Sensual Verse ~ Of Paradise (part III)

I dwell, exist and feel ~ of paradise.

Can paradise be a feeling, or a state of mind?

Is paradise a place, born outside of time.

When and where, and how you touch

releases me –

a sensual intoxication,

seductive addictive –

your creation or

the spilling of my passion

is this the paradise I feel?


You play me, you know,

an instrument in your hands

made for your touch

it would seem.

But as you stroke and explore

the melody of my pleasure,

it seems my sweet passion

ignites your own.

I shudder with desire

And feel the paradise

I release within you,

as we share together,

these moments lost in dwelling

in the feel of paradise.


Penny L Howe, 2013


And this concludes the trilogy of sensual verse: Perhaps, It Seems and Of Paradise!

I hope you enjoyed!



Holding myself perfectly still ~ a sensual silence,


… overwhelmed by an array of resonating sensations that are clearly impossible. No one can feel this way. No one!

And yet I was feeling the feelings I was feeling … engulfed in a myriad of sensuality.

All this happening around me. I knew … it must be a dream, It had to be a dream. It made no sense, it was toofile0001229361510 much to be experiencing, I must be in a dream.

Things that can’t happen in real life do happen in dreams. We all know that. In dreams all is real, the fabric of reality weaves in and out and all seems possible. So yes, this is a dream. I can accept that. These incredibly wonderful feelings, I could cry for the love of these sensations spreading joyfully through my body. An enveloping of raw and enticing purity.

Every single one of my senses alive with a kind of tingling. An almost touch of reality except, it is carried onward, much as an echo would, carrying through and repeating itself.

This is not REALITY. These sensations coming alive within me. I am not just aware ~ the very essence of who I am is vibrating and returning these sensations. It is to be feeding both upon my emotions and those of another – at the same time. This urge to taste beyond my taste buds, see beyond my vision, smell beyond my olfactory glands, to touch beyond the caress of harsh and velvet textures and to hear beyond melodic harmony of rhythm, and sound.

The acuteness of sensation spreading through and being perceived by the entirety of my being creating the most incredibly delightful feelings. And yet words do not do this justice for the sensation I experience.


An intangible emotion has attached itself to my sensual awareness. And along with it comes a tangible physicality. I have fallen in love mesmerized by the exquisite perfection of your first kiss!


Thank you,

~ Penny


Fascination … A key element for Romance!

Fascination - Romance

Fascination – Romance

Holidays are always the time for romance and love, the holiday spirit sets the stage. But as with most romances or well written romantic stories there is an essential ingredient that is the key to an outstanding Romance. And whether it’s a story of your life or reading a book, or viewing a movie, it still holds true:

 “The power to possess – that which is fascinating”



Those are strong and emotional words; the key here is that possession through love has a seductive and therefore alluring charm – captivation by desire.

If a woman is “desired” because she is viewed as fascinating and those feelings of attraction are mutual – the power to possess and be possessed becomes understood and highly desirable (by both).

There is a reason so many hundreds of millions of women (of all adult ages) around the world love well written romance stories and novels.

There is no negative when the desire to be possessed is understood as being an essential element of being wanted, needed and loved.

power of possession

power of possession

So as corny as it may sound, it is still true – The more “manly” the man (as in, take charge, make things happen ‘kind of guy’ – even the quiet and silent type) and the more “feminine” the woman, as in viewed as sensual, some quality about her that is alluring, all the rest is for show. He can be almost any age and so can she if you build on the qualities of fascination.

Infatuation can initially be limited to a visual and physical one of course.

It often is, but is short lived without the understanding of the other needed elements which create an allure of fascination; the unique qualities of one that make them so fascinating to the other.

It’s what ramps the volume up, it’s the exciting bits where each comes to terms with the other.

Almost as combatants and yet with this nebulous quality of fascination always underlining everything.None of these words are to be confused with the implication that the woman must be weak, fragile, uneducated or dependent.


fascination – desire

Nor should these words be construed that the man must be a strong and physical man who by his nature takes what he wants. Both of these ideologies are dated and at error.

Today the essence of a good romance, once again is to evoke the imagination by having the partners attracted to one another by the strongest aphrodisiac imaginable – fascination and the desire for possession.

It works in real life too, by the way! Or so I’ve heard. I hope you enjoyed this brief class on Romance today, I enjoyed presenting it to you.

Have a great day, oh and by the way, this holds true with marriage partners as well. Fall in love all over again with the fascination of your partner!

~ Penny

Penny L Howe