Ominous Clouds – Alastairs Photo Fiction

Another writing challenge from Alastairs Photo Fiction, photo prompt below. Write a flash fiction story with 150 or less words. For more information or to join in the fun click on the above link!

This IS an extremely FUN writing challenge to take part in, and Alastair’s wonderful photos make it even easier to think up a nifty story. Go on …what are you waiting for, give it a try!




“Look at the clouds forming exactly over the top of that building!” The girl stopped, pointing to the swirling multicolored clouds. ” They look a little sinister, don’t you think?”

“I don’t know about the sinister part, but the clouds do seem to be hanging out there, don’t they?” He hadn’t really noticed the clouds before, but now found himself looking up staring intently at them. He looked closer.

“Hey,” he said. ‘Remember that silly movie “Ghost Busters’. Towards the end, all the clouds gather over this one building because the forces of evil are getting ready to enter this realm of Earth.”

They both stared a little longer at the forming clouds and burst out laughing at their overactive imaginations. Walking away laughing, they didn’t hear the corresponding echoing laughter coming down from the clouds – the ominous clouds that continued to gather over the building!


Yes, I know this is my second posting for the day (and I said I wasn’t going to do that any more – so sue me!) Actually when I saw his photo, I couldn’t help myself, I wrote the story and then wanted to share with you peeps (I love the way RoSy says that! lol) Hope you enjoyed, I’m going back to my writing project now! Don’t forget to check out  Alastairs new blog.

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Penny L Howe

How many roads do you travel

The photo prompt for Alastairs Photo Fiction writing challenge this week is fascinating. A couple in a vintage vehicle on a modern highway. The muse took over on this one as I viewed the past (the vehicle) the present (traveling on the road) and the future (their destination). Enjoy:



The Roads You Travel

How many roads do you travel
as you journey through each passing day,
yesterday, today or tomorrow’s
choices of road – an array.
I think that we travel on each road
depending on how the day goes,
today’s road may just be reflective
Yesterday’s full of woes.
Tomorrow’s road nurture’s our day dreams
today’s road weaving through turns,
tomorrow’s encountering road blocks
to hinder our travels and yearns.
I may ponder too long on the right road
and wait ’til the crossroads have passed,
missing the signs that direct me
turn ’round and look for the last.
The last road, the one that’s the true one,
the last road that sped quickly by,
the last road I need to return to
the road where my future does lie.
How many roads do you travel
the high one, the middle or low,
just do make sure at the crossroads
take it easy and go very slow.

~ Penny L Howe, 2013


Thanks for stopping by, be sure and check out Alastair’s weekly writing challenge by clicking on the link. Give it a try, you’ll have fun! Have a great day and a better tomorrow!

~ Penny

penny l howe


Home sweet home?

This photo reminded me of a memory from my past. My son was 3 yrs old and I was pregnant with my daughter. We had just found a house not too far out in the country, a fixer upper, located near a deserted sawmill. But the price was amazingly low. Almost too good to be true … if you know what I mean. So we rented it, the house was in Knoxville, Tennessee. This weeks short story is for  Alastair’s Photo Fiction:




He looked at her, “So whaddya think?”

“It’s perfect,” She replied. “I love it, not far from our friends. It has potential.”

He had a few concerns, but didn’t share them. Others could show up at any time. But he didn’t want to think about that. Besides, she was generally pretty good when it came to places to live. He could certainly see the numerous advantages for his growing family.

The house was remote. That was probably a good thing, convenient too. In fact, it could be a great hang out for his friends as well. he knew they’d be stopping by. Yes he thought, this is going to be just perfect!

He turned to look at his mate and the two mice scurried back across the field to the deserted  sawmill. Deserted of humans but populated with many hundreds of other mice. Wait til they shared their latest find.


As I mentioned, sadly this was a true story only the names of the mice were changed to protect the not so innocent. We were able to secure the house incredibly cheap because even if you had an exterminator come once a week, more mice living in the sawmill just kept on coming. After a few adventures, I don’t feel the need to share here, we moved out of the bargain house!

Hope you enjoyed. Do check out Alastair’s Photo Fiction. He provides a great opportunity for writers to practice their skills: A weekly photo prompt of one of his photographs. The challenge: write a short story, flash fiction, not to exceed 150 words! Sound like fun? pop over and give it a try!

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Alastair’s Photo Fiction – So what’s in the glass?

Alastair’s Photo Fiction. I’ve decided to take part in a new weekly writing challenge. In this challenge the goal is to write a flash fiction (short-short) story using 150 words or less (approximately – those who go over the 150 count will have all their personal belongings confiscated and will pay a fine of $5,000 – okay not really but it sounds kind of cool doesn’t it? Talk about money making ideas! lol). Seriously, the prompt each week will be from a photograph provided by Alastair. This weeks photo prompt below.




A conversation going nowhere!

“So, what’s in the glass?”

“Nothing much, why do you ask?”

“Because I’m curious as to what it is?”

“You mean the swirly stuff?”

“Yes I mean the swirly stuff, what is it?”

“Well, what would you like it to be?”

“…What kind of an answer is that?”

“My answer! What would you like it to be?”

“Oh this is ridiculous, WHAT’S IN THE GLASS?”

“Well, it’s magic, think about what you want, hold the glass in your hand, drink it and the wish is granted!”

“Oh, too cool, I know what I want, give me the glass.”

“I’ve already made my wish. Why do you always get to do everything first?”

“Because I just do. Give me the glass.”

“Well alright, here you go.”

Sound of someone drinking, then sounds of someone choking and gasping final breaths.

“What’s happening to me?”

“Sorry! I said I made my wish first!”


~ Penny

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