Virtual Closet of Bloggers Awards – Exploded!

Blogging AwardsWhat is so special about them?

In order of the least importance to the most importance reasons why the Blogging awards are special then:

The Award itself – A physical acknowledgement! But more important than this – The thoughtfulness of the blogger nominating you – And most important of all – The Blogger him/herself!

Top of the list, numero ono, head honcho, main man, king of the hill, queen of all and so forth and so on. The Big Boy is The Bloggers Themselves.

That’s what makes the awards so special. They are a special breed of people, a good kind of people and the Blogging Award is a unique and special way of acknowledging this to one another.


Many of us have limited time at our disposal so the time it can take to respond to a nomination can be daunting. Each blogger deals with this in their own way, but never doubt for a moment that there is a sense of gratification in being thought of when it is received.

I have been amazingly fortunate to have a multitude of bloggers honor me with blogging award nominations, gifts, and tags and exceedingly negligent in responding. Only a handful have I acknowledged and today I will do my best to set the record straight in this.



                   inspiring award                 

          Thank you Lada Ray         Very Inspiring Blogger Award                one-lovely-blog-number                                             




Anyhow, Jake Sprinter at  sorta’ called me out a while back when he gave me two more excellent awards and reminded me that he had done so more than two months previous (hanging head here). And shortly after that Tina at also reminded me of same (Sorry Tina). Also Sharla, Barb, Alastair, Nizy, and Della who have been so very generous with the multiples of nominations given to me.

In addition today I received several more nominations and was honored with a tag from Esenga’s Voice for a virtual dinner party. The Sensual Bloggers Award from  Christina, and The Prolific Blogger Award from Clanmother,  and the Wonderful Team Member Readership  Award from Nightlake So what can I say accept be true to oneself. It is an honor to receive a nomination.

Bloggers are wonderful and I am guilty of doing (blogging) the things I’d rather do than accepting the responsibility that goes with blogger nominations. Yes I am guilty!

Each one of the nominations, awards and tags that I have received I am honored and extremely flattered to have been thought of for these nominations and very grateful as well, please consider this a (for some of you) an extremely belated thank you!

In the coming weeks I will happily bestow and pass along these nominations to others, if I did so today this would be a Bloggers Book (re: the length). And I will happily answer the questions that go with the corresponding nominations … a little at a time.

If you nominated me for an Award and you are not listed here I apologize most sincerely, I have tried to be thorough, but I may have overlooked someone, not my intent at all. Please let me know and I will acknowledge same immediately. And now here are those wonderful and generous bloggers of whom I am both grateful and thankful.

A most special thanks to those already mentioned above and also to:

Luann, paintyourlandscape











Stefan (Maxima),


Another journey,

Cimplicity rocks,








My most humble thanks and sincere appreciation to all of you!

~ Penny

The Inspiring Blogger … You!

~ The “Blogging” Thinker ~

Aren’t bloggers wonderful?

Isn’t visiting other blogs (a small part of) the best part of the day sometimes?

Isn’t it fun to create/craft new posts and then interact with others in the comment section? Yours or theirs. Yes,Yes and Yes.

I continue to be extremely impressed with the well crafted words, expressive thoughts and ideas, beautiful photographs, renderings/original art, inspiring stories of life, poetry, very funny posts, excellent videos and so on and so on…

There really is this huge heart-hugging wealth of positive blogging going on out there. And I love it.

Thank goodness I’m a prolific and vociferous reader.  Just when I think I’m all through checking out blogging sites for the day (or night) another blogging site gets my attention and I feel the need to go check that one out too.

Either way I’m lovin’ it. Totally addicting but connected too – in a wonderful and exciting sort of way. I love the connections that are growing and becoming stronger each day. I find my appetite growing also. So I say to all the bloggers out there – Feed me …

… because I’m hungry for more!


Thanks for stopping by, enjoy the blog today whether writing, reading or commenting!

~ Penny

A Gathering of Bloggers – One United World!

Just yesterday I spoke with various people (via the blogging world of the internet) from North American, South America, Africa, Europe, Asia, UK (England, Scotland, Ireland), the Far East, The Middle East, Several Scandinavian Countries, Various Islands, Providences and more. And our conversations were real time, nothing fettering our exchange of thoughts, opinions and ideas.

What was even more important than our subject matter was the fact that we were communicating directly with each other. Average everyday people speaking with one another as friends. Friends everywhere around the world. It is a wonderous thing to be happening, you know.

Over the centuries there are those who have felt keenly a sense of impending change – happening around them – those of an artistic and nurturing soul.  And during these times they tend to gather towards one another, instinctively.

We can probably recognize some of these gatherings that have happened, each relating to one’s own cultural history, within the last several hundred years – creative artisans, writers, philosophers, thinkers, inventors. Gathering for a common/creative purpose of coming together for the GOOD of mankind!

I believe, during times of change, the need to be more strongly interactive becomes instinctive for those who sense a change in coming events.

We are in a world-wide time of change right now. We know it! We sense it! We feel it! And for the first time ever, the voice of mankind is being heard around the world by her/his brothers and sisters of the planet earth. It is real. It is happening, an exchange of thoughts, ideas, views; a pure coming together, a gathering of bloggers – How incredibly wonderful is that!

A beginning, one predicated on love, understanding, caring, commonality, reaching out, touching, sharing, a sense of belonging by all who reside on Earth. Yes indeed, a very good thing.

Penny L. Howe,

My world address: Washington,USA – North America – Planet Earth:Citizen

What’s yours?