Your Written Words – A “Simple” Universal Truth!

jdurhamWhen we express ourselves through our written words, sometimes we add to the meaning of a reader’s understanding. But our blogging words aren’t necessarily the truth, or a fact. Just us expressing our perspective of our own understanding on the topic.

Therefore, when others read our words their interpretation may be different from what we meant to convey. As a result you may think to yourself (when you read the comments in your comment section)  … ” that’s not what I meant, or that’s not what I meant to say. Or “you don’t understand”.

Communication – that which connects all humans at a primeval level can and often does break down. This can occur with the spoken word as well.

In addition, all languages (around the world) structure their words according to ethnology (origin, history and characteristics of their race) and while there may be similarities, many aspects of the written word translate into different meanings, comprehensions and understandings.

So, while our purpose is to communicate with others (our thoughts, ideas, worries and concerns) depending on the readers focus, his/her personal life experiences to date, their own mindset from these experiences, and their understanding of the language, they may miss the intended meaning the writer was attempting to convey.

Sometimes communicating your thoughts and feelings in your blog, may be exceedingly difficult. When this occurs. Simplify your expressions. Go back to a few basic words. Some words are universal in their meaning and understanding. Words like Love and Hate. Good and Bad. Less and More. Sharing. Selfish. Indifference. War. Peace. Death. Life. Balance. Caring –

“One People! One Planet – One!”
Penny L Howe, 2013

It is ironic that the most profound thoughts are almost always expressed in the simplest manner. Then again perhaps proving the “truth” to this article.

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~ Penny

Sticks and Stones …

May break your bones,

 but words can tear you apart!”

“Don’t forget we are now in the ‘Age of


We communicate with words

far more than we do with action.

So actions …

are not speaking louder than words

… right now!”


“The damage being done by words right now

is worth 1,000 pictures!”

 ~ Penny L Howe, 2013


Definitely something to think about!

What direction are your words taking?



A few thoughts to share about blogging and the computer.

We all have our own reasons about why we decide to blog. And in the process of creating and publishing our posts, answering comments and visiting other bloggers – relationships form. Why we use our computer is a little bit more than that, though.

My friend Alastair posted a very insightful article today from the Daily Post at WordPress prompting Your life without a computer: what does it look like?

a-hand-reaching-out-of-a-laptop-by-ljupco.jpgFundamentally speaking a computer is a mechanical tool for gathering and storage of information, with programs for creating with written words, audio, visual, all manner of educational and industrial formats and a form of communication with others: Personally, professionally, or with a view to entertainment or retail (the purchase of a service or product)!

So the question that comes to mind, what would your life be without a computer is based on the purposes you currently use your computer for. Social connections, creative endeavors and so on.

Without a computer we step back quite a bit into a smaller universe, where we know less about other people around the world and what is happening with them.

Without a computer, many tasks done today in the professional world would be much harder or impossible.

Without a computer, we would be less connected with both family and friends.

And without a computer, our view of the global world, would become drastically restricted. We’d have to take someone’s word for what was going on in other far off places.

A computer is about growth. Our control over (and the interactive involvement) with various social platforms located online (accessible through the computer) is about growth as well.

So I think it boils down to the question of not so much what we’d do without a computer, but how can we best utilize (optimize the advantages) the additional opportunities our computers present to us. And keeping ourselves balanced between offline lifestyles and online involvement!

Just my thoughts and perspective on this fascinating question!

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The Colors of Words!

Words – to me!

Do you think in words? Feel in words? I don’t. I think in some other way. First, one or more of my senses (sight, touch, taste, sound, smell) responds to a new thing. Then my brain interprets this into colors, the colors into thoughts and the thoughts into words.

I didn’t understand this as a child. I knew I was “different” and I felt alone in that difference, but it was just – how I was. Communicating with others (as a child) was a huge problem for me.

When I discovered books, I learned words. Lots and lots of words and I learned that if I could learn the language of speaking words, just maybe I could communicate and be better understood by others.

This took a long time. The language of words (any language) is made richer or poor by its myriad of nuances, adverbs, adjectives, and so on, the manner in which a thought or idea is conveyed. So slowly I learned the nuances with words. Word power!

The Power of words. Studying the structure and meaning of words (any language) is called Semiotics. There is also a field that studies not only how we communicate but the biology of it –  biosemiotics.

Scientists have learned that when we communicate (here it comes, Penny is about to refer to those chemical messages in our brains again), we are altering (physically at a biological level) both ourselves and the nature of things.

Distinguished biologists (Ernst Mayr, Manfred Eigen) believe that we are evolving in the physical world as the result of our “shared” communications, all of nature is.

Language is central to our grasp of the world we live in. So when you write or blog, do you think in words, my friends, or do you think in a more abstract emotional manner and then translate these feelings into words?

Which ever the case may be, please keep writing and sharing. Our words are becoming the collective products of our world-wide social interaction. We connect, influence and most importantly, we evolve into all that we are meant to be!

Thank you, my friends from around the world, I hear the words you are writing, the thoughts you are thinking, the love you are sending ~ it is returned to each and every one of you this day and all days ~ Penny L Howe

The Colors of my Words

Translated from colors, feelings, and thoughts in my mind are …

My Words!

~ Penny

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