Therapeutic Twos – The essence of why we blog!


There is something therapeutic about things found in twos. A feeling of togetherness.

And although one can be alone, silent and strong in this singular pose, it is by the addition of other bloggers, one at a time, that there begins a feeling of companionship, a sharing of experiences that bespeaks of camaraderie and fellowship. And so we blog.


We validate who we are even as we interact with (and create) validation for others. Most often this is accomplished one blog, one post, and one blogger at a time, and although (as we know) social media (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn,, etc.) creates ‘the feeling’ that we are connecting with many more – it is most often the interaction happening in shared communication that is “one on one” that is the truth and mainstay behind our love of blogging.


We are hopeful that many will come to our blog (and/or our other social platforms) and visit. We are even more hopeful that our artistic creations, messages, information and  services/products will be sought after.


But blogging stays popular, ever increasingly so, because of the ongoing ever reaching (world-wide) relationships we make with each other as blogging companions.


“So, here’s a toast to bloggers everywhere,

the connection of ‘you and I’ in essence

– the two of things.”


Have an excellent weekend,

~ Penny



Seeking Bloggers of the World!

© Rolffimages |

It’s time.

It’s time for magic.

It’s time to focus on beauty; beauty as it relates to harmony and caring.

It’s long past it’s due and we know it. We, the bloggers of the world. We’ve become seekers and sharers, haven’t we?

We want to move and be moved. We want to live, we want to connect with others who feel the way we do. We want to share our stories, our interpretations of beauty, of life, of caring. We want to read each other’s words, we want to express and feel the change, the magic that is happening around the world, while we reach out, ever seeking.

This then is us. The Bloggers of the World, for the first time ever – A Worldwide Community of like-minded people. And just as it should be, there are no restrictions, only freedom of thought, expression and creativity! “We”- the seekers and “We” -the sharers. It is time for magic, our magic. Please feel free to take this graphic representation of “We are One” that I crafted. Just copy, save and use (if you’d like) on your blog! It’s yours!

Also, some time ago I did a post about feeling a sense of belonging in the bloggers world. I stylized a drawing of mine to create the feeling of ‘the blogging experience’.

Today, once again I’d like to thank each of you who enrich my life and others, with a gift of “The Singing TroubadourA travelling artisan who roamed his known world creating, singing songs and sharing news as he drifted from village to village – Much like the blogger of today who travels through the internet sharing thoughts and artistic endeavors through the creativity of his and her blogs. If you choose, please feel free to copy and take the I-BLOG/I-BELONG Icon with you.


Have an excellent weekend ahead my dear blogging friends. You are each so special to me. With limited time right now, I have so missed visiting you of late, but know you are in my heart and I think of you frequently.

Thank you,

~ Penny



Blogger Minions – Get Yours Today!

Blogging is a time consuming thing.

Not enough hours in the day.

So I created “blogger minions”.


by wd2007 -

My Blogger Minions

They are quick, and they last
they do blogging very fast.
These little guys are very sweet
and of course they love to tweet.
They are clever and watch for trends
Their creativity never ends.
They read emails, sort, respond
The things they do, goes on and on.
These little guys with their PC’s
are really cute, as you can see!
Order now, buy this new trend
Blogger Minions – your new best friends!

Buy today, only $19.95  per 100, 200 minions, (plus shipping charges $595.00 and all applicable taxes)!

Special offer: *Buy 200 and get the second 200 minions free!

*Not responsible for how quickly they reproduce – I haven’t got that part figured out yet! They seem mysteriously attracted to each other, it may have something to do with the rabbit DNA I added to improve their cuteness.


Have an excellent Friday everyone, and have a little fun today too!

~ Penny


Why Do You Blog


download (1)

The obvious reason is because you enjoy blogging. But Why?

Some bloggers begin with a “fixed agenda”. They have a product to sell or they are part of an organization and have a message they want to get out into public awareness on a professional level.

For many of us, it just seems like a fun thing to start doing.

