Are You Listening?

We’ve become a culture of viewers, watchers, readers and responders…But are we really listening? Really? Everything that happens today is instant, immediate, fast action, fast forward, abbreviated, and then we move on to the next quick thing. Tiny little bits of information – ‘many’ tiny little bits of information – are being scattered around and passed back and forth. Sound bites, short videos, newstreams, streamfeeds, downloads, uploads. The information is endless and overwhelming. Is there even time to – listen?

Some thoughts to consider,

Listen TO your heart

If its racing and you aren’t running in a marathon then stop what you are doing, take several slow deep breaths and relax your mind and body before continuing on!

Listen WITH your heart

When something or someone strikes you in a sincere and personal way. Respond! Be involved. Care. Make a difference.

Listen to your Elders

 Hear their words. They’ve already been where you’re going. They can make a difference for you and you for them.

Listen to your children

Hear and answer their questions. Take the time to really hear them and be there. They are the future.

Listen really, really listen. You may be surprised by what you hear!

Also for all of those amazingly wonderful people out there who commented with such compassion and understanding on my post from the other day…And Then She Waited, please visit Christina: she has a few special words she would like to say to you!

Today is the first day in the rest of your life! I hope its a great one, Penny 🙂