Your Creative World … and beyond!

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… How full is it?

Good morning, my Monday morning. (Your Monday morning, midday, afternoon, evening or Tuesday depending on your location on our planet.) So what are you up to in your today of things? What’s your creativity quotient?

How many wonderful words will you write today? How many photographs creating potterywill you take? How much creativity will come forth from your mind as you convert personal thoughts, feelings and ideas into the beautiful rhythm of life – inventing creative patterns in a myriad of expressive ways; words, photographs, paintings, crafts, music, electronics, numbers, actions.

It’s all up there inside of you. Just waiting for that signal in your mind … that catalyst … that “something” that fills you with so much energy and desire, you just can’t help yourself with the need to creatively express.

And before you decide it’s not going to happen today, think again! Why not? You’re talented, capable, gifted (You are too – I heard that!). Take a good look around. View things from the eyes of an artist (you). What do you want to do with what you’re seeing? Your vistas, your imaginations, your creations … yours.

Yes, turn on your muse. It’s the on and off switch located in your brainhelping hand creating right next to the other wants and desires switches. It’s the biggest one! Turn it on! You know you want to.

Create today … or help someone else create … either way your muse will thank you!

Have a great week of weeks everyone, remember to enjoy each day your living in, in fact, make the most of it. Yours to do so!

– Penny

Interview with A Guardian Angel – Act 1, Scene 1

Guardian Angel

The storyline for this short play is a conversation that takes place between two individuals. An interviewer and a Guardian Angel.

Setting: An semi-formal looking living room.

Props: 2 comfortable looking chairs. a small table located in-between. A figurine on the table. The stage is in semi-darkness. The lighting is focused on the two chairs.

The scene opens with the interviewer (me) entering from stage right to the front center of the stage wherestage setting the chairs are located. The Guardian Angel is already sitting in the chair (stage left).

The Guardian Angel is in the female gender (well duh! – I’m writing this okay!). She is dressed in a flowing gown of white. ( A bit over the top but you know – an angel after all!) Nope, no wings on this one.

The Angel’s general appearance is that of appearing ageless. She looks a little like every race so you can not tell from appearance an ethnic background. (The stage lighting is set so that she – the angel – appears to glow slightly.)

(Note) When you see the word Angel, it is shortened from Guardian Angel to Angel for purposes of this script..


Scene opens with Penny (me) walking across the stage to where the Angel is sitting. Reaching out her hand to grasp the Angels hand in a greeting of welcome. The Angel grasps the outstretched hand with both of her hands. She is looking intently at Penny with a wide smile on her face.

Penny confident interviewerPenny: Good Morning…how are you? (She removes her hand from the Angel’s hands looking a little uncomfortable with the encounter and takes a seat in the other chair.)

Angel: I am fine.

Penny: (Looking embarrassed.) That was silly of me. Of course you’re fine. I’m guessing you’re always fine aren’t you?

Angel: Is that a question?

Penny still confidentPenny: No I mean, well yes I suppose it could be; It’s not in the script though.

Angel: The question wasn’t in the script?

Penny: Yes. (A silent pause and Penny looks awkwardly at the Angel) So I guess I’ll ask it anyway. Um are you always fine? I’ve never talked to an Angel before so I don’t know much … well actually anything about you.

Angel: Yes I’m always fine. (smiling benignly at Penny).

Penny: (Clearing her throat.) Okay then, back to the script. Why did you agree to let me interview you?

Angel: It seemed like a good idea at the time.

Snapshot_20120827_8Penny: (Confusion on her face) Wait! I don’t remember asking you! (she continues to look confused for a minute). I asked you for an Interview?

Angel: Yes you did. You said you had questions you needed answered.

Penny: Oh yeah, right. (Straightening up in her chair) I have questions.

(Angel smiles gentle and leans over patting Penny’s hand.

Penny: That’s not in the script either. I’m very confused.

Angel: It’s okay Penny just got with the flow. Ask your questions.

Penny still confidentPenny: (takes a deep breath): Okay then. You’re my fourth guardian angel.

Angel: Yes I am.

Penny: (Leaning in towards the Angel slightly) Aren’t you curious as to how I know this?

Angel: Aren’t you curious as to why you’ve had four different Guardian Angels?