Currently I’m writing a piece on how to promote your blog site so I recently visited quite a few bloggers and read the various reasons given for why they blogged. (When I was active in the marketing world one of the first questions I would ask a client was what they hoped to accomplish with an advertisement or promotional campaign.)

So the question “Why do you blog” seemed like a good place to start.

The answers were interesting because they were multi-layered and the reasons for blogging morphed or changed a bit over a period of time. The first reason.

  • It makes you feel good. The creative process, writing the words/or creating the artistry, displaying the results; photographs, illustrations and videos, music etc.

The second reason was also obvious.

  • Wanting to share your words, ideas, (creativity, thoughts, images sounds and moving action) with others. And to share theirs. Learn about their world and what they were/are doing!

The third reason was the most interesting, however. And the reason I think many of us feel a sense of addiction, after awhile, to the blogging world.

  • validation. Or more to the point, connecting with others, creating awareness of yourself outside of the world you live in. Being liked and appreciated for who you are and what you’re doing.

In summation, many people set out to blog, to find their own identity, to explore themselves (unaware, to a degree, that this is what they are doing). As soon as we’re old enough to recognize our need for other’s approval, we consciously or subconsciously continue to look for it. And whether we receive it as a child or not, a part of our adult makeup continues to want and need that approval. To be well thought of. Validated as having purpose, value, a worth.

The blogging world is excellent for this purpose. With very little understanding of the how and why of the online technology of today you can create your own blog and connect with others.

The ‘like’ button lets the blogger know his/her current post has been “liked”. The ‘follow’ button let’s the blogger know their posts “in general” are liked and the other blogger wants to “follow” them. The ‘comment section’ allows a blogger to share their feelings about any given post that has been written. The additional ‘multi-media options’ (such as twitter, facebook, linkedIn, google+ and so on) allows others, (visiting your blog), to spread the word (further endorsing that they like what you are doing).

And there you have it. Approval and validation. And don’t think it isn’t important. How many of you are unaware of the numbers of how many visit you, and who they are? And why is it important to you? Just think on this a bit.

So we’ve come full circle back to the question. Why do you blog? It’s for all of the above reasons.

I believe, for most of us, blogging is exceedingly healthy. You reach beyond where you are or where you’ve been, or even perhaps where your going. You set your sights a little higher. You bring potential goals a little closer.

I’ll venture a guess and say that most of the emerging bloggers -including myself – (in the last year or two) as well as those coming out right now, don’t have much of a clue about the technology they are using to communicate with others. They just know they want to.

And that – all by itself becomes an enriching learning process. The global communication system now available to so many of us is an excellent way to learn and grow, share and connect and become more than you’ve been.

So ask yourself, one more time – Why do you blog? Is it to connect and communicate with yourself and others? To share, learn, grow while being creative and interactive? To achieve a greater awareness of who you are and feel good about those discoveries? I’m guessing for most all of us the answer is yes to all the above!

Happy blogging, enjoy the process and create, share, learn and grow, I know I am.

~ Have a great day,

And yes, after a year I decided to change the “theme” of my blog page, I hope you like it!

~ Penny

penny l howe

The amazing and true value of blogging ~ for YOU!

Why are you blogging?

why do you blog

Why did you take the time to learn how to set up your own blog site, either on Word Press, or somewhere else? After a few (okay lots more than a few) trial and error learning skills, what were your topics (the subjects you wrote/illustrated/photographed) about when you first started posting? And why? You know, the purpose.

connectingAs you think on that, ask yourself why you visit other blog sites. Why you take the time to read the content being presented and in many cases “like”, comment, reblog, twitter, share on facebook, and use other various forms of multimedia to pass along what you’ve just viewed. Why?

Each of us has a reason for why we do a thing. Especially if it’s a sustained time consuming thing. Most times we start something for one reason and end up doing it for some other reason all together.

So as you think on the questions I’ve asked – here’s a few finally ones. What do you personally get out of the blogging experience? Is it fulfilling to you? Does it make a positive difference? Does it make everyday a learning experience? Are you meeting new online people,sharing making new online friends? Are you sharing with each other?

