul” Penny L Howe

I have had two cats and boon companions for the last 4 years Franky and Jonny.

Franky and Jonny came into my life four years ago when they were just barely 6 weeks old. They are brothers. I saw their mom and she was a normal sized cat, weighing in at maybe 9 lbs or so. These guys started out as very little.

And then they began to grow. And grow. And grow! My last visit at the vet Franky weighed in at 21 lbs. and Jonny at 28 lbs. According to the Vet they have a larger skeletal frame than most domestic cats meaning that their dad was probably a larger breed of cat than the norm. No kidding! lol

For whatever the reason they are large. Jonny is a little pudgy. He eats when he gets nervous. Franky who is clearly the Alpha cat to his brother becomes Mr. Needy ‘Kneady’ to me. He sits on my lap (takes up the whole thing) and kneads away at my tummy like there’s no tomorrow.

Sigh! I do love them. But I also wish they were just a little bit smaller. Maybe two or three little bits smaller. The good news is that they are non aggressive animals that tend to go their own way. Most other cats (and dogs) stay clear of them on general principles which I consider most wise. They enjoy people and are very gentle.

So now without further ado I give them to you here in full glory. Enjoy!

Thanks for stopping by, I hope your week ahead is a good one for you,

~ Penny