My Very Best Advice!

 Preparing with positive thoughts and emotional imagining.

When you wake up in the morning do you prepare for the day to come? No … I don’t mean the usual grooming, dressing, breaking fast, and so on. I mean do you prepare for THE DAY – as in … “this is the first day of the rest of your life” day.

Do you think on what you will bring to the day today? Do you imagine the potential for making new discoveries about yourself and others?

Do you see yourself exploring new boundaries by shaking off the old, tried and true, unchanging parts of the past that you find yourself caught up in?

Your emotions are key to letting go the negative that can affect you. Remember what you feel inside are “your emotions” created by “your feelings” about what has been happening in “your life”. The common denominator here is YOU. And what you’re going to do about it.

Do you think about the personal power that you own? This absolute power you have – a power that hovers inside each of us – waiting to burst forth to inspire and influence. Do you think about who you can become? Right now! Just by taking control of your emotions and directing them towards positive thoughts and action.

file000244526190Do you know in your heart-of-hearts that you can and will have a good day and that you will help others to have a good day also? Do you know that you will be there if a friend or stranger has need of you?

Do you prepare for possible adversity by planning to be brave and strong?

Are you preparing yourself for laughter? At yourself, at other’s whimsies, at life’s misadventures and for no reason at all except that it makes you feel good to laugh and hear others laugh around you?

And when you’ve finished preparing for the day … do you begin? To make your life happen?

If not, than you haven’t prepared for the day at all. It will be someone else’s preparation that you will follow and adhere to: Someone else’s power, someone else’s opinions. And your dreams?

Well, I guess they’ll wait until another day! But I hope not. Because I know and believe inside you is something great just waiting for a signal from you to come out and begin!

Just imagine what happens then!

Penny L Howe, 2014

DID YOU NOTICE … (todays “kick in the rear” post)!

What did you notice when you first woke up this morning?

… As you prepared yourself for the day’s activities?

… When you had your first beverage of the day?

… As the day progressed?

…When evening came?

… As you prepared for bed?

… What did you notice?


Did you notice that the sun came up? Did you notice that other people depend on you, directly or indirectly? Even the store clerk where you shop, your smile and a few pleasant words can make the difference in his or her busy day?

Did you notice things beyond the state of your own condition and existence …

…because if you didn’t notice these things … then you’re missing out on so much that life has to offer you. That life does offer you … each and every day you’re alive!

If you really want to be liked and be loved more … if you feel that this isn’t happening (if you spend all your time noticing that you’re being treated unfairly or that you aren’t worthy or anything else where your thoughts are only on yourself), then you are most definitely not noticing the right things.

“There is a wonderful law of nature
that the three things we crave most in life
happiness, freedom, and peace of mind,
are always attained
by giving them to someone else.”
~ Peyton C. March



What and who will you notice today? Have a good day today, thank you for stopping by,

~ Penny


The Chrysalis of Change – yours!



“We view the delicately beautiful butterfly
… in the moment
forgetting, all too easily, the changes of growth
it went through to create it’s ultimate beauty.”



“To truly see our world for all its potential

we must cease our inclination to judge.

~ Both ourselves and others.

Only then will we emerge like the butterfly from it’s final cocoon!

Open and aware to all the beautiful and rich possibilities of our tomorrows

… discovering to our surprise

they are available to us … today!”

Penny L Howe, 2013

~ Have an excellent weekend ahead, don’t work too hard, love well and take  a little time to enjoy each day!



The Infinite Loop of Life


The Infinite Loop of Life


Its all in how you think about it!

We shape our actions from our thoughts,

we shape our thoughts from our emotions,

we shape our emotions from our actions to our experiences in life,

as … we shape our actions from our thoughts.

And the loop begins again!

In a computer, an infinite loop (also known as an unproductive loop) is a sequence of instructions that loops endlessly, sometimes because there are no instructions given that will allow the looping to cease. Sometimes infinite loops cause the entire system to consume all available processor time until ended by the user.

Is your life an infinite loop and if so, perhaps it’s time to end this condition. Make some changes, rethink a few things so that the infinite loop in your life is gone!

Maybe just a few little positive changes in how you view yourself and your experiences in life might be a good place to begin! Give it a try. Start today.

~ Penny


Only One War is Acceptable

There is only One War that is acceptable.

The War that takes “NO” lives.

The War that isn’t decided because it is based on a struggle for power.

The War that isn’t based on discrimination due to a specific mindset;

about ethnicity, ideology, opinion, beliefs, or understandings.


There is only one Acceptable War.

The war that goes on within each of our minds.


The war where we struggle

to overcome our fears of the difference in others,

and learn to accept all.


We are all human.

We are the Human Race.

We are One!

No life is expendible,

No life is less important than another,

Not ever!

Not Ever!




We must win our private war –

Our struggles within!

Change, let it happen


We are all members of the human race,

Every single one of us!



This I believe

 please hear these words,

they move with the beat of the heart.

~ Penny L. Howe

The Colors of Words!

Words – to me!

Do you think in words? Feel in words? I don’t. I think in some other way. First, one or more of my senses (sight, touch, taste, sound, smell) responds to a new thing. Then my brain interprets this into colors, the colors into thoughts and the thoughts into words.

I didn’t understand this as a child. I knew I was “different” and I felt alone in that difference, but it was just – how I was. Communicating with others (as a child) was a huge problem for me.

When I discovered books, I learned words. Lots and lots of words and I learned that if I could learn the language of speaking words, just maybe I could communicate and be better understood by others.

This took a long time. The language of words (any language) is made richer or poor by its myriad of nuances, adverbs, adjectives, and so on, the manner in which a thought or idea is conveyed. So slowly I learned the nuances with words. Word power!

The Power of words. Studying the structure and meaning of words (any language) is called Semiotics. There is also a field that studies not only how we communicate but the biology of it –  biosemiotics.

Scientists have learned that when we communicate (here it comes, Penny is about to refer to those chemical messages in our brains again), we are altering (physically at a biological level) both ourselves and the nature of things.

Distinguished biologists (Ernst Mayr, Manfred Eigen) believe that we are evolving in the physical world as the result of our “shared” communications, all of nature is.

Language is central to our grasp of the world we live in. So when you write or blog, do you think in words, my friends, or do you think in a more abstract emotional manner and then translate these feelings into words?

Which ever the case may be, please keep writing and sharing. Our words are becoming the collective products of our world-wide social interaction. We connect, influence and most importantly, we evolve into all that we are meant to be!

Thank you, my friends from around the world, I hear the words you are writing, the thoughts you are thinking, the love you are sending ~ it is returned to each and every one of you this day and all days ~ Penny L Howe

The Colors of my Words

Translated from colors, feelings, and thoughts in my mind are …

My Words!

~ Penny

Thank you for stopping by to visit! Have a most excellent weekend my friends!

Copyright © 2012 by Penny l Howe