My personal thoughts on “the why about this subject”: There are billions of real people out there on this planet of ours. They are just like you and I. They want/need to be interactive, grow, learn new things, reach out, share a talent, sell a product, inspire, motivate, make a difference – BE CONNECTED!

The thing is we are all human so we want and need each other. Anything that brings us closer, furthers us along … on the ultimate goal. The one we head towards on the road being traveled – our individual journey through life:

To believe in oneself.

For others to believe in us.

To make a difference and become more than we are today.

Love others and be loved.


“To me the blogging experience provides a positive connection to help us achieve our goals!”

Penny L Howe

Have a most  excellent week ~ Penny

Penny L Howe

Bloggaria ~ A fairy tale of bloggers! Introduction

Once upon a time, in a kingdom far away, (I always wanted to write those words) there lived a beautiful princess and a handsome prince. But this story is not about them. We already know they lived happily ever after, as is the way with such things.

This cute and sweet, yet powerful and moving tale takes place in Bloggaria where the land proliferates with active and happy Bloggers. A most joyous place to be. There were constantly those from elsewhere always relocating to Bloggaria. Yahooians, even people from the mighty Googlanations would show up with all their talents requesting refuge, the Youtubians most frequently.

Of course the Bloggarians (henceforth known as bloggers) never said no, filled with love and tenderness they never turned anyone away. They were gentle and big hearted people who loved to share their land with others. Their motto “Ad blog est ad amorem, ad blog est esse” (Yes amazingly they spoke latin too).

The land of Bloggaria was rich with the sounds of music and laughter from it’s people. The land itself a sweeping landscape of glorious colors and textures. One never tired of visiting Bloggaria. Point in fact no one wanted to leave. The bloggarians communicated with several different languages, twittery and faceboo and a few others.

But Bloggaria was also a land of strong magic. So bloggers communicated in a magical way as well, Sigh indeed a place of wonder.

Stay tuned for the opening chapter. It will be filled with all the wonder of the Bloggers world. The characters that pass through it’s pages numerous and rich with the cleverness and creativity that abounds in Bloggaria.

You will meet noble Alastairian, surrounded by his loyal followers. SteJesty a fierce knight who nurtures the poor with his learned ways. Marinalea who gently paints her rich colors across the meadows, LuAnnia and her merry band, travelling and sharing wisdom as she goes. Boomiebolina, queen and mother of the lands of fairness and peace (except for Sundays when she is sensual and …um frisky). You will learn of the Maxima, king of the loving and romantic lands to the East..

There is also Fairy princess Robynia, gentle and sweet. bestowing all with her loving and nurturing ways, beloved by many. RoSarita the daring, a most happy and playful pixie from the woodlands, Roxita, a powerful but loving magician. Lenaria, one of the gentle spiritual sprites that glides through the lands. Anelephantia, the wizard who masquerades as a troubadour with his lyrical ways. Alsandia the humerous, dispensing laughter with justice for all!, Sharlia another princess from far away who spreads joy and goodness around her. Landoffunia and yet another princess sharing thoughts of goodness and love everywhere. Steffina, the sweet and compassionate princess of far away places who visits and nurtures.

Clanmother, wise and thoughtful ruling over her many subjects, Ruthnina the gentle fairy princess who cares and nourishes. Ivonnella, a warrior and a fairy princess, sharing as she journeys through the land. Tinalina, lovely musical fairy sprite, Barbarella (no not from the movie), gentle and talented mistress of many magics, Mitzielea, sweet,clever and gentle fairy princess from far off lands. Eric the wise, a seeker of wisdom and knowledge. Actforia the brave, mysterious and loving. Sandralina, one of the shy yet wise leaders of the sprites, loving and spreading joy everywhere. Meme, the merry a wise and clever lady with the sweet voice of a woodland nymph! Vicknia the gentle fairy princess.

