Throwback Thursday – Hey, who took my glass half full …

… and replaced it with one half empty!



Glass Half Empty

I’m simply not sure how it happened
It was there for all who could see,
But now it has changed
things all rearranged
My glass is half empty to me.


I’ve always seen things from the plus side
A most agreeable place one can be
But now alas
I view all I lack
And wonder what next I will see.


I’m hoping it soon will be half full
The glass that so fills with delight
But right now I despair
It just isn’t there
Completely gone from my sight

~ Penny L Howe, 2013


Even during the times when it seems as if things are more than you can handle, hang in there. During adversity there will be others who care, showing up to make the difference, if you let them.

Keep your heart open, your courage strong, and your faith undiminished. Know this too shall pass. Be good to others and take care of you. Remember, if you don’t take care of yourself, you may not be there for the ones who need you!

With great affection,

~ Penny

Friday Fictioneers – The Yin and Yang of Foam

PHOTO PROMPT – Copyright – Madison Woods

The Thing About Foam!

Foam, the essence of yin and yang.  Occurring in nature, foam can be a part of creation or found at its decomposition at the end of life. Foam produced from soap gives one the feeling of cleanliness and health, while foaming at the mouth is considered a symptom of disease.

An exceedingly popular foam is found at the head of things a’top a perfectly poured mug of beer. The pouring  and procurement of said “head” an art in and of itself, alluding to the fulfillment of taste in the brew itself. All in all a most satisfactory balance to life.

(100 words)


Friday Fictioneers is a wonderful way to practice and improve your writing skills, visit with other writers and have a great time of things in the process. Be sure to check it out. Just ask for Rochelle, the hostess with the mostest.

Alastairs Photo Fiction – Froth




“How could you do this? Look at all the froth!”

“What’s a froth?”

“The white foamy stuff on top, you moron!”

Oh yeah, right, the froth!” He smacked his lips, taking another big swig from his mug. “Yeah, I noticed the, what was it you called it, the froth, but man … all the beer you can drink … ?” He wore a goofy smile while he dipped his mug into the beer swirling all around them; up to their chests now.

“Are you crazy”, his friend yelled! “What good is all this beer? We’re going to drown, if it doesn’t stop!”

The level of the flooding beer continued to rise.

“So this weird person, whose life you saved, said you could have one wish and you wished for beer?”

“Of course not! I’m no dummy,” his friend, floating both literally and figuratively, answered. “I said I wanted a beer supply that would never run out!” He happily answered before his head bobbed and then disappeared beneath the frothy liquid!


 photo by mconnors

There’s nothing like having a head on your beer, definitely frothy!


Join in the creating fun. Write a short short story (Flash Fiction) like the one above for Alastairs Photo Fiction – Just click on the link for details and to get started. Good Luck!

Hope I started your week off with a smile! Have a great day!

~ Penny


Friday Fictioneers – A gathering of writers

It looks like Spring is finally making it’s way everywhere, oh happy day. Speaking of which, time for another happy day of Friday Fictioneers. To be specific, it’s flash fiction time where writers have a ‘once a week’ opportunity to sharpen their writing skills using 100 words or less. The theme is based on a photo prompt. Thanks as always to gracious hostess, Rochelle. For more information and to join in the fun just click on the link.

This week’s photo courtesy of Ted Strutz:



Icon Grill, copyright Ted Strutz, 2013


The Barmaid leaned against her bar sighing. The pub, almost empty, revealed a quiet serenity in the moment. The calm before the storm. Another Friday night. She sighed again, her face a mask of strain just thinking about tonight; the gathering of writers. And not just any writers, those Friday Fictioneer writers! Oh lordy!

The good news, it’d be busy, always was. Time would pass by quickly, although now that she thought about it, time seemed suspended on these evenings – weird that!

But she did enjoy the feelings of fun and creativity emanating from the writers, free flowing like an open beer tap.

It was just … when they spoke of editing … those opinionated opinions that each opined.

“Oh! That was a good one”, she thought. Maybe she’d join the group tonight! That’s the thing! Drink with the drinkers, be at one with all. On a much more cheerful note she began wiping down the counter thinking on the story she’d have ready to share!


Yes – I know, more than 100 words, but I was having too much fun to stop! Besides its a good promo (apart from the word count) for the Friday Fictioneers – don’cha think? 🙂

Thanks for the visit, hope you enjoyed yourself,

~ Penny

penny l howe


One or two too many … (comic relief)

Have you ever noticed how friendly strangers become in a bar after awhile, bosum pals as it were.

So the following is a humorous take on this.

Not meant to be anyone in real life just having some fun here! … Well actually I do sort of recognize one or two now that I look closely …lol

new friendsGroup Photo

Conversation between two fellow workers during a work day:

“So last night I had one or two, or three or four (mixed drinks/beer) at the local pub/bar and I decided to take a group photo of my new friends before we each went home for the night.”

“Upon reflection in the morning and after viewing the photo I realized I may have had more than 3 or 4 (drinks)!”

Again this is only in fun, Hopefully a few laughs, hope your day was good and your tomorrow better,

~ Penny