The Heart of the Matter ~ American’s looking for America!

A very dear and cherished friend of mine (not an American, he’s from Scotland currently residing in France)  wrote a flash fiction (100 words or less) story for Friday Fictioneers (a very successful weekly writer’s challenge “based on a photo”. Rochelle, congrats on your third year as the awesome facilitator for this literary blog).

His short story was about a trip he took to my country – to experience America – a few years back. It did bring excellent memories of his time here in the Tri-Cities of Washington, as well as Portland, Oregon, and of course San Francisco and many other towns, cities and communities he visited. Here is a link to his story “Greyhound”.

At the close of his story he shared the video of Simon & Garfunkel singing the song “America”! And while it brought back wonderful memories it also reminded me of where we, as Americans, are today.

It seems we Americans are all searching for America with our many concerns and fears for the now of things and our futures but I truly believe the Heart of America is still where it’s always been … inside each of our hearts. (Going all the way back to indigenous Americans and then the steady addition of each of the many of us whose ancestors and current family members came as immigrants and settled here in our amazing country.)

America is truly an amalgamation of all peoples, races, creeds, religions and of course individual points of view. To find the hope and potential of America, my fellow Americans we’ve but to look within our own loving hearts. There is so much potential for all of us. Working together we will accomplish more than we ever have before.

So now after this long introduction, here is my 100 word flash fiction story based on the photo below:



Quietly waiting for her turn to board the bus, an elderly woman carrying a ticket, small bag and guitar stood in line. While adjusting the items she carried, a young man also standing in line asked if he might help. The man was thanked and given the guitar to hold.

“Where are you going?” He asked politely.

“Downtown.” She replied. “First to vote and then to attend a gathering of fellow musicians to celebrate.”

“What are you celebrating, and why bother to vote first?” He responded.

“Because I can!” She said answering both questions, a huge smile on her face.



Thank you, have a wonderful day,

With much affection,





“Nothing better! The foundation of life that we grow upon. Sharing of ourselves with each other. Family is only as strong as it’s weakest link, be there for yours. The results will be astounding!”

Penny L Howe, 2013

We are Earth’s Children … shall we grow up now?


Please read!

All of us, every single person, is born with amazing potential for growth!

Each of our lives – so very precious,

and necessary!

How can we know the significant difference any one person

when given love, opportunity and education

might make in the tomorrow of our days,

when we, like children, base many of our (adult) decisions

on our personal emotions and preconceptions;

and not on intelligent reasoning?

Poor “life changing” decisions are made:

… in the name of  intolerance,

… in the name of indifference,

… in the name of power,

… in the name of religion,

… in the name of greed,

… in the name of hate!

It defies intelligence and logic to not preserve

the most valuable resource we possess.

The human race (in it’s entirety)!

The most

valuable commodity there is

“Every single one of us!”


there is nothing we can’t accomplish

If we work as one!

We are Earth’s children! But are we still growing?

Faith can shape us, filling our souls with untold riches …

… unless fashioned into a weapon to be

used against others.

Our global citizenship can become a harvest of abundance …

… unless we stratify and divide within ourselves deciding we are superior based on  the false premise of entitlement.

Our capacity for loving (and forgiving) can expand our futures!

Our capacity for hatred and fear can destroy it!

Shall we grow up now?


Penny L Howe, 2013




In most plants (such as the tree) the roots are the part of the plant that attaches it to the ground to convey nourishment to the plant so it can grow. Strong roots are essential for the well being of plant life.

file00073353901Humans need roots too. Might I inquire as to the nature of the roots that human beings are utilizing right now?

Roots of ancestry are less and less important as cultures combine with others in the ever increasing migration of peoples to different countries and lands.

Roots of family ties have been pretty much pushed usunder by societal changes where individuals are grouped by ages, and employment as to where they will be, becoming separated from the nurturing of a file4651278643375rich, healthy family environment (of all ages, young, adult, elderly).

Roots from comradery within the workforce where people used to get a job or hire on for their career for most of their working years. This happens rarely now.

Roots from the community and organizations where change is constant and many organizations (including churches) are failing because of monetary considerations, and different values and interests by local individuals.

And as a result of all the above, more and more of us prefer to connect with one another via the instant connection of modern technology.

Politics – local, national, and international? Well, let’s not even go there, shall we? So what are we left with then!

Where are the roots to be found for humanity to come together, and grow on? And how can we find them?


We create our roots. Beginning at the heart of things. The heart of the human being and who we really are. Remembering that some things are of a natural order. No special studies or double blind testing needed to just “know” how you feel about yourself and those around you.

And we are at the beginning of awareness again. The hearts are gathering around the world. The roots are beginning to spread. We, many of us, are remembering. More time is needed, but it is happening.

In the meantime civilization goes on it’s way, not necessarily expanding humanities capabilities but running parallel with technology, nudging us, reminding us that this isn’t quite right! that at some point in time, we lost our way.

And it’s time to get our roots back again, so we can finally begin to realize our full potential in life as human beings! Past time, actually, but not too late!

Thank you for stopping by, have a wonderful Friday!

~ Penny


The Human Condition and The Golden Rule!




Every human being on this planet is precious and should be given the opportunity to make the living on this planet a better place; for themselves, their families and others.

It is not for us to judge other people. We ALL make poor choices, sometimes very wrong, sometimes very peoplebad and some harmful, to not just ourselves but to others.

This does not mean we others should with deliberate attempt, do wrong, bad things too.

Two wrongs do not ever make a right!

When a human being sets the example by doing a good thing, it encourages others to do the same.

