No Safe Side to Midnight – Scarier Sequel to earlier Scary Story!

I wrote (for me) a scary story a few months ago. The Safer Side of Midnight. Being Halloween I was persuaded to write a sequel to this story. We left our heroine in a rather precarious situation, happily she manages to get away (that’s another story though). But for this story it’s Midnight and our heroine is …

Scary story, part 2

No Safe Side to Midnight

Was this hell? She couldn’t tell! Things were so unclear, she opened her eyes, only to be horrified by what she saw staring back at her.

the beginning of evil

“Do you see what I see, my pretty one?” He leans in towards her, his words smooth, a sinuous whisper.

She shudders, struggling in a futile attempt to move, trying to look away even as his hands and arms hold her securely. Staring deeply into her lovely green eyes he notices the gathering cloudiness as they fill with fear, dread … and … something more.

“Ah, yes” He thinks. He feels both her fear and her growing desire. He pulls her closer, sighing deeply. His hot breath flays her flesh, while his lips rest gently against her ear.

“I can feel it, you know” he whispers.  “The evil without. The boundaries of your immaculate being contain an evil. Not inside your soul, mind you.” He pauses to laugh. “Not yet anyway!”

He laughs harder. A harsh sound, resonating like echoes from bat wings, flapping in a cave, wakening for a midnight feast. She closes her eyes, he continues to whisper, assaulting her other senses.

“The evil you wear without is of the finest veneer. A covering so paper thin as to have almost no existence.” His tongue savors her taste as he lazily laps an earlobe, pausing once again in contemplation. Her body shivers. He laughs. Playing with her emotions is such a delicious sensation.

“Yes, hardly there at all. This evil laid upon you in a previous life. You were so innocent, more easily tempted then, but it’s still there, your weakness. I feel this exquisite coating, layered upon the exterior of your soul. This ‘oh so slender veneer’ of evil calls you to me as does your purity.”

“Such a heady mixture of both, I can barely contain myself now that I have you, my ‘oh so’ pretty one.” His voice rich, sultry, seductive, playing with the nuance of each whispered word, hypnotic in its intensity of purpose.

the evil within

She feels him staring at her again! Compelling! She opens her eyes. His look, piercing. She tries again to turn away. Her fear, the captured prey of a wild beast. A beast as surely he is, and yet there is a longing – growing deep inside her – a craving, a desire! The fear is real, yet so is the growing need. How to resist? She senses him, can smell his heat and her own, a dampness to her skin, she shakes with the intensity of need, panting …

Waking suddenly, she sits straight up in her bed! Another nightmare. They were becoming more frequent and certainly more realistic.

More than a year since her escape from the cemetery. A lucky thing. The ‘being’ that had first spoken to her had whisked her away from the others. She still wasn’t sure how he’d accomplished this feat. Her body and spirit still badly bruised from the ordeal. He had left her in another part of the woods. His final words were, “I’m saving you for myself, I’ll find you later, after I take care of Him”. She wasn’t sure what sort of creature he was, but grateful for her life, she had made her way home.

And then she moved, far away. Changed her name, did everything she could to leave no trail. Created a new life. The past had stayed in the past until recently – when the dreams began.

What was she going to do now? During daylight hours she had begun to recall previous lives. She remembered the constant running but knew there was something else. But what? She needed to remember in order to protect herself; and even more to the point – why?

Why were they searching for her? Who were they? If it came to that, who was she and what is so special that she can’t remember? And in the meantime – Dear God! She covered her face with her hands. A nightmare when asleep, a nightmare when awake. Too much for any mortal to take, and now she’s beginning  to wonder – is she mortal? She doesn’t know anymore.

Looking through her bedside window she could see it was still dark outside. Did she even dare try to get more sleep? She had been safe during the day, since she moved. But now, he could find her in her dreams. And there were two of them chasing her, the creature from the cemetery and the demon he had summoned. It was all too much. Her memories of the past, her recent memories and now her fear.

What was she going to do?

“Perhaps I can help?” A voice said quietly, from the other side of her bedroom. There was someone there. In her room, sitting in the bedroom chair. Shadowy, indistinct but there, none-the-less …  and she was awake.

No safe side to midnight!


