Sunday Photo Fiction: Ancient Alien Theory Proven at Last!


photo by Alastair Forbes

…breaking news …. Ancient Alien Theory … proven at last! More news to follow.”

POPULAR TELEVISION SERIES – We regret to inform you that this will be the final “Ancient Aliens” episode. It is with much sorrow that we play for you the final filming of this show.

(View shown in background is that of newly discovered ancient ruins.)

The narrator’s voice begins, as persuasive as always. “But perhaps humans didn’t construct these ancient walls. What if celestial beings from outer space were, in fact … responsible.”

Giorgio Tsoukalos, popular host of the television series “In Search of Aliens” is shown bent over digging into the ruins of this new archaeological find. “This is simply amazing. What if we’ve finally uncovered the evidence of ancient alien involvement, at last. Erich, I am so excited.”

“It is as I always suggested,” said Erich von Daniken, author of the widely acclaimed, worldwide best selling book Chariots of the Gods. “There can now be no question. We have been visited by aliens. Here is indisputable proof.”

A pause in the conversation and then …

,,,Um Erich, I’m stuck here … I mean actually physically (his voice raises) … STUCK HERE. The rocks are sticking to me and those monoliths are edging closer and you, well you look as if you’re sinking into the top of the stone wall.”

“This is possible”, Erich replied, continuing to sink. “I always knew they had a method of melting the rock. This is so fascinating.”

“Erich, could we discuss these theories after we extricate ourselves, I’m getting a little worried here.”

“It is not to worry Giorgio, my friend.” Erich looks encouragingly at his long time associate before continuing:

“They must have had a way to remove themselves from the rock or we would be finding their own bones … no wait … here are some bones now.  And look at the shape of the skull, it appears to be elongated. And here’s another bedded down even deeper into the wall. Even more proof! Eric’s final words are ones of jubilation, “ … at last … I am so happy to be vindicated.” 

Giorgio’s final words bearly understood, “and I am so dead!”


Well this story was just a ton of fun to write (based on the photograph by Alastair Forbes, host of Sunday Photo Fiction) and much longer than it should have been. Just couldn’t help myself. For more great stories or to add one yourself, visit Alastair at Sunday Photo Fiction

Hope your week has started off well for you,

~ Penny