Oh, and FORGIVENESS for yourself and other’s mistakes, “HUGE” in the whole scheme of making life a better one for all!

Just my thoughts here –  one person among more than 7 billion others on this planet whose greatest hope is for all of us to live peacefully, be happy and value each other, bonding with what we do share in common:

“We are all human beings …
born of the planet earth!”




Thank you for your visit, best wishes for an excellent week ahead!

~ Penny


A Feeling of Happiness ~ share!

You know the feeling I’m talking about

it reaches right up inside you and suddenly – everything – feels

incredibly wonderful. Just everything!




Isn’t it just about the best feeling ever!

Just imagine if we could capture it in a bottle.

Save it for those days where we need

to uncap the bottle of happiness and take a swig or two (or more).

Savor the taste, the flavor ~ inhale it, swallow in gulps.

Yes, that’s the happiness I’m talking about.




I have a few bottles I’ve been saving up

And it dawned on me that happiness is not

to be selfishly contained but spread around.

No more hoarding happiness for me.

When I think of  all the beautiful warm and loving

people that live on our planet I am happy.

When I breath in the fresh air (because I can) I’m happy.

When I witness and am a part of nature in all it’s glory

I’m happy.




When I think how amazing lucky I’ve been

in my life, (I survived) I’m happy.

When I hear, read or view the beautiful

music,words and art that others have created

I’m happy.

When I think of my family and friends

(of course this includes those talented loving blogging friends)

I’m happy.




When I see anyone with a big smile on their face

I’m happy.

And as I write this I realize, I am happy

so today,I share my happiness with you.

And it’s big enough to embrace

the entire planet and all of you!

Love and happiness to all of you!

YOU deserve it


Make it so!




Share your happiness with me.

We’ll laugh and  be happy

and then we’ll make a positive difference

together ~ Happiness works best

in groups. Because very large groups

of loving, compassionate and caring people

is a very happy thing.

As I’ve shared my happiness

with you today, amazingly enough

it turns out

I now have even more to share

for today

and tomorrow and all the days ahead,

You are not alone.


happy children


Come ~ share your happiness with me.

If you’ve been missing happiness lately

I’ve noticed that it is quick to return

right after an awareness of

humble gratitude for that which you do have.

And remembering to appreciate this

by sharing with others!

Happiness seems to magically appear

soon after …

In large doses. Truly!

Have a most happy day today,

~ Penny


When we work together as one …

All things become possible in life!



And the positive and uncluttered view of a child will certain lead the way. He has no negative preconceptions holding him back from trying to do what he feels is the right thing to be done, now. Such a simple honest forward thinking view of life … one would think!

Thank you,

~ Penny


*kindle subscribers please visit You tube at and search “Best video ever – true leader” to view this wonder video. It’s worth the extra effort!

Festival of Colors

Yesterday in India there was the Festival of Colors or Holi (Hindi: होली,Nepali: होली, Punjabi: ਹੋਲੀ Sindhi: هولي), a religious spring festival celebrated by Hindus with a festival of colors.

To me the most excellent thing about the festival of colors is that it celebrates a time of the year that we can all celebrate. The coming of Spring.

The other wonderful thing about this festival is the equality factor. Holi lessens most of the things that normally separate people (social norms), which includes gaps between age, gender, status, and caste. So the rich and poor, women and men, enjoy each other’s presence on this day. No social expectations of “correctness”; as a result, the atmosphere is one filled with the joy of living life together.

Around the world there are/were many similar celebrations that take/took place. All for theOne primary purpose of coming together for the well being of society. If that is the case, it wouldn’t hurt (be a bad idea) for people everywhere to embrace a global “Festival of Colors! Anything that helps us celebrate unity and that we are all “one” on our planet – a very good thing to do.

Just my thoughts on the subject!

(feel free to take the “one” image with you to your blog site) There are no links back to my location. Since I made this illustration I give it to anyone who feels as I do about wanting “all” people on the planet to be regarded as “one” with everyone else!


~ Penny



We all Conform…!

Circles of Conformity – Society Today

We all conform, each of us to an individual circle (environment) of our own contouring. The one where we decide we are safest and most secure.

And each of us has a slightly different perspective of what safe and secure means. So while we might hang with those with similar views, we still keep to our self-imposed environment. It is more comfortable that way.

Stretching this analogy a little further. if you used a protractor and created a bunch of circles that overlap (well you’d have a pretty design, lol) but you’d also have an idea of how individuals overlap a little bit with others who think as they do. but still staying in their comfort level.

Now if you move the pointy part (I know, but I like the way it sounds, lol) of the contractor over so that you make a circle that does not connect in anyway with the other circles you’ve created a gap between this circle and the others, no overlapping going on here.

No connections. This then is society, in many aspects, today. We are not very comfortable unless others conform in ways that are similar to our own. And we tend not to stray far from our own comfort zone.

Just imagine though, if there were a few more circles to connect all the circles from one to another. We would still be conforming only now within the contours of neverending connections, where everything and everyone is related and interactive. And what a beautiful design that would create. Now that is a thought to think upon!

The Design of Life – All Life!

Just a few of my thoughts on the subject. I hope you enjoyed, Thank you for visiting me today!

~ Penny

Copyright © 2012 by Penny l Howe

Human Spirit…compelling to care!

Compelling to Care!

When adversity strikes there often becomes a compelling need by others to help, to reach out, make a difference.

It is one of the best things about being human. The human spirit. It reaches beyond life’s ordinary daily issues, in times of crisis, to submerge the petty and reveal the positive, the brave, the giving, the caring – the loving.

This is good, this is very good. As it should be.

Thank you for stopping by,

~ Penny