Penny: Well yes I am actually, I just figured I had put you guys through so much work saving my life so many times that I just assumed (Penny pauses again and looks at the Angel) Hey I’m supposed to be asking the questions. This isn’t in the script either.

Angel: Life is that way too … isn’t it?

Penny: Am I going to get to ask my questions here or are you going to keep changing things.

Angel: I’m not changing anything Penny. Yes I will answer your questions.

Not so comfortablePenny: I have so many questions. About life and why I, …we are all here on this planet. what it all means.

Angel: Yes you do have many questions.

Penny: So why?

Angel: Why what?

Penny: (Getting a little upset) Why are we here? You must be able to know what I’m thinking. Why can’t you just answer me?

Angel: I know your thoughts Penny. Not what you’re saying.

Penny: But you’re speaking my language.

Angel: No you’re hearing your language. I’m “hearing” human sounds that come from your mouth that humans developed so they can communicate with each other.

Penny still confidentPenny: This isn’t going anywhere.

Angel: Penny to answer your questions, we’ll  need a common context otherwise you won’t understand what I tell you.

Penny: You can’t answer my questions because I won’t understand you? (upset now)

Angel: (Gently speaking) Common reference points Penny. Everything you know up until now is based on what you’ve learned or experienced. So I need to explain something with a reference to something that you will be able to relate to.

Penny: I understand what you are saying, but you should be able to know how to communicate with me so I would understand.

Angel: If your heart and soul were fully open, I could yes.

Penny: My heart and soul aren’t fully open? What does that mean?

Angel: My point exactly, how can I explain what you can’t relate to?

Penny quietly contemplativePenny: (Huge long drawn out sigh) So this isn’t going to work is it? None of my questions are going to get answered by you are they?

Angel: Yes they will be answered Penny. It is why I’m here after all. To answer your questions.

Penny: Where is here?

Angel: You’re writing the script, so here is where you want it to be.

Penny: No I don’t think so. I don’t think I am writing this script at all.

(A long pause as Angel looks at Penny and Penny looks at the Angel)

End of Scene One – to be continued!

Thanks for the visit, oh let me know if you’d like to have me post Scene 2 of my interview with a Guardian Angel. Thank you!

~ Penny 🙂

Another Piece of My Artistic Life


While living in New York (Long Island) I worked for a small studio that did independent creative jobs for both movies and broadway plays (both off broadway and on broadway). The toughest artistic job I did was recreating (by hand) a backdrop for a stage setting (the backdrop was large maybe 8m by 4.5m, hard to recall exactly but huge). I drew and then painted the famous Disney Castle.

This was challenging because of the size. (I received permission to use the floor of a two story mall when it was closed at night).

I used a grid approach making a grid over my small sketch, and then created the grid over the large cloth backdrop and did one section of grid at a time to replicate.

Then I painted the whole thing. As I was doing my work on the first floor of a large multi-storied mall, I would then race up to the second level and look over the railing to get an actual perspective of how the castle looked at a distance.

This worked well and I got a lot of exercise too, which helped keep me awake all night (tight deadline) – Lol!

The most fun I had in New York was attending my first opening night party for a Broadway show.

If you can imagine I showed up in a modest but tailored outfit (brushed suede, ivory in color) hopefully dressed well enough, because both the actors/actresses and the special guests –rich patrons who funded the show) were dressed to the nines. My hair was/is blonde, and at that time, very long and straight. I hung out with the stage crew and tried to look inconspicuous. All the glitz and glamour was quite overwhelming.

I must have looked okay because at one point a lady, obvious a rich patron, walked over to me with pen and paper in hand (ready to get an autograph) and asked me “Are you Someone?”

The director was nearby and became insulted on my behalf. He slipped an arm around me (he had never spoken to me before as I was just one of the many support people in the background during the production of the play) and said very loudly “Of course, she’s some one!”

I don’t think I’ll ever forget the indignation on his face (I pretty much just wanted to disappear into the floor at this point, lol))

But she asked and I gave her my autograph. It was funny and fun later that evening (when it was just cast and crew), I took quite a ribbing with everyone asking me how it felt to be “someone”. I loved working with and around all the creativity. It was great fun!

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you enjoyed my post ~ remember to live in the moment, they make for great memories ~ Penny