Celebrate – the you of it all!


is the first day


the rest of your life!




So go for it!

Live, Love, Do and Be, all that you can!

These are personal decisions we make

on how we will greet and live within

each new day we awaken to.


Regardless of our current situation,

we, each of us, individually, make the final choice

on how we are going to think and feel about ourselves and others,

And based on that, what we will accomplish in this day.


Make today the best day you can make of it!

Your choice, Always!


Never forget, you are loved!

~ Penny


The Infinite Loop of Life


The Infinite Loop of Life


Its all in how you think about it!

We shape our actions from our thoughts,

we shape our thoughts from our emotions,

we shape our emotions from our actions to our experiences in life,

as … we shape our actions from our thoughts.

And the loop begins again!

In a computer, an infinite loop (also known as an unproductive loop) is a sequence of instructions that loops endlessly, sometimes because there are no instructions given that will allow the looping to cease. Sometimes infinite loops cause the entire system to consume all available processor time until ended by the user.

Is your life an infinite loop and if so, perhaps it’s time to end this condition. Make some changes, rethink a few things so that the infinite loop in your life is gone!

Maybe just a few little positive changes in how you view yourself and your experiences in life might be a good place to begin! Give it a try. Start today.

~ Penny


The Choices in your life – you decide!

How do you view your life? Do you think you’re lucky? Have you chosen your life to be filled with rich multicolored hues of living (bubbles of pleasure) or is your life colorless because you’ve forgotten, regardless of what happens – your reactions (what you do about it) – are still your choice?

bubbles of happiness

How glorious is your day?

I know a true story of a monk who grew up in South Vietnam. During the military conflict of the last century, his community was bombarded with bombs and his entire family was killed, He lost an arm. He moved to a nearby “protected” area and was soon loving and teaching the orphaned children from the ongoing war. One day, he watched a bomb (accidently) drop on the orphanage and the children were lost as well.

Finally he was advised to seek refuge in another country as the area he was living in was soon to be overrun with hostile warfare. He made it to France.

Some years later, in a small sheltered community, an individual who knew his story noticed his happy gentle attitude on life and asked him, “How can you be this way after what has been done to you? First you lost all the members of your family and your arm and then the children you were caring for, and finally your home. What can there possibly be for you to look forward to?



The monk smiled pointing with his remaining hand to the ground and said,

“I have the rich earth that my feet can embrace when I walk or run.” He looked up at the sky and said, “I have the blue sky of a sunny day to look forward to during rainy, overcast stormy weather.”

He motioned to the countryside around him, “I have the beauty of nature to look upon during the changes of seasons.”




His smile grew larger as he added, “I have the joy in my heart when I hear another laugh with pleasure.” And he reached out and took the hands of the questioning stranger and responded,

“And I have you and all others around me to love and be loved. I have so much to look forward to. I am very lucky. Each day of my life is rich, full and glorious!”


empty bubbles

And so I ask you once again, how glorious is your day?


“Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it! And so it is with all of us …” AUTHOR UNKNOWN


Have a great day today and a better tomorrow!

~ Penny

penny l howe


Some thoughts have more power than others

If we could only choose the right ones for ourselves.

happy girl


We see each day through our individual belief systems, going through life reinforcing what we think is already out there. In reality there are infinite possibilities, potentialities.

To produce a change try shifting your awareness. See the world with an uncluttered heart. Past experiences may be closing off your ability to be happy, move forward, embrace life.


FEAR brings Illusions

Illusions bring Doubts

Doubts bring Confusion

Confusion brings Fear

~ Thus the cycle of darkness regenerates itself ~

PEACE brings stillness

Stillness brings Knowing

Knowing brings Truth

Truth brings Freedom

Freedom brings Joy

Joy brings Love

 ~ And so it is that we grow in Light ~

~ Anonymous


Just a few thoughts to ponder and think on.                                                                                             Have a great weekend,

~ Penny


The Līgo Haibun Challenge – Young love for sale!

Another Līgo Haibun Challenge. For more information on how you can join in the creativity click on the Link mentioned here. This week the challenge for aspiring writers is the following prompt “Down at the Crossroads”. This week they are looking primarily for a narration; the telling of a story. They’ve also added musical color with an excellent musical video to the prompt which you can view by clicking on the link. My offering today:

dark stairs

Young love for sale!

The building, one of the older structures in the block. Though dilapidated and rundown it was off the main drag of the city and the rent was cheap. Her place, on the third floor. The dark stairway to her room, just inside the building. She walked slowly up each well-worn stair step. He, right behind her. Her third for the night, but she was already tired.

She was pretty and didn’t look her age, no trouble finding customers. She didn’t do drugs and didn’t have a pimp either. Hard to avoid, but she had a male friend who owned a martial arts school. No one messed with him.

Tonight she was weary, of life, of what she did for a living. But it had gotten her off the streets, well sort of. She sold her body on the street, but her soul belonged to her.  She had dreams for a better future. This one would be the last, tonight. Maybe the last one, period!

But she still looked good. Maybe she’d wait a little longer. Make a little more money, just in case. She’d think about it tomorrow. Reaching the top of the stairs she unlocked her door, smiling a little sadly and led him inside.

our futures await

poorly or wisely chosen

the crossroads of life



Thanks for reading, have a great day,


~ Penny

Are you getting there – your way?


Road less traveled

Are your todays the continuing shadows of yesterday and are your tomorrow’s only echoes of someone else’s today?

Is life’s road that you walk upon the one that you want to be on?

