“Tempus Fugit” – Haibun Thinking

“Tempus Fugit” Ah yes it seems time does fly, zooming nano-seconds amid micro-moments; often without pause. And yet even so … there are … occasionally ‘in betweens’ in these passages. ‘In betweens’ one can become caught up within.  Liking onto a vortex of existence. Threads of creative thought becoming victims surrendering up selves, lost in … Continue reading “Tempus Fugit” – Haibun Thinking

The Passions of the your mind! All you can be!

Hello and welcome. Do you ever think about the nature of passion?  Your Passions! The passion and desire to be all that you can be. In the past I’ve written several posts and poems about passion. Passion is tightly interwoven with all of our senses. So intimately are they connected that you can’t discuss the one without at least … Continue reading The Passions of the your mind! All you can be!