Friday Fictioneers – Seeing Eternity!


Photo by Douglas M. MacIlroy 2013 © maui-from mauna-kea

Seeing Eternity

They say on a clear day you can see forever. Perhaps this is so. But I think … if you’re high enough, viewing the world by looking out, over thick misty clouds stretching off into the horizon … perhaps you feel like you’re seeing eternity.

You stand there, poised above everyday problems, staring into a vast distance of possibilities and potentialities; this moment in time etched in your mind – one you’ll remember forever.  The day you were high above the clouds, above doubts and fears, with the sense of belief … that perhaps you can.


It’s time for the fun and creativity of Friday Fictioneers. A group of international writers (clever and witty ones, I might add), who share their writing talent each week. Prompted by a photo they write a flash fiction (100 words approximately) for your entertainment and pleasure. Hosted by the very lovely Rochelle, this is a challenge to participate in – if you enjoy writing, and having fun! Click on the Friday Fictioneers link for more information!

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Alastairs Photo Fiction: The silver lining of life

There are days when heavy overcast clouds become so depressing, a blue sky can be difficult to imagine, the want of  comforting sun so envelops our need. Yet within the those thick clouds a ray of sun can break through, the edges glowing with hues of gold and a silvery cast.

And in that moment, you take heart that perhaps the clouds will soon disperse bringing a new and bright shiny day! I find that some days Nature simulates human life.

Alastair’s photo prompt for this week illustrates the point well! My offering for Alastairs Photo Fiction Challenge:


The silver lining of life


He stood transfixed by the sight of the clouds, as grey and dark as his heart. He was poised on the edge of emptiness, Searching for a way to ease the unrelenting pain in his soul, something, anything to give him a reason to go on. His wife had died so suddenly and he was lost, hopelessly lost without her.

Why, why should he go on? Nothing mattered anymore! No reason without her. Abruptly, dropping to his knees he let his head fall into his hands, sobbing in sorrow. Ironic how the weather was matching his mood. Tears seared his face as he waited for the rain to fall – companionable compliance this gloomy day.

Instead … there was a break in the clouds, a ray of sun touched his face at the same time he felt a small hand brush away the tears from his eyes.

Although the sun’s warming ray couldn’t reach his heart, the soft sweet voice could, “Don’t cry daddy,” she said. Her tiny arms encircling him as best she could, “I’m still here, you still have me to love.”


“Even on the darkest day there is always a reason to keep going,
we must open our hearts so we can see the silver lining when the sun begins to shine through.” 


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Ominous Clouds – Alastairs Photo Fiction

Another writing challenge from Alastairs Photo Fiction, photo prompt below. Write a flash fiction story with 150 or less words. For more information or to join in the fun click on the above link!

This IS an extremely FUN writing challenge to take part in, and Alastair’s wonderful photos make it even easier to think up a nifty story. Go on …what are you waiting for, give it a try!




“Look at the clouds forming exactly over the top of that building!” The girl stopped, pointing to the swirling multicolored clouds. ” They look a little sinister, don’t you think?”

“I don’t know about the sinister part, but the clouds do seem to be hanging out there, don’t they?” He hadn’t really noticed the clouds before, but now found himself looking up staring intently at them. He looked closer.

“Hey,” he said. ‘Remember that silly movie “Ghost Busters’. Towards the end, all the clouds gather over this one building because the forces of evil are getting ready to enter this realm of Earth.”

They both stared a little longer at the forming clouds and burst out laughing at their overactive imaginations. Walking away laughing, they didn’t hear the corresponding echoing laughter coming down from the clouds – the ominous clouds that continued to gather over the building!


Yes, I know this is my second posting for the day (and I said I wasn’t going to do that any more – so sue me!) Actually when I saw his photo, I couldn’t help myself, I wrote the story and then wanted to share with you peeps (I love the way RoSy says that! lol) Hope you enjoyed, I’m going back to my writing project now! Don’t forget to check out  Alastairs new blog.

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Penny L Howe

Clouds have a fan club – Who knew?

Clouds in the Evening Sky

Clouds in the Evening Sky

I consider clouds fascinating, I took this photo a few months ago here in Washington State. But apparently clouds are much more fascinating than I knew! There is a “Cloud Appreciation Society”. Now that is interesting!



Hope you enjoyed the video, I found it very intriguing!

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penny l howe