If not, then make today ‘the day’! “The first day in the rest of your life.” Most of us have heard this before. But that doesn’t make it any less true. So make it so. It’s a new year. No reason not to head down a new road even if it’s the one less traveled, as long as it’s the road you’ve chosen for yourself.

If I be true

Let it be first to me,

If I be strong

Let it last

e’er so long,

If I be brave

Let it be

while I gave.

With all that I give

Let it be while … I LIVE!

~ Penny L Howe, 2013


Thanks for the visit, may your day be filled with dreams coming true!

~ Penny


Copyright © 2013 by Penny l Howe

Sometimes I ponder – The trending of it all!

When – What Then

When sands of time – cease to flow

When dreamers – cease to dream

When thinking thinkers – just don’t know

What then will come, what then.


When roaring rivers cease to flow

When laughter fades away

When breezy winds no longer blow

What then will come, what then.


If tomorrow isn’t there

And only now exists

Will my heart beat matter much

this moment to the next.

~ Penny Howe, 2012


Ponder this – if you will: Is staying on top of – tuned into – and gravitating towards the next big trend of things really all that important in life? Really? What do you feel, where are you trending … and is it where you want to be tomorrow?

Thanks for the visit, I hope that your tomorrows are all they can be!

~ Penny

Copyright © 2012 by Penny l Howe

This is for Women…inner strength!


… We, women, assume multiple roles as adults today, some begin even younger, depending on the country lived in. We know this.

For whatever designated role(s) is/are assigned to us we know there will be more, as has been our understanding since…well since always … not a secret, just known, by us!

The things we do daily are often onerous and numerous. Still we go about our multitasking each day while a variety of situations rise up to interrupt and delay. It’s often exhausting.

This post is about outer awareness/inner strength.

The framework that we are encased in is our physical body. Within the body a chemical factory the goes with the flow of our being. We wake, we think, we do. The framework supports our actions. And…

There is a flow you can use to strengthen your ability to accomplish what you have set out to do for the day. I call it movement with a purpose.

Some time back I wrote about flow and movement but this post today is specific to women as I think we are (most of us) less aware of the importance of physical strength.

Again not so much about lifting weights (a good thing actually) or exercising (another good thing) but specifically how you move with your body each day and how your mind thinks as a result of this patterned movement.

The pictures above are just to illustrate the flow of strength and beauty in a movement. None of us looks or acts like a model or an actress. We are who we are. It is the attitude and body movements that convey not only an outer appearance of strength but also an inner feeling of same.

So here’s the lesson:

A simple one: When you move be aware of your body, carry yourself with a sense of purpose, feel your heartbeat and breath deeply and slowly to regulate it, the movement of your body will accompany this beat if you increase your awareness of it.

Hold your head erect. We are women and proud of this. When we walk with purpose, a sense to the day (the body recognizes this and passes the message along to all of it’s parts; increasing your inner strength and capability. Point in fact you will simply feel better for it. Give it a try ladies, works for me!

Thanks for stopping by,

~ Penny


We all Conform…!

Circles of Conformity – Society Today

We all conform, each of us to an individual circle (environment) of our own contouring. The one where we decide we are safest and most secure.

And each of us has a slightly different perspective of what safe and secure means. So while we might hang with those with similar views, we still keep to our self-imposed environment. It is more comfortable that way.

Stretching this analogy a little further. if you used a protractor and created a bunch of circles that overlap (well you’d have a pretty design, lol) but you’d also have an idea of how individuals overlap a little bit with others who think as they do. but still staying in their comfort level.

Now if you move the pointy part (I know, but I like the way it sounds, lol) of the contractor over so that you make a circle that does not connect in anyway with the other circles you’ve created a gap between this circle and the others, no overlapping going on here.

No connections. This then is society, in many aspects, today. We are not very comfortable unless others conform in ways that are similar to our own. And we tend not to stray far from our own comfort zone.

Just imagine though, if there were a few more circles to connect all the circles from one to another. We would still be conforming only now within the contours of neverending connections, where everything and everyone is related and interactive. And what a beautiful design that would create. Now that is a thought to think upon!

The Design of Life – All Life!

Just a few of my thoughts on the subject. I hope you enjoyed, Thank you for visiting me today!

~ Penny

Copyright © 2012 by Penny l Howe

What are you dreaming about tonight?


Do you dream? Do you think about what you dream? Do you remember what you dream? Each of us would answer those questions differently. Based on our life styles and daily activities.

But here are some truths. We are a hugely sleep deprived society. When we finally do get to sleep, it may be a restless sleep and if we do dream it may or may not be something we recall at all. And yet the dreaming is going on. Thinking about your dreams (happy ones of course) may help you to fall asleep easier.

And here’s the really good news. Dreaming is good for you. It has been proven that just before the dream state occurs (REM movement), the bodies immune system gets very busy in its healing process. Yes!

A good way to improve your health and the quality of your sleep is to consciously look forward to dreaming. In dreams your imagination has no limits. Think about every song/poem ever written when it comes to dreaming. They’re pleasant aren’t they? It is the word we use when we are wishing for something.

To me dreams are a creative landscape within our mind but with no boundaries.

Dreaming is a very real part of our life experience, even the part we don’t consciously remember. It seems to me to do a thing you must start to think of the thing desired, so today I ask you – What are you dreaming about tonight?

Dreams – Creative Landscapes in our Mind


Thank you for visiting me, may your dreams be joyous ones

~ Penny