Prisms of Fear – Yours and Mine!


Ethereal Beauty

When you look at life through lens darkened with shadowy prisms of fear everything can look wrong/bad, even futile; this includes how you view yourself, others and the nature of things happening to and around you.

Therefore, it becomes of great importance for you to know and understand that your fears have no power unless you give them same. Hatred and insecurities are fueled by fear.

And you … well you have much more internal power than you think you do. Time to be aware of this. Let your spirit loose. Be who you were meant to be. Set things up the way you want them … you know, the way that within your glorious heart of hearts and dreams they are meant to be. First in thoughts and then with your actions.

You belong to you. You are the powerhouse that feeds creative energy to your soul. Energy connected to you through Universal love, an ever flowing spiritual currency without end. Let your energy free, love filled and awash with light. The darkness of fear cannot reside here. At least not for long.

Today’s the day to begin to make it so. Be brave and never forget  … your bravery BECOMES you.

I believe in you and wish you well.


The Window of Our Soul


The Window of Our Soul

We gaze upon life’s mysteries

from the window of our soul,

 mesmerizing vagaries,

 transfiguring transparencies,

manipulation be our role?


 Are we the chosen players,

embedded in this life,

transplanted elementals

insubstantial consequentals,

must we flourish midst this strife?


Or in truth, are we exploring

while refining redefining

what is known, to what will be

 enlightened beings who can see,

– through the window of our soul!

~ Plh

Your Bravery is Becoming

photo by @bejamin

Being brave is sometimes amazingly difficult, but nonetheless always becoming! With your bravery there exists the strong potential that you are …

becoming stronger as an individual with individual freedoms.

becoming less fearful when there are new obstacles to overcome.

becoming a better person with higher ideals and greater respect for honest, caring and loving standards of behavior (where you do no harm) as you expand your vision of the world with less personal conflicted thoughts and emotions.

becoming the best you that you can be within the uniqueness of who and how you are and yet also knowing you’re a part of and representative of life on the planet Earth that you share with all other life.

becoming aware and acknowledging that it’s okay and actually an excellent thing to believe in yourself.


“Humanity asking of Life: Share with me just the smallest whisper of hope so my thoughts and emotions will hear you (despite the ever increasing cacophony of change bombarding day and night with greed, hatred, intolerance, prejudice, inhumanity and indifference) and I promise you it shall be as the roar of a lion within my heartsick troubled soul and I shall take solace and share your whispers of hope with all who will listen.

Life whispers: You are all my children and you are loved.”

~ Plh


Thanks for stopping by, I wish you most well.






Sleep Silent Angel



weeping silent angel

Sleep, Silent angel, dry all your tears.
Rest, be at peace with so many fears.
Please don’t cry for our sorrows,
And our maybe tomorrows

… if we don’t get it right,
With our planet so in plight.

Sleep silent angel, do not cry for our grief
Spoiled sea, air and land, 
fouled by a thief – yet in truth by our hand.

Do not cry for the loss and neglect and abuse,
Even as we do remain so obtuse.

Sleep silent angel, I beg don’t despair
We still are your people and though careless – do care.
Rest up your wings for tomorrow may bring

A renewal of hope with perchance a rebirth,
 of  loving and giving 

on our home  – Planet Earth!

~ Plh

The Way Forward – Part 2: Trust or Becoming A Momentum Poet

When it comes right down to it, trust (after a certain age) is problematical even in the best of times. One might say this is more true than ever in today’s world, perhaps. But then again maybe the truth of it is that many of us have more things influencing us (trending and never-ending streams of information) than previously encountered.

We’re more aware of not only the opinions and actions of people in our immediate vicinity but also of those further away. Terabytes of digital information influence and affect us, (much as a virus where trending information has become a contagion mindset) hence greater trust issues emerge. Who can we believe? Who can we count on? Who can we TRUST?

For as long as … well … the forever we know of (past history) and believe to be true (of course this seems to change daily also) there have been tragedies, successes, sorrowful experiences and happy ones, wars, famine, rich, poor, good leaders, bad leaders and indifferent ones (depending on your viewpoint, of course).

So, the heart of the matter is this … who can you trust? Begin by trusting in yourself. Be true to you! Be honest within your heart. Care about what and who you care about.

Next, from a viewpoint of perspective based on conscientious consideration (not one solely based on your emotions of the moment) see others as equals not as potential enemies, but rather people with a different way than yours who perhaps might be potential friends.

And then keep moving forward in a more nuanced consistent manner, as if you’re ‘per chance‘ dancing your way through life.  Focus less on ‘concerning maybes‘ in tomorrow’s unknown. See not responsibilities as everyday burdens casting heavy laden pieces of inescapable reality your way (which often lead to more missteps within the flow of forward momentum), but rather view your concerns and responsibilities as potentials to be overcome and resolved.

Become a ‘Momentum Poet’ trusting in yourself to carry you forward. Progress cannot then so easily be halted. Truly. The creative/imaginative power inside your heart and soul will incessantly resist negative tides, overcoming, moving beyond a myriad of unanticipated obstacles.

Never doubt your individual power and ability to overcome and move onward. It’s always there, just waiting for you to activate. Know that your uniquely poetic movements in life are both singular and multitudinous in  purpose, stronger than you can imagine, blending as needs be with others.  And even as you strengthen your belief in self, know you are never alone. Never.

“Sing me to the moon

then love me far beyond,

all of this and more is

Life’s universal song.” ~Plh

“Believe in yourself, your individual self worth, know and understand your uniqueness is a part of life’s special gift. You are far more than you can imagine for your worth is priceless.” ~Plh

Thank you for being you, thank you for stopping by, hang in there, keep loving and moving forward.

I wish you well,


The Way Forward

It’s been an interesting time period, I’m thinking. There’s a palpable unease in the air filtering through our emotions, thoughts and actions.

We’re feeling uncomfortable about a wide range of things (most related to what I refer to as “a money thing” but that’s a whole n’other story) and politically speaking it doesn’t matter where you are in the whole conservative/liberal spectrum. It really doesn’t. What matters (at least to me) is that there is too much division between friends, communities, states, countries. This current state of affairs is most unhealthy – rather obviously, one would think … so how best do we move forward.

In my humble opinion I like to think it’s a matter of going back to the root of things. Nourish the base. In our case it’s families first. What can we do to positively improve our families immediate culture. After that it’s community. What can we do to positively impact others that are needing support.

So often it’s small things that make a huge difference. One person, one thing, one day at a time. This is the way forward. Not finger pointing, shaming, or blaming. Just getting out there and making what you do count. In a positive proactive way.

The strongest roots of the healthiest trees are deep and kept fertile. Time to go back to our roots. remember some basics that we each can accomplish. Values in a home environment. Support in a local community. Love and concern and action for those less fortunate. We can each become the nourishment to strengthen our human roots.

So doable. So possible. We can do this. Yes we can.

Think well of yourself. Think well of others. Begin from there,

I wish you most well,