Sharing from within – Līgo Haībun Challenge

This week’s Līgo Haībun Challenge is the photo prompt below by David Williamson. For more information on how to participate in this excellent opportunity to challenge yourself as a writer – click on the Challenge link above. My offering today:

Sharing from Within

7She sat, hands resting gently on the strings. A beautiful musical instrument so recently passed on to … her. Reflections within occupied with thoughts of it now being her turn, her time, her music.

And this very evening she would be sharing her music in a performance. For the first time and yes, important. She knew that, practicing daily each afternoon in the light of day while others worked.

Her songs filling the air with delightful sounds while she played. The neighbors heard. But this was the only opportunity for her to improve her skill, to be prepared.

She knew she was ready. Music came easy for her. Her Aunt said their talent was passed on with each generation. She could feel this was so.

The music she would perform later today would flow light and graceful. And that is as it should be. After all this is/was her culture, a rich essence of family tradition. They had always performed. And now so would she. She was at peace.

we share from within

tradition culture’s essence

music of our soul



Friday Fictioneers – Stunning just stunning!

A new Friday Fictioneers photo prompt. Thank you Rochelle! And thank you Jennifer Pendergast for this wonderful photograph. For more information on how to be a part of the Friday Fictioneers (a great opportunity to practice your writing craft), click on the link above! My offering follows, I hope you enjoy!

Photograph copyright Jennifer Pendergast 2013


Tilting his head back as far as it would go he strained his neck, looking at the magnificent staircase. Stunning just stunning!

His nature to do so, he stands in quiet contemplation. His thoughts, the probable mentality of the architect drafting this design – an amazing masterpiece. Stair steps spiraling one above the other, on and on, seemingly without end.

With a change of perspective and attitude, his gaze turned to the items he had brought.

Painful reality, Ah yes. With a weary but determined set to his shoulders he gives a huge sigh and reaches down. Worn hands picking out needed items, he thinks one final thought about the architect – his newest nemesis. There certainly hadn’t been any consideration given as to who or how someone would be cleaning the thing.


A brief note here: When I first published this, the story was from the perspective of a female cleaning lady. But the more I thought about it, it seemed to me that it would play even better with a man in the role (a janitor type of personality), so I rewrote the original version to the one you see now!

Thank you,