International Woman’s Day


Today is International Woman’s Day, This is the day to take a little time to explore some of the wonderful things going on around the planet to advance education, experience, opportunities and to celebrate those women already out there making a difference in the world today!

Take a few minutes to check out the link above. Read, explore, learn, share and be involved! That’s what this is all about. And if you click on the header at the top of this post you can see some excellent slide shows of women making a positive difference in the world today!

Have a great day,



In life … Indifference is not acceptable!

Bullying is a world wide problem, it begins with children and if not stopped carries on into adulthood. It affects those being picked on, sometimes in the worst way possible, and it creates a mindset (if not stopped) in the bully that says it’s okay and cool to be “cruel” to another human being!

  • Bullying another person is not okay, not never, not at any time, for any reason!
  • A Bully has no reason to be!
  • So if you see someone being bullied, pause with what you’re doing and make a difference, do what you can to stop him or her!
  • Be an activist when it comes to stopping cruelty.
  • You are a part of the reason it exists, if you do nothing!

There is no “EXCUSE” for not getting involved. Indifference is not okay. In fact it is just as bad as the bullying itself. So be responsible! Be involved, step up to the plate and … CARE!


Thank you,

~ Penny L Howe