Internet take me away, let virtual reality be my lover!


Of course I don’t mean this … of course I don’t … not really. Even if almost every single person I meet online in the blogging world is so darn wonderful. What’s up with that? It’s as if part of the criteria for become a blogger much less a Word Press blogger is to be cool, caring and talented too.

I can count on being entertained, informed and certainly having a caring and listening (figuratively speaking) ear when I blog or view YouTube, tweet on Twitter, post on Google+ or Facebook, plus all the other social media places one can go today to be creatively stimulated and cared for. I can certainly become engaged in a conversation and my day enhanced through beautiful sounds and sights and thoughts and ideas, written words, beautiful photographs, musical videos, and on and on.

I mean, my rescuing knight in shining armor really is one – online (well virtually speaking). Although, now that I think about it, I miss the white horse! greyer baby

Well there you go, a beautiful while horse!

See, with our virtual world, it’s right there at our fingertips – fulfillment of a digital kind. Thank you, all you wonderful people in this online worldwide network of communications and connections! Have a great weekend everyone!

~ Penny

Social Mediapedia … that’s the ticket!

Iceberg in the Arctic - Tim Smith

Iceberg in the Arctic – Tim Smith


I’m sure no one has noticed the slight changes in the last 5, 10 years or so. Probably this is true only if you live in the Arctic (Although we have even bigger problems there with the rate of ice melt).  But we’ve become social media junkies. Not saying it’s a bad thing.

digital 12What I’m saying is that it’s a totally overwhelming thing. So what’s needed now is …


an intelligently laid out reference tool (simple also, you know – short sentences, small words, diagrams and illustrations) to navigate through life while taking advantage of the numerous and never ending digital pieces of equipment and programming of same that … 

“make our life easier?”

“brings us closer to each other?”

“simplify our daily activities?”

“make work more efficient and easier to do – so we can spent less hours working with more file0002120440786meaningful hours to spend with our friends and family?”

No wait, I’ve changed my mind, we don’t need a Sociomediapedia!

We need a Sociopathic-pedia to help us screw our brains back on so we can get back to a reasonable and sensible rate of growth that our minds can actually keep up with!

Thank you for taking the time (3 minutes and 17 seconds) to read this piece of work that I humbly submit to add to this days digital collection of data-mania! Hope you enjoyed!


This was written in a sense of love, frivolity and Eellogofusciouhipoppokunurious fun! Oh if you don’t know the meaning of that huge word just google it! lol, have a fun-filled weekend and try really hard not to take life too seriously … at least not all the time,


Overwhelmingly yours,

~ Penny