LOVE Cures …

… Pass it on!


No secret elixir, no magic formula, no chemical compound cures as well as loving & being loved … nothing!

(This reminder brought to you by those living things who need love – that’s all of life … hint hint – including those who are currently giving love, those who are currently receiving love and those – good for you – who are doing both!)

Thank you! (Absolutely nothing was harmed in the making of this message … only loved!)

wishing you all well this day,
~ Penny ❤



Penny L Howe, 2014


Another short one, but loving and being loved does feel that way, don’t you think? Remember that being grateful is also a big part of the recipe for happiness. Everyone have an excellent Friday and weekend coming up!

~ With much love,


Love – nothing is more important!

Tornado in stormy landscape  Credit line:  © Rolffimages |

My favorite word in the whole vocabulary of all the languages on our planet is Love. It means the same thing no matter where you are. Love is universal.  It sums everything up. Just this one word!

It brightens the day, makes the impossible seem possible. The bad – not so bad and is the very foundation that hope rests upon … the one word … LOVE!

I send love to everyone today. It is an especially hard Monday/Tuesday today for many many millions of people on our planet, Both nationally and abroad.

Perhaps, today, we can point a few less fingers, blame a few less people, think not so many petty, selfish or greedy thoughts and instead think about love and loving! I guess news “talk show hosts” are getting paid (now, when they voice their opinions) to say and broadcast petty and mean things and  …

Politically speaking (USA), my message to all of you politicians out there is … GROW UP, you are all acting like spoiled children (all parties) instead of responsible, polite and well-mannered individuals. Our government will always have those with varying agendas but NO ONE has to be mean (nasty) during discussions and the manner in which they conduct their public activities.

The three main political parties in this country are Republicans, Independents and Democrats and since acronyms have become so popular please note that the acronym for these three parties is R.I.D., which is how many Americans are starting to feel about you and how you’ve been governing in Congress. so STOP IT!

Do you job. Get it done, but with the dignity and honor that your position deserves. And another thing, Our President is the duly elected President of our United (all of them) States and as such Dignity and Honor should be extended to him as well, or our current political parties are really of no value to us Americans any more. And getting rid of the current political parties (R.I.D.) might be the best way to change things!

Life is too short (yours included) for the behavior I and millions of others witness daily (while nothing is getting done) and ALL AMERICANS ARE SICK OF IT!)

Most especially when now we should be seeing what we can accomplish together as a UNITED States of America (and yes there are 50 states, not one or two or 13) and not the horrible nastiness that we’ve been exposed to.

We need jobs, an improved infrastructure, fairness and equality but mostly we need a HUGE change in attitude and how we conduct ourselves.

My loving angel:  © Starblue |

We are all of various ethnic, genders and backgrounds (every single one of us) and we are all citizens but when bad weather hits anywhere, then we are reminded that which we should be ALL THE TIME! Human beings in need of love and support and each other – and nothing else is more important than that! Nothing!

Penny L Howe, 2013

Wouldn’t it be nice …



Wouldn’t it be nice … if the first thing in the morning, you woke to (what to you) would be a wonderful awakening? Whatever you determine that might be! A loving individual giving you a cheerful good morning, someone to joyfully lend a hand to your morning (hectic) activities needing to be accomplished. Something in nature or your life that simply welcomes you in a joyous way to the new day.

And wouldn’t it also be nice if the last thing at night before you closed your eyes and slept, you received those same joyful feelings? Because someone or something occurred that suddenly made your whole day seem worthwhile. And more important; maybe helped you to sleep a little better, not be so stressed out about things and wake in the morning, looking forward to your new day.

Wouldn’t it be nice?

Soooooo. Stop reading (unless you just woke up or are getting ready to go to bed) and then come back and finish this post then!


Although I’m not there

in person.

And cannot reach out and touch you,

 sooth your tired spirit

and comfort your weary soul.

Nor can I physically

reach out and hold your hand,

squeezing with affection.