~ Penny

Longing … in the night

by boborsillo
There is inside
a place in me,
a place I dare not go
the longing … in the night.
He must know of my longing,
buried  deep within,
… and my endless, sleepless nights
restless … with desire.
There’d been a time he’d ‘known’
reaching out to me,
… Satiating passions need 
Conquering with … his will.
Now only nights of emptiness
that once were so divine.
Perfection of the night time
… when safe within his arms,
securely loved, a certainty
within … the night time’s hours.
All lost except the craving,
the longing … in the night.
Penny L Howe, 2013

A Sequel ~ It Seems

By request: a passionate continuation of Perhaps

It Seems

Lost in a land where embers never die

I cannot be satiated with need of you

Unquenchable, my thirst.

It seems

when I think on things, I cannot think

I cannot speak, I cannot

do naught

but experience

sensation after sensation.


do this to me

it seems,

and I

am filled

with deliciousness,

a wanton desire that women feel.

It seems, my body is yours

it seems, my longing grows

it seems, you know my needs

it seems, you know me so

and I am lost to desire

with my need for you.

It seems

a pleasurable torment!

Satisfy me



A Force of Nature … our thoughts, our actions!

nature 5

force of nature

The other day I wrote about loneliness from the perspective of being elemental (related/comparing to an element of nature).

I suggested that perhaps we are ourselves of an elemental nature and our emotions and passions reflect hthis.

So for example if I said I was listless, bored, indifferent how might you view that in terms of nature and it’s elements. Would there be a specific terrain (locale)? Would one of the four basic elements be involved? Would there be … motion!

Yes! Often motion is a key to most things isn’t it? And if one is motionless, then that also is suggestive (the calm before the storm, the stillness of the night).

So are we then … a force of nature? Certainly if we want to be, and some more than others but we all have the capability within ourselves. And if so … are we directly or indirectly connecting with nature itself?

I’m guessing the answer is yes!




He came silently in the calm before the breaking dawn.

masterful in his movements,

Silent, no one heard his approach.

She lay still in her bed, stirring slightly.

The air was thick, she was sweaty and pushed back the blankets covering her,

Something, there was something, her breathing quickened

She pushed the damp strands of her hair away and turned her face towards the pillow.

Semi-asleep she was in a state of not indifference but of otherness.

Aware, yet unaware.


She had retired late in the evening

Allowing herself to wallow in empty unknowing.

Not despair as much as feeling listless,

needing something but indifferent to life and it’s offerings.

There was something missing deep inside her.


He had come for a purposenight6

He had but one thought that had taken root one day,

One motive, one desire.

As the dampness of morning closed about him

the chill vapor from the river cooled his fevered brow.


He approached her dwelling.

The air already dense with his longing,

grew even richer and heavier with his need.

Soon the sun would emerge to

chase away the shadows where he had moved so quietly from within.

He must make his move.


night 7The door to her house slammed open.

The walls shuddered.

She sat up, clutching her bedding close about her.

Her eyes grew wide as she saw him standing there.

The look of intensity in his eyes burned her soul.

“I am here”, he said

striding determinedly to her bedside and gathering her up into his arms.

… For you!”


Okay, did you feel the blending of emotions, nature’s elements with human motions and actions? Did you catch them all? Hope you enjoyed this elemental story of love!

~ Penny


Sensual Prelude

My gift to you – A rose

Hello and most welcome my talented friends. Did you know Sensuality exists inside each of us, every moment of everyday, if we are but aware of it. It lies in repose waiting to come forth.

We are who we are and online in this rich and vibrant virtual world where creativity can flow unabated, we are allowed to express ourselves fully and completely. The sensual endeavor is in no way handicapped by a virtual limitation, actually it seems we are freer to share, explore, taste and more fully enjoy the bounty of sensual expression from each other.

During this series “The Art of Sensuality” I will share with you visuals, and words and sounds to move the essence that is within the sensual nature of your very being, your soul. To be Sensual – open your heart, hear what wants to be heard, see what wants to be seen, taste, smell and touch and then – express. In your words, your music, your songs, your photographs, your paintings, illustrations, and most importantly in your life with those you love and care for.

So let us begin then. Ready? Enjoy…

Petals of desire

A gift of beginnings

A rosebud

unfolding red petals

velvet texture upon my skin


delicate, sweetness

exotic fragrance of desire

so warming

an essence from nature

sweetly beguiling


from within

blooming without

And I find

as the

 petals unfold


open, unfold, my beauty

that I might

fully inhale and embrace

your seductive lovliness

my glorious rose!


Did I inspire, were you there with me? A rose by any other name…yes I can see that you were.

May your day be as lovely as a rose and filled with beauty. My very best to all of my wonderful friends and readers, Penny L Howe

Copyright © 2012 by Penny l Howe