A post for the erudites in the group – The mistake!

When Gravity meets Ego!

Upon occasion it comes to mind that perhaps I misspoke myself. But then again upon recalling certain events I am quite certain I would not have made a single change to the words I addressed to you.

The situation was notably ripe for a potential of mistaken context. This was made abundantly clear to me from the outset.

In retrospect. I find it most difficult to admit to an error of judgement. As it cannot be for any other reason that you would have departed my domicile.

I am most confident you will, upon reflection, recognize my outstanding qualities and shall post-haste return into my welcoming (If slightly disappointed in your behavioral patterns which denote profound immaturity of which I am currently willing to overlook!) arms.

I have assured myself that you will return – and so it shall be. For why on earth wouldn’t you?

Your not so humble servant,
A currently Single Male Individual (with a, still, too highly inflated ego)


Just having fun. I hope I brought a few smiles into your life today. Don’t let your ego get in front of your common sense or more importantly, those you love!

~ Penny

penny l howe