One or two too many … (comic relief)

Have you ever noticed how friendly strangers become in a bar after awhile, bosum pals as it were.

So the following is a humorous take on this.

Not meant to be anyone in real life just having some fun here! … Well actually I do sort of recognize one or two now that I look closely …lol

new friendsGroup Photo

Conversation between two fellow workers during a work day:

“So last night I had one or two, or three or four (mixed drinks/beer) at the local pub/bar and I decided to take a group photo of my new friends before we each went home for the night.”

“Upon reflection in the morning and after viewing the photo I realized I may have had more than 3 or 4 (drinks)!”

Again this is only in fun, Hopefully a few laughs, hope your day was good and your tomorrow better,

~ Penny