Rainy Day Blues

It has certainly been a week filled with sad and depressing news, coupled with an amazing amount of rain in many places.

Not surprising, it becomes very easy during these times to feel melancholy. Blue. Even depressed. We all have them. Those sad days. Today is not one of my sad days, I’m having a very good day today, but I was reminded as I watched the news of the day and the weather channel that “rainy day blues” can happen at any time, to any of us. So I thought I’d post a few words on this subject!

“Some people feel the rain, others just get wet!” Bob Dylan

They can be “okay” days if we are reflective during these times. Be “in the moment”. Experience the melancholy. Understand that those feelings shall pass, they are helping you emotionally vent that which you have been unable to adequately express or release in any other way.

And should you encounter other melancholy souls, perhaps a little bit of cheering and companionship may be just the thing to help them move beyond the sadness of their day.



On life’s lonely days recognize them for what they are – a brief passage of time where your loving heart is being made aware of it’s sadnesses and understands the importance of that recognition so that you can love more fiercely and with greater conviction.

And although you may feel lonely, know you are never alone. You are one of many and are loved!

With warmth and affection,

~ Penny

In Your Night of Days … know there will be light!

The children of the densely treed forest dozed, curled about one another among twisted roots, snuggled near the base of a tree. They could hear her words of wisdom, words whispered through the night among drowsy thoughts in their sleepy minds. Mother Nature knew her children and smiled down on them, nurturing as they slumbered.

“…and there will be those days of sunlight … and there will be those nights of darkness. Do not fear the darkness of the night, for in the morning of the day, the sun will shine again.

But when Darkness steals into your life to take from you, your precious heart of love … then know (and she reached out and embraced them all – every single one) … I will be there to shine for you as the sun shines on a blue-skied day. I will not let the Darkness carry you away.

Rest easy on those night of days. Know all will be well, little ones … all will be well.”

And the children of the forest slept, safe in her loving arms for another night of rest!

“Believe that in your night of days
When Darkness enters in,
There is hope do not despair
The light will shine again.”


~ Penny L Howe, 2013

The Art of being Playful -101!

Has anyone noticed that life can be a little … TOUGH!!!


Life comes at a person fast and furious (on some days). Or dreary and overwhelmingly dull and even (should I use the word … depressing) on other days. Scary, Frightening, Sad, Miserable, Hectic, Cruel, Too much, too much, too much …

There you go. That’s us humans for you. We’re a very reactionary bunch aren’t we? We think and emote over almost everything. Maybe we’re too stationary. Or not stationary enough (mentally speaking)!


I think we need more “playful” breaks. Tickling and giggling are good. Just running with a burst of energy for no reason at all is good. Singing a fun song just for the heck of it.

“If your happy and you know it clap your hands.

If you’re happy and you know it clap your hands.

If you’re happy and you show it then the whole wide world will know it,

it you’re happy and you know it clap your hands.”


Happiness is a state of being. It doesn’t “fix’ the problems of the world. But it certain puts us in a more positive productive mode (mood also) which can in fact change how we approach the problems of the world. Change your attitude and things don’t appear quite so untenable.

Saying I love you for no reason at all except you just want to in the moment (children do that spontaneously, you know).

sharing your feelings

And being sensual … as in my last post. That’s being playful also. On a list of top ten playful things for adults to do … Being openly sensual is right up there towards the top because we need each other and we need to let each other know this. A very good and “playful” reminder for you today.

It’s Thursday, a work day for many, still take a little bit of time today and be playful,

thanks for stopping by,

~ Penny

penny l howe.

Perception – A misleading thing!

Our society is so quickly judgmental today that we immediately assume things, based on an exterior appearance, and look no further.

I’m guessing your initial reaction to this photograph is that of a beautiful model within a choreographed setting. This is not the case. Because of her looks people have mistakenly presumed to judge her as nothing more.

Allow me to introduce to you Jack and Emma’s big sister Jordan. This beautiful young lady is 18 years old. That is her bed in her bedroom; she had actually been awake for only a short time and was temporarily babysitting a stray kitten that had wandered into our neighborhood until Jordan could find it a good home. Which she did two days later.

I had gone into her room to make sure she was awake (she had asked me to check in and make sure she was up, as she had an appointment to keep that morning, and like many teenagers is up late at night!) I was struck by the black and white of most everything except her hair (She’s a teenager, her hair changes as frequently as her mood. :D)

On a more serious note two years ago when the children suddenly lost their father in a senseless accident caused by a meth-using driver, Jordan (just like her mom) went into extreme shock.

Her dad had been her buddy, her pal. He and her mom taught her to believe in God (she is an active member in her church youth group), to love life, music and that beauty comes from the inside out. With her youth group she has travelled twice to Mexico – called A Labor of Love, to help construct homes for the homeless.

And her dad also taught her to drive and to love the river. The last two years have been very hard for her. They had spent every summer on the water. One of the first things to go (financial needs) was the ski boat. (Interjecting a quick note here. I live with this family now and I am a close relative, I help as I can since the accident, the focus here is on their journey after a tragic event in their lives).

For Jordan her loss of her father turned to anger and depression. It was a struggle for her to overcome. She’s moving on now – in a good way, but it was a very hard loss for a young impressionable teenager just at the beginning of her awareness of all that life can offer.

The musical notes you see in the background of  two of the photos are all over the walls of her room. Her dad had lovingly done this a few years previous. (taking weeks, in his spare time to complete a score from her favorite song “butterfly kisses”– he was like that with his whole family. All those little extras bits of love!)

So this is Jordan today. She was always kind, loving and giving; now she is also wiser and more reflective.

She is also amazing when it comes to repairing the engines of vehicles. Her male friends call her for advice (Yup, totally true – luckily her boyfriend isn’t the jealous type, in fact he asks her for advice in that area also).

She is also an excellent photographer, a photo journalist although her special knack in this area is cinematography. I am hoping this becomes her chosen career.

So there you have it. Jordan, As beautiful on in the inside as she is on the outside and the third of the four members left in this amazing family of loss and courage.

I have two more to write about in the near future. These children’s brave/persevering mom and of course their dad/her husband Duane. Who we all miss so very dearly!

And after that I shall introduce the other most important people in my life  – My son and his wonderful family!