I-BeLOnG: My Gift to Bloggers!

I-BELONG. This page is dedicated to all bloggers, everywhere, around the world.

The blogging world is a community in and of itself. We nourish each other with our creative posts and thoughtful comments when we visit.

Even if you are relatively new to blogging, I’m sure you’ve already noticed how caring and interactive most bloggers are.

As you grow your blog and reach out to other bloggers you will begin to receive Blogging Awards from fellow bloggers. This is a wonderful way to expand your followers and create awareness for other bloggers at the same time.Β 

Before you become too busy with postings and visits, I encourage you to gracefully accept your nominations and as time permits follow the instructions of acceptance. One of which is passing the Award on to other bloggers.

No one should feel that accepting a Blogger’s Award is a “have to” situation, where it is a “responsibility” to actively participate. You are blogging as a means of self-expression. This may be all you require. I am still hopeful that you always take a few minutes to give credit, and thank those individuals for the time and effort they took to single you out. An honor, always!

While I rarely participate in Blogging Awards now. I am always grateful and appreciative of the honor a blogger has given me by presenting me with a Blogging Award Nomination.

With that in mind, I designed and created the I BeLOnGΒ (icon of sharing) up above. It’s free. Take it with you and display (if you like) anywhere on your blog. No link back or attribution of any kind is needed.

My drawing is of a travelling/singing troubadour of old. One who journeyed the countryside spreading artistry and information everywhere; much as bloggers – like you and I – do today, online.

This is my way of thanking all bloggers for who they are and for making a difference in the global blogging community – bringing us a little bit closer to one another.

Display proudly on your blog post. Send the message that you too – “Belong” to the wonderful community of Bloggers.

Thank you,

~ Penny

40 thoughts on “I-BeLOnG: My Gift to Bloggers!

  1. As a new blogger, I am very proud to add this award onto my blog. It is wonderful to be a part of a community of people with similar ambitions, thank you Penny. I hope to continue being a supporter and member of your blog and proud recipient of the I BeLOnG award.
    Best of luck,
    Quinn Hollows from theperceptiveteen.WordPress.com

    • Thank you kindly, Quinn. I am honored for you to do so. Best of luck to you as well. You will meet so many new friends here in the world of Blogging. Wishing you much success, most sincerely!

  2. Penny, I stumbled on your blog today–what a treat, how lovely you are! Thank you for your generosity in offering us the I-BeLOnG badge/button. It’s very attractive–thank you!! Valida

  3. Thank you for this thought. I started blogging only a few days ago. I started it as a cathartic way to express what was on my mind and how I felt. I found out that reading the blogs of others is as powerful, of not more, than I imagined.

    • Absolutely my pleasure. Good Luck. Bloggers are just the best. You’ve started on a wonderful journey in blogland, you’ll be meeting lots of very nice, friendly people here! I wish you the very best! Keep writing, it is a great cathartic – and fun too! πŸ™‚ Penny

    • Hello Patricia, thank you so much! I remember when I first drew the troubadour (1994), thinking how cool that would have been (to be one), and now we (bloggers) travel and spread our talent and news daily, online, around the world! Again most sincere things! πŸ™‚ xx

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