Have you Hugged a blogger today?

Hugging is always a good thing. I believe I’ve written a few posts about hugging.

So today is a good day for special hugs, I think!

When you think about the blogging world, certain people and certain blogs do come to mind don’t they? There are many (x) many wonderful bloggers out there so I am sending a special personal “bloggers hug” to each and everyone of you. A most special bloggers HUG!


Enjoy your day today. May it be filled with a richness of love and hugs!

~ Penny

Not a Dalek!

The First Snow ~ The Winter Fairy comes

First Snow – The Coming of the Winter Fairy

There had been, for the last few days, a crisp coldness to the air – sharp and tangy. the smooth pastel grey of the overhanging clouds, so close you can almost touch them.

I think snow is on the way and this means the arrival of the Winter Fairy.


She makes her entrance with no sound at all while all of us glory in the beginnings of the majestic beauty of quietly falling snow.


It makes no difference if you’re a child or an adult, there is something so magically beautiful, exciting and peaceful about watching the first snow flakes fall.


And then get thicker and larger falling in abundance all around, covering the landscape with fresh wintry snow.


It is a happy feeling.


So white, so beautiful, so heavenly – The first snow and the coming of the Winter Fairy.



Thank you for stopping by, hope your week is being a good one for you,

~ Penny

Copyright © 2012 by Penny l Howe

Penny’s Petulant Pencil

Positively Peevish!

Yes it can happen to anyone creative…especially me.

So there I was going about my business working diligently on my sketch for the winter fairy that I have faithfully promised for a winter posting and my pencil will not cooperate. Nope not at all. The word petulant means the following things:

  • testy – pettish – peevish – irritable – cantankerous – sulky – bad tempered.
Well as you can see my pencil decided to be all of those things today. So all I have for this Penny Post is a Petulant Pencil to show for it! Although the words do have a nice ring to them! Like a tongue twister –
Penny’s Positively Peevish Petulant Pencil Post! Say that fast three times! 🙂
Have a good day today, a better one tomorrow and take the time to have a little fun too!
~ Penny

Another Piece of My Artistic Life


While living in New York (Long Island) I worked for a small studio that did independent creative jobs for both movies and broadway plays (both off broadway and on broadway). The toughest artistic job I did was recreating (by hand) a backdrop for a stage setting (the backdrop was large maybe 8m by 4.5m, hard to recall exactly but huge). I drew and then painted the famous Disney Castle.

This was challenging because of the size. (I received permission to use the floor of a two story mall when it was closed at night).

I used a grid approach making a grid over my small sketch, and then created the grid over the large cloth backdrop and did one section of grid at a time to replicate.

Then I painted the whole thing. As I was doing my work on the first floor of a large multi-storied mall, I would then race up to the second level and look over the railing to get an actual perspective of how the castle looked at a distance.

This worked well and I got a lot of exercise too, which helped keep me awake all night (tight deadline) – Lol!

The most fun I had in New York was attending my first opening night party for a Broadway show.

If you can imagine I showed up in a modest but tailored outfit (brushed suede, ivory in color) hopefully dressed well enough, because both the actors/actresses and the special guests –rich patrons who funded the show) were dressed to the nines. My hair was/is blonde, and at that time, very long and straight. I hung out with the stage crew and tried to look inconspicuous. All the glitz and glamour was quite overwhelming.

I must have looked okay because at one point a lady, obvious a rich patron, walked over to me with pen and paper in hand (ready to get an autograph) and asked me “Are you Someone?”

The director was nearby and became insulted on my behalf. He slipped an arm around me (he had never spoken to me before as I was just one of the many support people in the background during the production of the play) and said very loudly “Of course, she’s some one!”

I don’t think I’ll ever forget the indignation on his face (I pretty much just wanted to disappear into the floor at this point, lol))

But she asked and I gave her my autograph. It was funny and fun later that evening (when it was just cast and crew), I took quite a ribbing with everyone asking me how it felt to be “someone”. I loved working with and around all the creativity. It was great fun!

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you enjoyed my post ~ remember to live in the moment, they make for great memories ~ Penny