Gyselaina the gentle gifted princess, Emmyatia the talented yet elusive fairy princess, Celestinia the sweet and thoughtful (and talented), Utalaina the loving, Amylia the soft spoken yet wise, another the mysterious nighlakina (thought to be a fairy with her poetic loveliness. Leslianna the fierce yet gentle sorceress, Sarahia Potter (no relation to “Harry”) but endowed with mighty magic. Rubia, filled with spirit and love, Bulldoggery the bold yet gentle knight from far off lands. LadyLovania bestowing of love wherever she goes. Richard the gentle, mystical caring sorcerer.

Arindam the bold and mighty knight. Deanalina, sweet and fair princess of the realm.  Carolynia, the lovely and spirited fairy princess. David the gentle, warrior of visual magic. The gentle and nurturing Mybeautifulthings. The loving and courageous kizzylea, The mighty sage with memories of the past JebofLife, the gentle fairy princess Maggiemia, glorious in braving her new world. Letizianna, wise and scholarly yet playful sprite. Noble Nhan of the Creative Muse. Latimer-Ridley, mythical twins of magic and imagery.

Diannea, the huntress of the woods (mighty magic)! Flujan, mystic and magical enchantment. Dorylorina, whimsical delightful sprite of the woods. lovely Mariannina the wise sharing thoughts of wisdom. Tina-lina, clever fairy princess of the planets, Nizy the beautiful, gentle loving fairy princess,  Laurenella, princess of romance and gentle thoughts.

Christinatia, the goddess of enigmatic love, yepiratia, the mighty commanding ship and crew near the shores of Blogeria, Chris911-ith the generous, bringing laughter and joy to the many, Seadog, the gentle brave knight of far of lands, Pretzelogician, a mysterious magician from Coffeealand.  RalphtheWise, gentle and humorous in his bluefishian way, the lovely magical and artistic Zebracia, The gentle wilderness guide, Rick the Braveheartian sharing wisdom and love of nature as he travels.

Sound the trumpets, a new resident has requested admittance to the wonderful land of Bloggeria, Princess Jewels petitioned (in the comment section, lol) and was granted entrance, you are welcome fair lady, as is every blogger who reads this.

There are so many many many more. These but a tiny handful of those beautiful bloggers of Bloggaria, that bloggers we cherish in the knowing of them. btw, anyone who would like to be in the fairytale of Bloggaria has but to let me know and I will of course include the blog of you.

Written by the mystical mage/sage of the mountain Penelope the Wise.

Thank you, This was fun hope this was fun for you too!


More than a blog … More than just a post!


Catching the perfect shot


Yes definitely more than just a post …

When you sit down in front of your computer to create your post for the day it’s more than a post!

More than just a clever grouping of words and/or photographs/music or works of art.????????????????????????????????????????

This is a space that you call your own. You may share your thoughts, your feelings, your explorations of life, both those inside your head and in everyday life, but more probably the creative side of you that you don’t show anywhere else.

Being a blogger allows you to expand your vision and share what life means to you. It’s special and unique!

I’m a blogger and this is a space where I can write and say what I want to, the way I want to, when I want to. I can inspire if I wish to, or I can perhaps introduce new information to you.

Not just another faceless entity

Not just another faceless entity


This then is the most special place on the planet because when I’m here I own the persona that is reflected in ????????????????????????????????????????each and every word, photograph, illustration, musical video, and any other creative application that I choose to use this place for.

And when you come to visit … it’s me you’re coming to see. The me I want to be noticed, the me I want you to like and remember. That me. The me that, maybe, no one else see’s or notices, at least not in the way I want to be seen.

And when I’m here, I’m at peace. There is a special feeling that I have here that I get no where else. Something that enriches my soul.

It certainly improves my ability to communicate (through words) with others. And as I go about and visit other bloggers I sense from their posts the same proprietary sensations that they have about their own blog as they (like me) share that very special creative side of their nature.



Our blog and our posts are palettes, and journals, a creative landscape opening us up to greater and better things.

For some of us there are creative goals we are reaching for. And here in our blogs we share in the reaching of those goals together, even as we come to know one another personally as friends.

