A little humor here (very little, LOL!)

By ferry11


“So um, hey bud … pal of mine,
you’re just cleaning your paws here
… right?
I mean it’s you and me … right, guy?”


Sometimes keeping your friends close and your enemies closer is not necessarily a good idea!

Hope everyone is having the best weekend they can have (all things considered). Stay cool – or warm, as the case might be and take care of you.

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~ Penny

An infant’s viewpoint on their tomorrows!

“What do you mean I’ll have to grow up and go OUT THERE?”



“Wait, what did she just say? Go out there? NO WAY!”



“Okay, I got the picture, I’m just going to hide my head and it will all be a bad dream!”



Very cute infants, and cute responses! But if they could speak, and think about their future – what it may be when they grow up – would they say anything different?

I am hopeful our thoughts turn toward the positive things we CAN do in life with others. I am determined to find good in every day, share and pass along.

Words like “fault”, “blame,” pointing fingers and saying mean things about other people does NOTHING good. Just the opposite, it promotes a negative accusatory attitude encouraging others to also react out of fear and hate.

Developing, within ourselves, an awareness and understanding about a situation and then reaching out –  making a positive difference, helps and heals both sides, always! This is the hopeful legacy we can pass on to our children.


Will he be big enough, one day to handle the legacy we are leaving him?


And I believe, we, as ONE people have the strength and determination to overcome most adversity that enters our lives … if we work together, enriched and supported by a love balanced life.

Just some thoughts to ponder today.

~ Penny

Penny L Howe

Inescapable Cuteness

Just no way around it. Kittens are cute. So this post is devoted to the cuteness of kitty-ness!

cute kitties

one of my fav. shots!

In my personal opinion you can never have too much cuteness in your life … well at least a dose a day to help keep the blues away.

My kittens are

Cute, adorable and sweet.

Loving and friskily neat.

Never are spurious

but amazingly curious

Their adventures are always a treat!


Franky and Jonny as kittens (each video clip is only a little over a minute so enjoy as you can the cuteness of kittens, First video The wonder of being a kitten! (and yes I did make the pillow they are sleeping and playing on – just for them!)


Second video : Loving one another! (They were usually on my lap when I created with yarn!)


Third video: Life is an adventure! (They loved playing with the various yarn pots and baskets!)

And Sleeping in “Soft pots”. (This was supposed to have been a short clip about Loopweaving containers but as always Franky and Jonny were never far away.


To this day they will try to crawl into some of my creations but since Jonny weighs in at 30 lbs, and Franky at 25 lbs, it is hilarious to watch!

Kittens no longer but still much loved by me!

Franky and Jonny are kittens no longer but still much loved by me!


I hope you enjoyed the cuteness of kittens today, have a most excellent weekend! Have fun!

~ thank you,