A post for the erudites in the group – The mistake!

When Gravity meets Ego!

Upon occasion it comes to mind that perhaps I misspoke myself. But then again upon recalling certain events I am quite certain I would not have made a single change to the words I addressed to you.

The situation was notably ripe for a potential of mistaken context. This was made abundantly clear to me from the outset.

In retrospect. I find it most difficult to admit to an error of judgement. As it cannot be for any other reason that you would have departed my domicile.

I am most confident you will, upon reflection, recognize my outstanding qualities and shall post-haste return into my welcoming (If slightly disappointed in your behavioral patterns which denote profound immaturity of which I am currently willing to overlook!) arms.

I have assured myself that you will return – and so it shall be. For why on earth wouldn’t you?

Your not so humble servant,
A currently Single Male Individual (with a, still, too highly inflated ego)


Just having fun. I hope I brought a few smiles into your life today. Don’t let your ego get in front of your common sense or more importantly, those you love!

~ Penny

penny l howe

From a Negative to a Positive – 2 quick thoughts!

morning glory

morning glory


The fastest way I can think of to leave unwanted thoughts behind is recall that they originate from you yourself. you’ve decided how you feel about things, whether or not it is re-enforced by others, it is still ultimately how “You” (singular) decided to allow yourself to feel.


ego’s reflection

Thinking in terms of fault or blame is also not good. Perhaps better to say, “Have I accidently set myself up for feeling bad by dwelling on what was wrong with the situation instead of what I can do to make it better.

The other way is to change the ‘ego’ of things (where we are always thinking of our problems first) to a we-go experience! think beyond yourself by thinking of others.  Focusing on what’s wrong with yourself and your life is much harder when you are focused on making something right for someone else!


plhJournal Entry ~

This morning I woke up very early, my problems weighing on my mind. Well actually it started with my cat waking me up extremely early and things pretty much went downhill from there. It’s a little later now and I’m back in balance with my thoughts. It is amazing how easy it is to set oneself up for a lousy day, pre-determining results with negative thinking. I’m good to go now!

Journal End ~ plh, 12-8-12



Some times it is too easy to go to a bad place … but try to start off with good thoughts to begin your day.

Thanks for visiting me,

~ Penny

An Equation for Imagining … the future!

Imagine the future

“I am enough of an artist to draw freely upon my imagination. Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.” Albert Einstein

So I have imagined two equations (non-numerical) that I call “Life Equations”. I like to think Einstein might have approved of one of these. Which one is it?



SELFLESS CARING + WONDER + LOVE = Life being lived to the Fullest!

One would think the answer is obvious and therefore the solution obvious and If you doubt the veracity of either equation I ask that you take just a moment (that’s all it takes) to view two things with the above equation (perspective) in mind:


The current political/corporate global mindset!*

*this is inclusive of all structures, not a single separate entity
but the entire current world economy that we now depend completely on!

The natural and ‘pure nature’ of an innocent child!


I rest my case! Simple when you look directly at the facts. Simple to choose.

Or is it? I wonder which equation we each take part in? Which future we imagine?


Thanks for visiting, I hope your day is filled with imagination and happy thoughts ~ Penny