The Way Forward

It’s been an interesting time period, I’m thinking. There’s a palpable unease in the air filtering through our emotions, thoughts and actions.

We’re feeling uncomfortable about a wide range of things (most related to what I refer to as “a money thing” but that’s a whole n’other story) and politically speaking it doesn’t matter where you are in the whole conservative/liberal spectrum. It really doesn’t. What matters (at least to me) is that there is too much division between friends, communities, states, countries. This current state of affairs is most unhealthy – rather obviously, one would think … so how best do we move forward.

In my humble opinion I like to think it’s a matter of going back to the root of things. Nourish the base. In our case it’s families first. What can we do to positively improve our families immediate culture. After that it’s community. What can we do to positively impact others that are needing support.

So often it’s small things that make a huge difference. One person, one thing, one day at a time. This is the way forward. Not finger pointing, shaming, or blaming. Just getting out there and making what you do count. In a positive proactive way.

The strongest roots of the healthiest trees are deep and kept fertile. Time to go back to our roots. remember some basics that we each can accomplish. Values in a home environment. Support in a local community. Love and concern and action for those less fortunate. We can each become the nourishment to strengthen our human roots.

So doable. So possible. We can do this. Yes we can.

Think well of yourself. Think well of others. Begin from there,

I wish you most well,



Sharing from within – Līgo Haībun Challenge

This week’s Līgo Haībun Challenge is the photo prompt below by David Williamson. For more information on how to participate in this excellent opportunity to challenge yourself as a writer – click on the Challenge link above. My offering today:

Sharing from Within

7She sat, hands resting gently on the strings. A beautiful musical instrument so recently passed on to … her. Reflections within occupied with thoughts of it now being her turn, her time, her music.

And this very evening she would be sharing her music in a performance. For the first time and yes, important. She knew that, practicing daily each afternoon in the light of day while others worked.

Her songs filling the air with delightful sounds while she played. The neighbors heard. But this was the only opportunity for her to improve her skill, to be prepared.

She knew she was ready. Music came easy for her. Her Aunt said their talent was passed on with each generation. She could feel this was so.

The music she would perform later today would flow light and graceful. And that is as it should be. After all this is/was her culture, a rich essence of family tradition. They had always performed. And now so would she. She was at peace.

we share from within

tradition culture’s essence

music of our soul



My own photography


file0002058071745The Art of Photography

I do use a variety of both photographs and graphic designs in my posts. Most of them, (like the one) above are from the archives of a morgue file from a professional firm that specializes in photographs, graphic designs and illustrations.

However I do sometimes take my own photographs and when I was a student at Penn State University it was a hobby, so I had a darkroom and the whole thing. Seriously into photography at that time. After that life intruded and I went in different directions with my art form.

But today I would like to share a few photos I took just a few months ago while visiting the Exploratorium museum in San Francisco! This is the type of architectural beauty that one can’t resist. So without further ado. A few of my favorite shots.

IMAG1915-1I was fascinated by the shadows with this one!



More shadows but I also really enjoyed the setting!


I really love the goddesses in this one, aren’t they noble looking?


And of course these incredible columns behind the Goddess, just amazing!


The entrance and my favorite!

Hope you enjoyed,

~ Penny