Why … We Go On.

It’s really about self motivation when it comes right down to the carrying on of things when others all around are retreating, laying blame or quitting.

Tenacity is a good word. It means never giving in or up. It means going that extra mile when it appears all is going against you.

We can hold within our hearts excellent hopes and dreams for our futures (an important thing to do, absolutely) but beyond this, it is a “forged in fire, keep on keeping on”attitude of unrelenting determination that will get the job done.

And even more important is recognizing that with self reliance and self motivation for your own personal goals you become a torch bearer for others. Lifting up their spirits, letting them know all things are still possible, giving them something to believe in, not just you but themselves as well.

It’s called leading by example when you go on while others are feeling too tired, fearful or worried.

Know then that the feeling of helpless hopelessness cannot survive in an atmosphere of loving strength and peaceful perseverance, it just can’t! Which is why … We Go On!

Take care of you,

With much affection,

~ Penny

Sorry … not Sorry! It’s about being strong and respecting yourself.

I never thought I’d share a commercial (from a hair care company, no less), but I gotta share this with you guys. It is just too cool, and too true! Pass it on everyone! And good for you Pantene!!!!!!! It’s called “Why Are Women always apologizing”, click on the link, only a minute long and well worth it:



I don’t know about you but I recognized every single one of those “sorries”, having said them in similar circumstances, myself! Being polite is always a good thing, but saying I’m sorry for every movement you make – not a good thing!

Hope you’re having a great weekend, regardless of what’s going on in your life and that you are taking just a minute to be grateful for what you do have (not sorry, but grateful!)

With Affection,

~ Penny

Self Determination begins with SELF!


Wouldn’t it be great if there was a self determination button. You see it sparkling out there in front of you. You reach out and hit the button, and just like magic – you become self determined and ready to take charge of your life.

Well, guess what? There is one. More of a metaphorical button than a physical one, but it’s still real. And it works too.

Self determination begins when you begin asking questions for yourself. Of yourself, of others. And once you get the answers, you act on them. You don’t wait for someone else. YOU make it happen.

So push the button, ask that first question. Here’s a good question to start off with: Do I feel good about myself and where I am in my life? Another good question: What can I do about it?

self image


“There will always be those who support you

and those who don’t – more than a few,

but the one person in your life

you should know you can count on

 is most emphatically – you.”

~ Penny L Howe, 2014

Peaceful Contemplation of Being Overwhelmed!

bench in river 13


How’s it going?

The photo says it all.

Life can be so darn overwhelming you really don’t know what to do about it. So you do nothing except think and stew and worry and wonder about THE WHY ABOUT THIS!

Is this a good thing or a bad thing? Actually its neither. It’s you experiencing “life in action” thing! Sometimes you can control what happens. But sometimes control slips away when the unexpected occurs. What matters is how you’re going to handle your own feelings!

You can rage about the “unfairness” except life has never been based on beingalone fair. A truth. You can pout and mope about the “why me … of it all”, except in all probability there are worse things happening to other people, everywhere. You just aren’t aware of them. Well, if those things don’t help – and they don’t – what is there left to do?

Summing it all up there’s one thing you can still do. It’s called the responsibility factor … that’s the really tough one. To get out of the river of being overwhelmed, the ocean of misery and so on you have to take action yourself. Be responsible for your own actions and attitude. Bring about the change you need … right now … make it happen … Go ahead … you can do it!

I’m cheering you on!


lonely by Penny L Howe, 2013

(yes the first two pictures are of me sitting in the Columbia river on a bench. A few of you have seen these pictures before. They’re from a little over a year ago. The river was flooding (obviously) and I decided to have a few pictures taken. It was spring and the water was melted snow thaw and frigidly cold. Took quite awhile to warm up my feet and legs, but still … got great shots!) 🙂

~ In the river of life, swim, wind surf, paddle your kayak, row your boat, do what ever it takes to keep your head above water! You make it happen. You do!

~ Penny

There is so much …

 … we can be.



There is so much we can do.

 This means opening yourself up inside.

Taking Risks!

Sometimes great big ones!


And we are so very capable!




And then pass this love of life along,

by giving and sharing it with others.

Go back to my last post and watch the video of Astronaut Chris Hadfield just one more time. Look closely at his face. He is feeling the words he’s singing. Really, really feeling each word – because he “knows” the words he’s singing. He’s living those words with every ounce of his being, up there at the space station, in outer space! And that is what life is truly all about!

The living of it!

It is your life! And there is so much you can do and be!


You can do this, I know you can!

I believe in you!

You should too!


Thank you for your visit!

~ Penny


Stand your Ground!

This is for YOU! And you know who you are! I shared this video and song with my followers last year. And just so you know. I watch it myself on the days that seem harder than other days and we all have those. I send this out today to remind you that You can do it! You can carry on. You can be strong and brave. You have it within you!