And this is the WHY ABOUT THIS! The Why a Blog is more than a Blog and a Post is more than a Postfile0001561596841 and a comment is more than a mere response by another blogger. We’re communicating because it’s about us. Each other.

We’re the ones that are blogging and commenting. And this makes it extra special and more than the sum of all it’s parts.

We aren’t the only one that feels alone when standing in a group of people. There are many of us, different, unique, special. Talented.

We blog to be creative but we also blog to meet and be interactive with others like ourselves. Blogging is enriching, and informative. It enhancing our intelligence and our creative muse, but mostly I think it nourishes while fulfilling our need to reach out to others and be accepted for who we are!




All these things given/received by the bloggers who blog and all the reasons why, a Blog is more than a blog and a post is more than a post. It just doesn’t get any better than that!

So if your a blogger I have a table waiting just for you to share a visit with, or at your place, yours or mine doesn’t matter – I can’t wait! Blog on!

A fellow blogger,

~ Penny


Being a blogger today … it’s all about creating connections!


Connecting …

As I write these words down in the “New Post” section of my “dashboard” in Word Press. I think about the handful of new posts on my “Reader” that I just finished reading to get a feel for the mood, interests, and topics that some are writing about this morning.

hToday the The Daily Post a blog that writes articles about the Art and Craft of Blogging was in it’s element reminding each blogger of idea generation for writing new blogs, The challenge of it all!

So as I sit here writing this morning I realize that before you come up with an idea for a post (and then write and publish it)  the big thing is really about the “why of it all”! 

Why are you here? What is your purpose for blogging? I  mean after the obvious reasons of sharing the creative part of you, it still comes back to Why?

The answer, as a fellow blogger said to me recently, is about hconnections“! We want to feel connected to one another, more so than ever before. And many of us (with lots more coming on board each day) have discovered that not only do we “connect” when we blog, share a post and visit others, but for more than a few it’s personal.

With some we make a special connection. A special something that sets that blogger apart from the others. It’s real and as you read this you KNOW it’s true. We have, all of us made new and special friends through our blogging activities. All over the world!

My advice to each Blogger out there … Create and Connect! Go for it! Have fun explore your creativity and share with all of us. We’ll be waiting to hear from you.

It’s a Bloggers World after all!


I wish you the very best in your blogging experiences and hope to connect with many more of you this year. Have an excellent week and thanks for stopping by to visit.

~ Penny

Penny L Howe

Are you hiding from Life … Don’t!

hiding from life


Life is waiting …

… patiently – just for you – right over there on the other side of all your doubts and insecurities.

Waiting for you to recognize your own self worth and come exploring.

That’s what life is about – after all!

Living that is.

It isn’t always easy and sometimes it’s incredibly hard; the good, the bad, all of it! I believe we decide, not only what we’re going to do or be in our lives but of greater importance – how we’re going to respond to what happens to and around us (on any given day) – how we react to that which comes our way. Our choices, always!

plhHi ~

If you’re a new blogger, Welcome! You will be very well received here in the wonderful world of blogging. I was – and you will be too. There’s a whole rich community of bloggers all around the world just waiting to meet you, greet you and visit your blog site. So come and explore. Visit other bloggers, read, view, comment and then write entertaining blogs about things that interest you.

Share yourself and your talents. Come on! Speaking for myself I can’t wait to meet you!


It's A Blogger's World After All!

It’s A Blogger’s World After All!

Thanks for the visit today, And a special “Hi” to my friends out there in blog land, I’ve been away for a few days. “Yes”, and having a wonderful time also! It’s still a busy time for me but I will be here as I can, I’ve been missing you all so much. I hope your holidays are proceeding in a good way – for each and every one of you.

With much affection ~ Penny

Right here, right now – Updated!

There was a popular video that circulated 4 years ago about the progression of information technology. This video I am showing is the 2012 updated version.

It takes 5 minutes to watch this video…wait until you have the time to view this, as once you start watching…you won’t be able to stop yourself from watching the rest!



So what does this all mean … The future, our future is right here right now…in our hands! Up to us!

Thanks for stopping by,

~ Penny