I cannot look deeply into your eyes

and convince you of your worth and value

to this life we share of, on our planet.

However …

… I can and do remind you of

how unique and special you

are to me, and important.

I can send you love across the miles

with a wish of well-being for you on this day.

You are not alone,

you are loved.




Have the best weekend you can have!

The Illusive Illusion of Love … and it’s true nature!

Men fall in love with me, you know. Yes they really do. I began to notice it quite young, and had no idea of what to do with it either, or even why they felt those feelings for me, the way they did. I never saw myself as having LOVING COUPLE IN THE MOON LIGHT by Adyoothose specific type of feminine attributes that most men find alluring.

I suppose I made it easy for them to love me, though, as I loved them back with all my heart, listening attentively to each word, pleasing in any way I could be, and then waiting to be received and treated in a like manner.

And I wondered when that didn’t happen, why? Some lacking in myself, I initially thought and believed for some considerable period. I didn’t understand at the time you see.

But life moved on and so did I, and being a shy but inquisitive soul I explored life more fully and discovered women loved me too, and so did children and animals, even plants thrive around me. Even nature’s wild animals have approached me, and I have pondered the why of this also.

What is it that I project that appears to be appealing to all life forms? (on an interesting side note, there is a small handful of individuals who strongly dislike me when meeting, the hairs on the back of my neck actually stand up and I wonder about the nature of their negative vibrations – spooky that!)

Could it be that what emanates deep from within my soul, and radiates outward, that which is stronger than any other thought, feeling, emotion, sensation I may have – is my pure love of all things living.

And when I am with and around any and all life I embrace it fully. I know of no other way to approach life than by loving it. All the parts and pieces of it, shapes and sizes, actions and causations. It is the “who, that I am”!

I’ve always felt this way. As a small child, a growing youth, an adult. So after years of exploration and experimentation and experience, I ask the question, if all that I say be true … Is love an illusion manufactured in an overly imaginative mind, or the primeval essence of what all life is really about. Is the true nature of love far more than we mortals think it is, and are life’s experiences just varying degrees and shades of this force of nature.

I lean towards the second. I believe really living life is loving life. And because I love living, life loves my living of it – and loves me in return! So “take that” all your scholarly type psychoanalysts and sociologists and make what you will of it! When all is said and done – it works for me!

The answer to my blog’s title THE WHY ABOUT THIS – Because you are loved!!!

~ Penny

Snapshot_20130510_20 - Copy

All bloggers – you are loved!

I am taking a short break from blogging. I have met online some of the very best people in the past almost 8 months. Each of you are so special I’m guessing that within a week or so I’ll miss you all so much that I’ll be back here sharing my heart with you once again, which is how I personally feel about my own blogging experience. Until I return – please take care of you and blog in that wonderfully original way each of you do and remember …

You are loved.

~ Penny

The Love Sampler of Life.

love sampler

Appetizing love.

The greatest thing ever, also the most complicated, also at times the hardest to understand.

Is Love free?

Love comes packaged in a wide variety of ways. Little loves, big loves, first loves, affectionate loves, caringcontainer of love loves, seductive loves, people loves, animal loves, love of things, love of yourself, love of life.

Do they all come with a price tag?

Is there any love out there that comes without a price? Not really.

The price you pay for giving true unconditional love, for example, is opening your heart so wide that your character stretches in all directions and you are not blinded by valueless meanings.

To Love and be loved.

Do we come prepared to pay the price?

How about long lasting love? The price for this is learning to give and take in the relationship with both partners involved in this exchange. Recognizing both the (perceived perhaps) shortcomings of the other as shoppingwell as the positives. Each partner gives the other partner room to grow individually as a human being while being there to share in the ups and downs, good and bad.

And what of ourselves is there a price to be paid for loving ourselves. Yes! Looking in the mirror of our life and accepting ourselves for who we are and the value we inherently have as our very own unique and special self!