I believe in You after all, with all my heart and you (my blogger friends) know I mean the words I write. It is overwhelming out there, changes coming so fast, hard to cope with, loss, pain, loneliness, too much of too much, and in some cases feeling terribly alone and disconnected.


You are not disconnected here in blog-land! And I know (for a fact) that the bloggers “out there” believe these words too.

We are here for you during your struggles, just as you are here for us. It makes for a HUGE difference. So today, remember you are loved and STAND YOUR GROUND … you’re worth it, you know!

~ Penny


Little Braveries … like your own!

That’s a hard word you know.

Braverybeing courageous!

Subjective too. We each view that word in a different way to some extent (as it relates to ourselves).

We all picture either warriors standing in a “warrior like” pose or a sole individual standing bravely against all odds (we all have our heroes in that regard) to illustrate bravery and yet bravery is a far more complex subject that each of us has to come to terms with everyday.


The little braveries we or others perform daily (to us may seem little) are often the biggest of all. Hard decisions, hard calls, tough choices, difficult tasks and so on.


Today give yourself and those you know a big hug and then look them in the eye and remind them that they are brave for all of their little braveries (the one’s we often take for granted).

* ~ *

I think it’s a good time for us to acknowledge these. They are what keeps us going! Many thanks and hugs to each of you with my love for your bravery this day!

~ Penny

The Shy Butterfly

This is an excerpt from a book I wrote 8 years ago. It is a story about a shy butterfly that lives his life in the shadows of trees and is afraid to come out into the sunlight and play. The illustrations are by the talented Debby Edwards who added the perfect touch with her delightful pictures to my words, enjoy:

The Shy Butterfly

The shy butterfly hid around corners, ducked under leaves

and never flew out in the bright of day.The shy butterfly kept to itself, not happy,

not unhappy, just shy and unaware of the beauty of life waiting but a few feet away.


Each day as the sun would set and night begin to descend,

The shy butterfuly would emerge from the shadows flying cautiously from one nearby place to another.

In the full darkness of night the shy butterfly would sit quietly in place until dawn arrived.


With the arrival of daybreak and sunlight the shy butterfuly would move again into the shadows of the trees.

The shy butterfly lived a half-life of in-betweens in sheltered dark surroundings never realizing

what he was missing!




This is the beginning of a short story, a childrens book I wrote a few years ago. I wrote the book to remind children to not be afraid of life, it is an uplifting book filled with child-like drawings where the shy butterfly eventually (with the help of a Monarch butterfly) spreads its wings, and comes out into the sun to enjoy life fully.

Recently I was reminded that adults need this reminder too. There is a young lady artist/blogger, that I’ve been privately communicating with, right now, who is feeling this way and so for you …here is the ending to this story. This is for all to read and perhaps think on.



“Come,” She said, beckoning to the blue sky with its high fluffy clouds. “They call to us. Let us go and enjoy the day. This wonderful, glorious day.”

She flew up into the sky, sure-winged and effortless. She looked back calling to the shy butterfly, still perched on the edge of the rock.


“Remember, this new day is a gift for living and must be lived, or why have we bothered to be alive at all.


The shy butterfly took one final look back at his former world of shadows, then rose to follow after the Monarch. His heart filled with the light and beauty of life.

As he winged his way into the brilliant morning sunlight, he finally understood what he’d missed before. If you don’t live life to the fullest, then you haven’t really lived.

Don’t waste the most precious gift of all – Every day of your life!


Penny L. Howe, 2004

Copyright © 2012 by Penny l Howe

If an Apple was Life, I would …

…take the biggest bite I could!

Savoring every single sensation in my mouth that the apple was offering to me.

Crisp and sweet (or tart), so juicy that the juice would run down the sides of my lips (hows that for some good imagery my friends lol). Let’s stay on point here, okay?

I have a huge “appetite” for life! Using an apple in an allegory manner is a nice way to describe these feelings.

I taste life. It is rich and full bodied, even on the quiet somber days. It is sometimes exotic, sometimes excruciating and intense, and sometimes so unimaginally poignant and beautiful that I cry for the wonder of it.

I crave the almost mouthwatering feelings I receive from life everyday so much so that it can be an ache in my soul.


I have a restless spirit flowing with the currents of life – languid, adventurous, dangerous.


The magical dance of living life.


Some days hurting from the rawness of life, enduring the unendurable. Other days embracing sweet, rich, delicious love. Each an essence of life. I am alive.


I taste life to the fullest, every day. Get the point? Or more perhaps clearly stated – do you? Always your choice. Really … always your choice.

Apple of Life -Taste it’s Richness!

Thank you for visiting today, “It’s your life – take big bites!” Penny L. Howe

Copyright © 2012 by Penny l Howe