The Mysterious Passions of Life!



“Ah, sweet mystery of life … at last I’ve found you …” These are oft spoken words, but are they true – for you?

Is there mystery in your life? Do you have a passionate regard for all things living? The known and the unknown? Are you a life explorer, ready for each challenge that may and will come your way?

Do you embrace each new day, crave the wonderful potential waiting to unfold before you?

You should, you know. It’s your life and it’s happening right now, all around you. Each morning the sun rises, each evening moon beams shine down from celestial  skies, the composition of which is mysterious and marvelous.

As Robert Heinlein once said, “Life is short, live wide.”

And a final quote from the wisest and one of my most favorite people ever,

“Remember the most beautiful experience we can have is the mysterious. It is the fundamental emotion that stands at the cradle of true art and true science. Whoever does not know it and can no longer wonder, no longer marvel, is as good as dead and his eyes are dimmed.” ~ Albert Einstein




Have a wonderful weekend everyone. Filled with all good things, especially those cherished memories brought to mind on this Memorial Weekend here in the USA, as we are are reminded of those no longer with us. Let us celebrate their lives by celebrating our own.

Take care of you and yours,
with much affection,
~ Penny


Your Creative World … and beyond!

Credit line: © Skypixel |

… How full is it?

Good morning, my Monday morning. (Your Monday morning, midday, afternoon, evening or Tuesday depending on your location on our planet.) So what are you up to in your today of things? What’s your creativity quotient?

How many wonderful words will you write today? How many photographs creating potterywill you take? How much creativity will come forth from your mind as you convert personal thoughts, feelings and ideas into the beautiful rhythm of life – inventing creative patterns in a myriad of expressive ways; words, photographs, paintings, crafts, music, electronics, numbers, actions.

It’s all up there inside of you. Just waiting for that signal in your mind … that catalyst … that “something” that fills you with so much energy and desire, you just can’t help yourself with the need to creatively express.

And before you decide it’s not going to happen today, think again! Why not? You’re talented, capable, gifted (You are too – I heard that!). Take a good look around. View things from the eyes of an artist (you). What do you want to do with what you’re seeing? Your vistas, your imaginations, your creations … yours.

Yes, turn on your muse. It’s the on and off switch located in your brainhelping hand creating right next to the other wants and desires switches. It’s the biggest one! Turn it on! You know you want to.

Create today … or help someone else create … either way your muse will thank you!

Have a great week of weeks everyone, remember to enjoy each day your living in, in fact, make the most of it. Yours to do so!

– Penny

The Dance of love – Friday Fictioneers

Welcome to the weekly writer’s challenge Friday Fictioneers. An excellent writing troupe to join. Enjoy traveling the globe, exploring and commenting on other writer’s “100 word” offerings, after entering your own, of course. As always a special thank you to Rochelle for making this wonderful challenge available to us. To enter click on the link above.

This weeks photo prompt provided by Janet Webb (copyright, 2013):

The photo and my 100 word offering:



For 100 nights in a row, she came.

Head on pillow, he’d fall asleep. Within minutes she’d arrive, tickling his ear, whispering “let’s dance”. Intoxicated, he’d hold her in his arms experiencing heaven. Her gown caressed his body with each movement. In dreamlike trance, they’d dance the night away.

On the 100th night she’d kissed him for the first time and said goodbye. In the morning he woke remembering. The gown, with her lingering fragrance, lay on his bed.

It hangs on the balcony now. In hopes one day she’ll return again to dance the dance of love with him.


Thanks for stopping by to read, I hope your week is going well for you!

~ Penny

Penny L Howe

The Dancer – Līgo Haībun Challenge

The topic or prompt for this week’s Līgo Haībun Challenge is FANTASY!

“If one is lucky, a solitary fantasy can totally transform one million realities.”  Said Maya Angelou

The haībun format for the Līgo Haībun Challenge is a written paragraph ( more than one paragraph is fine, or just a few sentences in prose form), closing this piece with the haiku/collection of haiku related to the text. The haiku should be as authentic as possible. Ideally the entire haibun will total fewer than 220 words.


 DANCER IN MOVE 2 by Papuga2006

The Dancer


Flowing, sound and body moved as one. Twirling, twirling. The music played a hypnotic rhythm. Her performance, that of exquisite grace, each movement executed with elegance and precision. The audience was spellbound, captured by her performance. After the final pirouette she bowed to thundering applause from the audience.

Hers, a composed face, immobile as the legs encased in the stirrups of her wheelchair while she kept replaying the fantasy in her head, again and again. Alicia wheeled herself onto the open floor, fantasy firmly fixed in her mind. I am a great dancer, she thought, closing her eyes as she danced yet again. It seemed so real, she could feel the movement of her legs, she could feel …

Alicia opened her eyes and then held her breath. She was standing up, on her legs – without support. The music was still in her mind. She took one cautious step and then another away from the wheel chair. How was this even possible? Closing her eyes the music entered her body again. When she opened them she had moved across the room, on her own.

She could not imagine how, but Alicia knew her fantasy had become a first step to reality. She would be a great dancer. She closed her eyes, twirling to the music.

reality dreams
fantasy’s magical dance
dreams reality


Thank you. Have a great week!

Penny L Howe

Diversity … is very good … pass it on!

Celebrate the new year with as much diversity in your life as you can!

It’s a very good thing!

Here are three extremely short videos made by people just like you and I.

The first two videos are by talented young people offering their own fresh approach to diversity.

I think we can learn from that too! Enjoy, learn and be inspired!





Happy New Year,



Dancing to the Beat

The Rhythm of Dancing

Not all, but most of us love dancing in some form. The sound, the rhythm, the beat. The body’s movements synchronized to melodious sounds. Modern, Ballet, Rock, Classic, Traditional, so many different forms of dance around the planet.

Four days ago at Caans, it was announced that Michael Flatley (Lord of the Dance – stepdance superstar) and Harvey Weinstein (Oscars) will be producing “The World Dancing Awards” to be aired in the Spring of 2013 most likely around April after the Oscars and the Grammys.

Michael Flatley called the project “a dream come true” and said the show would honor both the best in current dance talent as well as the great dancers of year’s past, from Fred Astaire to Michael Jackson.

” I think people have underestimated the popularity of dance around the world,” Flatley said. “But it is huge and it is only growing.”

Today all of us need to be reminded of the beauty in life – that which makes us feel good. Dance is definitely one of those things. For your entertainment I would like to share Michael Flatley at his finest along with his amazing troupe of dancers. Enjoy.


Have you danced recently? Thanks for stopping by. I hope you enjoyed your visit today.

~ Penny

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