Body Balancing

file7681245497595The fluid gyroscope of life!

Many of us are familiar with a gyroscope. A device that maintains orientation during motion. Mechanically it is a spinning wheel or disk where the axle (center) is free to assume any orientation. The momentum of wheel causeseafc_original_gyroscope it to retain it’s position. Although the orientation does not stay the same, it changes according to a response from outside forces.

I could get much more technical here using words like “torque”, rate of spin and “moment of inertia”. But I don’t think I really need to. The basics are clear. Although gyroscopes today are exceedingly sophisticated in their usage, the basic premise remains the same. The control or balance of a thing.

file301242059946Unfortunately we (humans) don’t have a built in gyroscope for our bodies health. Or perhaps we do – but we don’t pay close attention to its signals. Actually we don’t listen at all. We just go get a pill to fix it (which doesn’t)!

Within each of our human bodies are a multitude of fluids that are released, during the course of the day, they assist the mind and the body in functioning properly. When the body is off balance (not doing okay) various types of chemicals will be released by the mind/body in an attempt to correct the problem.

These chemicals are reacting to outside forces (much as a gyroscope does) We feel the effects of these chemical releases; headache, a sore tummy, stiff muscles and joints, feeling weary; just to name a few. That is our human chemical gyroscope trying to adjust that which is off kilter.


The next time you’re not feeling well listen to your body, I’m guessing that, frequently, stress is going to be the leading factor causing the discomfort. If the stress is not released, or lessened we can and do end up very ill,?????????????????????????????????????? many times fatally.

All because we aren’t listening to the fluid gyroscope in our body. Our body does want to fix itself and it can. But we need to do our part too.

Start making those changes today in your life style (as you can).Get enough rest, eat healthy and regularly. Drink lots of fluid. Exercise. Take time off from stressful jobs and or situations (This includes all the caregivers out there who care for loved ones.) Remember to have fun and so on.

Each of these can be accomplished even when on an incredibly busy schedule.

I would enjoy hearing from you if you would like some tips and guidelines for a healthier, happier lifestyle. I’ve got the info. if you’ve got a little time to read, so let me know, I would be most happy to share – after all it works for me!

Thanks for stopping by,

~ Penny