So do we understand what Love is?

Really? Do we? Are our hearts open? Are we stretching our character and growing as a human being and are we embracing ourselves for who we are so we can in turn embrace others?

Are you sampling, tasting, stretching, growing, giving, loving? Are you?

I hope so ~ I really do!

Thanks for visiting me, I wish your week ahead to be a good one and that you take just a little time for yourself during the extra busy week ahead!

~ Penny

The Cherished Secret …

The Shadows of Twilight


She clutched the object tightly, fiercely. It was hers. Her secret. It belonged to no one but her. She would not share. Not this. Most especially not this!

Her breathing was ragged. she’d been running through the woods for quite a while. She’d stopped to catch her breath. Was she far enough away? Would anyone notice she was gone? Could she look at what she held in her hands now?

She pulled it against her chest. So very precious, It just took her breath away to think on it. No not yet, noone must know what she possessed. She’d guard her secret to the death if need be.

She hadn’t realized what life could be until she held it in her hands and witnessed it, until she felt the warmth travel through her body, filling her emptiness up inside. She was still amazed at the tingling sensation in her body she felt from the thrill of it all.

Her, a nobody really in the whole scheme of things, her life so empty, with such uneventful sameness, day in and day out, but now … this. Hers to cherish, hers to relish. Only hers!


The box carrying her treasure was small in size. Made from ordinary wood, nothing special in that, but inside, oh ‘sweet heavens above’, what lay inside. She sat down on a mossy covered rock, surrounded by other rocks of green. She laid the box on her lap.

Starring at the small closed container, she waited for night to descend. She needed to embrace being alone. She would share this moment with none other than the shadows of twilight surrounding and closing in on her.


It was almost dark, just barely enough to see, she needed to open the box and look inside, remove what it held. So very amazingly wonderfully important, and hers!

She unclasped the latch and slowing lifted the lid. She looked inside. There it  was laying on the bottom. Such a small thing. Who could know, who could have ever imagined? With trembling fingers she lifted it out of the box. Holding it tenderly in her hands she stared at it once again in disbelief.


The piece of paper she held in her hands had but three words on it, words she had coveted her entire life … YOU ARE LOVED!


Thanks for stopping by to visit, may your days ahead be filled with love!

~ Penny

Looking for Love in all the Right Places


Don’t all of us look for love, in some way or other? I think we do.

I believe with a quick reference to multimedia here, that while commercialism is certainly in the mix, whether we go online and “search”, or twitter, facebook, blog, or a variety of interactive things in the everyday world we are looking for love. To be loved and love in return. It is important.

Noone should be or feel unloved. Noone, Ever! So my piece today references the search for Love



I searched for love the world at large

I searched both day and night.

I looked and looked so very hard

but could not get it right.

And then I loved (because I could)

And shared myself therefore …

And then much to my own surprise

Love knocking on my door.

“Why do you come here”, this I said

With wonder in my eyes.

I couldn’t find you … there was dread

That Love would be denied.

Love bowed its most magestic head

And wisely said to me.

“Love returns to your homestead

When given out for free.”

“I’m always there, so close – nearby

You only had to care.

Loving pathways light the skies

I come each time you share.”

“Give freely of the love you have

Give freely onto all.

Love will always be returned

I come when I am called!”

~ Penny L Howe, 2012


Love, the most important word on the planet – pass it on!

Thank you for visit, may your day be filled with love!

~ Penny

Copyright © 2012 by Penny l Howe

Reflections of a Hungry Eye

Reflections of a Hungry Eye

Do you search, seeking …

… the quest for love in your life?

Is it to give love and be loved in return?

The Ultimate Reward!


Is the Quest for love

meerly a selfish need

“A Conditional Prism …

… Reflections from a Hungry Eye!


Unconditional love – The greatest gift on the planet – Pass it on!


The Flame of Unconditional Love

Light the fire, my friends.

~ Penny

Copyright © 2012 by Penny l Howe