Cuddling with Franky and Jonny from the cold!


Baby it’s cold outside!

To say the least! Very very cold and so this morning in a fluffy warm robe and with one of my “guys” I cuddle (with Franky) to stay warm!

cuddling 3

Franky’s brother (Jonny) is keeping my feet warm. Between the two of them they average 25 lbs each, so there’s a lot of fur to help me stay warm and in this cold weather I am appeciative!


For all of you dealing with wintry cold weather this week, stay safe and warm, for all of you who are somewhere warm and wonderful (lucky you!) Enjoy.

Everyone have the best ‘rest of the week’ that you can!


ps – the middle photo is new. the top and bottom photo’s with all the snow are older shots of some snowy times with my guys. I know that in many parts of the USA, right now you are dealing with lots of snow so decided to include these photos! Average temperature here has been in the single digit for the past few weeks so definitely brrrrrrrrr!

What are Kittens made of?

“Kittens are really smiles, giggles,
cuddles and love,
molded into small, adorable,
soft and furry little animals
– reminding us how much better we feel when
we do those things.”

 Penny L Howe, 2013


I hope everyone has lots of the “feel good things” happen this weekend!

~ Penny


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Cuddle the “Cuddler”


This is quick and easy because I’m sure you know someone like this.

There are those in this world. In your life, in your world, your work and so on who are always “there” when needed.

Many depend on these very special people who seem to give and give and give of themselves. A relative, a friend, a co-worker, a stranger. This then is my message for you:

Even those

Whose job seems,

to be to Cuddle,

need – cuddles





Be thankful and grateful for those special “Cuddlers” in your life. Their love and care for you makes them most excellent people to give an extra cuddle (love and affection) to today!

Thanks for stopping by, remember to cuddle, oh and be cuddled in return of course! Have a most excellent today and tomorrow!

~ Penny

Copyright © 2012 by Penny l Howe

All things … Awwwfully wonderful!

The extreme importance of Cuddles!

Let me start briefly by saying that recently I’ve taken a few “hits” in comments and my email for being so “positive and upbeat”, but those who know some of my past and story are aware that I know the other side extremely well!

I choose to make a difference in a positive way. Why? Because it makes me feel good for one, and second it makes others feel good too. So reasons enough, I think! Today we all need the positive moments to sustain ourselves and help move us forward.


Having said that you may notice the obvious subject for this post is “Cuddles”. Nothing beats ’em. So go cuddle. With a loved one, a parent, a child, another family member, a friend, a pet, a good book, nature, anything warm and inviting that brings a smile to your face.

Make today a warm and fuzzy one! Thanks for visiting me,


Copyright © 2012 by Penny l Howe

Cuddles, Wubas, and Unconditional love

Hugging a child is a gift of love experienced by both, one to be given as frequently as possible –  PennyQuote

So early this morning, a very special little girl whom I’ve mentioned before showed up by my bedside. “Did you have a bad dream sweetie?” I asked her. “No, no,” she replied, “I just wanted to cuddle.” We cuddled for a bit and then she got up and left. A little later on she handed me a drawing, which I have photographed and present to you here.” Need I say more (My nickname is GP and no I am not her mother).

The other day this same young lady was innumerating to her brother all of the types of wubas she has (definition of a wuba: Something you have that makes you feel safe, or comforted in the moment). The first one is of course a small square piece of very soft cloth that she’s had since she was quite small that she held and rubbed against her cheek at night. Mostly it just lays in one corner of her bed, neatly folded. Her second wuba she indicated was paper and pencil. She simply loves to draw. She puts her thoughts and emotions into her drawings. The third wuba was her cat that sleeps with her most nights. She has had this cat her entire life. Her fourth wuba she said were her family and friends because they are always there when she needs them.

And before you think I might be overstating the importance of any of this I’d like to briefly give you her backstory for the last 2 1/2 years. Her mom was taken very ill with H1N1 and took quite a while to recover, within four months of her mom’s illness her father was struck and killed by a vehicle that failed to yield. This happened just before her brothers 10th birthday, devastating her mom, her brother and her sixteen year old sister. Their father was an amazing loving interactive father and is sorely missed. Then for the next two years (Actually up until one month ago) Their mother struggled to keep the house they had lived in for 12 years because this little girls grandparents (her deceased dad’s parents) who had rented the house to them decided to sell the house for a large profit. The children were even served with eviction papers by their grandmother (no I am not making any of this up – and yes it is hard to believe), even though her mom had faithfully kept making all the payments on time and kept up the maintenance on the house. Her mom owns the house now but she had to pay a steep price for it. So this brave little girl, like her mommy, older sister and brother now have the home that’s filled with so many wonderful memories of their dad. Two months ago she lost her grandfather to illness.

The most important thing to this little girl (and her brave sister and brother) is to feel a sense of security by being loved and cared for. Their mom is doing an amazing job with the help of family and friends. I live with them now and help as I can.

The point here is that when it comes to cuddles, wuba’s and unconditional love..there is simply nothing more important on the planet. At least to one little girl … and here she is.