Friday Fictioneers – The Smart Get Smarter or do they …



“Okay I’ll bite. What’s with the ladder and the people up there?”

“Oh, well that doesn’t matter.”

“It doesn’t? They don’t?”

“No, just crazy humans being crazy again.”

“Then we’re here, why?”

“Look at those geometric formations, circle of life, ladder to infinity, triangular and linear abstracts, the patterns of biophysics. Humanity looking up to the universe”.

“Ah, I think I’ve got it. You’ve figured out your formula for longevity!”

“Yes, standing here, observing the insanity, I suddenly noticed the relationship to all the various pieces of the puzzle … It finally fell into place … mathematically!”

“Fantastic!  And who do you plan to share this secret of longevity with?”



Come and join in the fun. Write a flash fiction for Friday FictioneersThank you David Stewart for the photo prompt for this week. Click on the link for all the particulars. Your gracious hostess Rochelle will guide you through the easy to follow steps!

Having a little fun this week. I think we take ourselves far too seriously some times.

For all my fellow American’s have a most excellent 4th of July (do remember why we celebrate this day) and for everyone else have a wonderful Thursday!

Thanks for stopping by,~ Penny